Comb Overs, Drippy Burgers and 2AM Ebay Listings — May 11, 2017

Comb Overs, Drippy Burgers and 2AM Ebay Listings

I went out to eat and I was reading the yelp reviews before my family went. I don’t hinge too much on them now. I was looking for according to the yelp review “the waiter with the comb over”. I personally did not see this guy 😦 I ate a burger and it was really juicy and drippy. My 2nd drippy burger in a week. Drippy burgers are not always a bad thing. They do make me a little nostalgic. The one problem with drippy burgers is you gotta eat them quickly.

I didn’t know this, but ebay doesn’t let you list items at like 2am. Why? What’s with all these restrictions. It schedules your listing for the evening.

Slime Time — May 9, 2017

Slime Time

This entry has nothing to do with the short lived Double Dare knockoff game show or the Nickelodeon program Slime Time Live.

I guess I’m weird. I don’t find slime all that great. I take that back I like to watch people getting slimed and messy like in You Can’t Do That on Television or on a show like Double Dare. I’m not a fetishist for messy things though. I don’t get turned on by people getting pied in the face or barefoot people stepping in mud. Watching videos of people playing with slime is boring to me. Plus the recipes are getting idiotic. They are like; “I tried to make slime out of chicken soup and purple hair dye. It didn’t work out.” It just seems like people are mixing random things trying to make slime. I mean slime has some science behind it. Or when people make things like “corduroy slime.” They make a slime recipe and then throw a piece of corduroy in. That is boring to me too.

Brother Preacher or Judas Priest? — May 8, 2017

Brother Preacher or Judas Priest?

I figured since I never signed up for the event. I hope it doesn’t end up like that home healthcare worker debacle from hell, I mean job club. They were just trying to shame me into being a home health care worker only because that was the company that sponsored the program.

I’m very weary he says so, but my dad trying to convince me that he just wouldn’t leave me high and dry when he would drop me off at school today. One time he dropped me off at school and was more interested in playing pickup basketball. There was a sign on the door saying class was cancelled. The class was by the parking lot. He was more interested in playing basketball that he left me there and I had to take the bus back home. I don’t trust him even though he doesn’t play pickup basketball games like he used to. The worst thing I was the one who got in trouble. >o< That teacher was a bit of an airhead. She used to send emails about class being cancelled like a half hour before class and this was in 2003. She was cancelling class like 3 weeks in a row with very little to no notice.

My dad was going to give me a ride to school. Which gave me a little more time to write in the morning. On the ride over there I came up with a great title for this entry. My dad was trying to trick me by pretending that loading a CD in the car CD player and nothing will happen. Yeah… I don’t fall for that anymore. Before he would take advantage of some kind of mishap that would happen to me when I got in the car like my hair getting caught in the door and then playing the CD before I could get to the car radio. He would also do that “look at this bakery trick” and change the music with anything I was listening to that he found particularly “bad”, “horrible”, or “annoying”. I keep my eyes fixated on that thing.

I don’t even really know how to work the MP3 player function in the car that well. Every time I seem to find a setting I like I accidentally reset it because the car hits a bump and my finger slips. We listened to some Hot Hot Heat, Harvey Danger, and Orgy. For him pretending to know more current music he doesn’t know who Cake is. But “Never There” is an old song from when I was a freshman in high school. He also didn’t like “Disco 2000” by Pulp. While I was shuffling through the songs there was something by Brother Preacher in there. My dad asked if I had any Judas Priest in my player. I’m not exactly sure what he thought he read. From somebody who asked “Who is Greg Lee?” 2 days ago. He’s not ready for something like that. Personally I don’t think he would enjoy Brother Preacher. (for the record I don’t have any Judas Priest in there) Some of the heavier stuff I have is “Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000, “Make me Bad” by Korn  and “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour.

Later in class I was thinking about the song “All My Best Friends are Metalheads” and Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

In class the teacher said we were going to have a guest speaker from the department about the graduation event we (the class) have to organize. So I was hoping that my old speech teacher would be the one to speak.

Some girl came to class with this really pungent garlic smelling food. It reminded me of when that annoying guy brought some Chinese food and it got really stinky. I wondered if that girl from my old drama class would have remembered that? That person’s food was so smelly the teacher pointed it out.

We were learning about disruptive people at group meetings. It made me think about that time I tried to join that anime club. I would have loved to have written a paper about that horrible experience I had with the anime club at that school.

I think there is a strain of bronchitis going around class and the school.

When the speaker came it wasn’t him. To me this event seems like something they are still trying to get the kinks out of. The first time they held it was last year. It sort of reminded me of the senior breakfast at high school which was really more about eating a fancy breakfast at a hotel on a Saturday morning. I didn’t go to that since I had “bad” grades by the time I was a senior. I stayed home and watched cartoons.

So I ended up with the punishment assignment. It doesn’t seem that bad. Its group work so I won’t have to do it all on my own. We were talking about an organization that somebody else said “had been around since the 80s” *whispers* it’s older than that.

So we have this assignment where we have to make up our own board game. I did this before for a math class way back when I was in high school. We were supposed to do this assignment earlier in the semester, but it got moved back. I didn’t want people in the class to know that I really like game shows. I wanted that to be something I had up my sleeve. I had made a list of ideas a while ago. For the game board idea I had a whole list of ideas that’s why I had been watching old episodes of World for research purposes. With some persuasion I bet I could maybe get my group to do some kind of version of round 1 or 2 from the game. They could hold up cards while they answer multiple choice questions.

I even took some of my craft items out of storage to decorate the game board.

Actually I didn’t input much of this blog into google docs and actually wrote it by hand. Which I felt was so refreshing. I haven’t been writing much by hand.

The teacher was saying about that they don’t know how to structure the volunteer shifts. You need somebody to sit around for more than 3 hours for this? I think 1 or 2 hour shifts per person would lessen the blow. A 3-4 hour shift is pretty long. A 4 hour shift could be a shift at a part time job. Put in your 4 hour shift at H&H Bagels. I wondered how long they have been throwing this event?

I went to Taco Bell, and I really wanted a Baja Blast Freeze, but the machine was broken so I had to get a regular Baja Blast soda. Which is not bad. I made my own home made version on Friday with Teddy’s Blue Raspberry soda and regular Mountain Dew. The ratio is 25% blue soda to 75% regular Mountain Dew. Some people say to use Powerade for the blue part, but I like my version better.

My mom said this class seems a lot more like event planning. Which I thought too when I read the syllabus when I first joined the class. I have found a lot of college classes are something disguised as something else. Usually the math and science classes are pretty straightforward or at least the ones I’ve taken.

After I thought about it I was reminded of those reality tv shows where people have to throw formal events with nothing more than 3 bed sheets and a package of jerky.

What Could you do in 4 Hours? — May 7, 2017

What Could you do in 4 Hours?

I wanted to write about what I thought was going on during that 4 hour service learning project. Which conveniently he didn’t give homework for this week. That skit was so funny! I had to write about that.

I was thinking about I could do in 4 hours. I could have watched 8 episodes of Night Court. Watched a baseball game. Watched 2 tv movies that run for 2 hours. 4 episodes of Gossip Girl.  I could have watched Kentucky Derby coverage on NBC with time to spare, although that would not include traveling time. Or taken a 4 hour nap. Now I have to find out what the replacement assignment is or take the research paper punishment.

Or you could try a new hamburger.

I tried that Carl’s Jr. Baby Back Rib Thickburger. It looked a lot better than the one in this photo, but not as good as the one in the ad photo.
image host
My expectations were that it was going to be something like a burger with a molded rib patty (like a McRib) inside it. But it has cut rib meat in it. Which is irregular shaped and makes the burger lumpy. Which is not entirely a bad thing. That burger is messy! Mine was dripping sauce and the onion straws were falling out of the burger. The dripping sauce reminded me of the old “If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face.” campaign. I added some extra onion rings to mine. When my mom pointed out I should have taken a picture of the burger I had already eaten most of it. It was very filling. I almost didn’t finish it. Although I think it could be even better if they added a piece of bacon to it. I was also thinking that I haven’t seen a sexy lady Carl’s Jr. commercial in a while.

And That Skit is not Bad! — May 6, 2017

And That Skit is not Bad!

That “Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway?” skit on SNL was a good choice to open the show with. A lot of times the show opens with a really weak skit that should be saved for like the last 20-30 minutes of the show.

Sasheer Zamta’s impersonation of The Chief is ok, but the voice is off or something. She makes The Chief sound British or something. I think Leslie Jones would have been a better fit. Although Sasheer Zamta did play The Chief in the “Yo! Where Jackie Chan at Right Now?” skit. The Rockapella impersonations were good, but the Jeff impersonation was great. At least I think it was Jeff? The descriptions of the kid contestants were like the ones on the show. “Saw a lizard at the zoo”? XD I was waiting to see if there would be some kind of Greg impersonation/parody. When I saw it I was like fan girling out! Squee! ♥o♥ The Greg impersonation was spot on. They really captured the enthusiasm he exuded when he hosted the show. The costume was really good too with the hair, blue coat, and wild colored tie. The hairstyle looked like his season 2 hair? It was great because Greg hardly ever gets any love when people mention the game show.

I find that Lynne Thigpen is harder to impersonate than Greg. When I think of Lynne aka The Chief the most distinctive thing I remember about her was her voice. Well besides like as Greg said her gravitas. My dad wanted to know what I was laughing at. When I said about Greg Lee. My dad said “Who is Greg Lee?” That statement just broke my heart. XoX

I think the key to a good parody skit is to get the mannerisms of the characters you are impersonating right. SCTV used to do a really good job of this.

I even tweeted about it. I would have sooner, but I had drained my phone battery playing Sailor Moon Drops and reading TV Tropes.

Personality Journal Blog Entry 17 — May 3, 2017

Personality Journal Blog Entry 17

This prompt is about quirky things about you.

My quirkiest talent: telling if a cookie is made from scratch dough/ if it has been re-rolled if it is a cut cookie.
An odd pastime of mine: watching infomercials
Weird thing that makes me laugh: luggage/bags/baggage/backpacks/purses
Weird foods I love to eat: there are quite a few; donuts and cheese, uncooked corned beef from a can or pouch, rib patty and lettuce sandwiches (I prefer the rib to be cold)
A quirk I have about food: I like to sort my food if it comes in an assorted variety like Skittles or Fruit Loops.
One word I always say: “like”
My quirkiest physical feature: my teeth
Normal thing other people can do that I can’t do: whistle

roll my tongue
Dumbest tv show I still like: A lot of the shows I like are “dumb” to a lot of people so I’m not sure maybe “Peach High School Baseball Club”?

Silly song I still like: I like a lot of novelty music so this is really hard to say. “Cake for Breakfast”?

Half the Time — May 1, 2017

Half the Time

I found some old Kara’s Flowers songs. Those old DVDs made me remember about them. Too bag the “Stagg Street Recordings” never got a wide release. There are some good songs on that album.

Before class I think I saw my old speech teacher. He did not look like his jovial self he looked angry. Maybe I didn’t recognize him because he looked angry.

The people in my group were complaining about the voluntary assignment. I was telling them about my crazy reporter teacher. They were saying what I was saying they want free labor.

The event was cancelled for one day. It was a 2 day event now whittled down to one. People fly in from Michigan for this event? Since it was cancelled he is going to look for a replacement event. It didn’t matter I didn’t sign up for it either time. Part of me would be fine with taking the punishment assignment instead. He told us that the class has to have to service learning assignments; it’s part of the course. That it would happen if he taught the class or somebody else. Which I don’t believe I think it’s fake or something.

I had to go and print out the group project only because I was the only person who had a school ID on them in the group. Then I really had to use the toilet. It reminded me of in Detective Conan when he would act like he had to go to the bathroom but usually he would look for evidence.

Since we did a project about Millennials we use a clip from The Great Indoors. I wanted to make the people sound old timey so I threw in some old slang and names of things/references. It was really fun to write. That guy in my class is still playing the “old” card. Because of this he spills out a bunch of inaccurate age related nonsense.