Since today is a holiday I obliviously didn’t go to school today. I don’t have anything to blog about that happened during class.

Think of this entry as tips for the poser budding writer. (Or somebody who just wants to look like one)

Take lots of pics of yourself writing. Sitting at a desk with a pen or pencil. Or at a computer either at home or a public place like Starbucks. It reminds me of that scene from Family Guy of people doing this. They are just writing at the Starbucks so other people can see them. Posing with manuscripts. You could really fake it and pose with a stack of blank paper. Don’t forget to post pictures of all your writing tools, notebooks, computers, pens, your writing music and your writing food.

Also posting a list of writing goals. Which is not entirely a bad thing. But if you don’t meet those people get on your case or think you are all talk. Actually this whole subject of posting goals could be a whole blog entry all on it’s own.

Or even better vlog about this.

What should my writing goals be? I know! Write. Write. And write some more. Oh yeah and input more of what I write in the computer. I have all these stories I wrote on paper that need to be typed up.