When I was checking my email I saw one from The AV Club. I was reading the email in a crowded super market. I said “‘Night Court’? Why are they writing about that? That’s an old show.”

The article said that the finale aired on May 31 1992. That was 25 years ago. Which would have been the episode “The 1992 Boat Show”.

Here is the article if you want to read it.

I still feel it takes a certain kind of person to appreciate Night Court. When I was a kid and watched the show in syndication in 3rd or 4th grade. The show would have ended by the time I was watching it 1-2 years later. But that was the nice ripe age when my “weirdness” started to set in. I like the physical humor better than the other jokes that went over my head at the time. I don’t know I like absurd stuff for some reason. Although the internet and absurdness has been taken to a whole other level. Which I don’t appreciate. The internet makes things so random now.

Monty Potter would disagree.

It’s essentially an ensemble show like Newsradio and Brooklyn 99.

I’ve already written about this show numerous times so I won’t go into a long blog post.