End of June Miscellaneous Blog — June 30, 2017

End of June Miscellaneous Blog

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Happy birthday to Usagi and Chibi-usa!

The Supers season is going to be a film project instead of a season of episodes.
I’m kinda upset about that. 😦

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I started watching Angel Beats. When somebody first described it to me it sort of sounded like Sola. Which I saw about 8 years ago and really liked.
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I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes of Angel Beats though. That was another reason I picked Angel Beats was because it was a short series. Smile Pretty Cure was 48 episodes, so it took me a while to get through that series.

I’ve been working on my writing and it’s been coming along swimmingly. I don’t wanna give too much away about it.

When I was going through some toiletries I found this very old package of Degree deodorant. This has to be from the late 90s early 2000s? There was no date on it I could find.
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I made this hot dog a few days ago with some leftover onion rings. It was good, but gave me a lot of indigestion. It tasted better once I put some ketchup on it.
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How non-INFP of Me — June 29, 2017

How non-INFP of Me

Enough about me bitching about school. For now anyway. There just seemed to be something off about that last class I took and I still can’t put my finger on it. That class to me was never “OMG!!! BEST KLASS EVA!” It might have been for some but definitely not me. Their drink of choice is Kool-aid if you get what I’m saying here.

I realized I’m not very INFP in my preferences.

For some reason I like artificial smells. Sometimes I even buy things to make even more smells. I like smells. If I had to pick my favorite cosmetic it would be deodorant. I remember when I was younger in junior high a lot of the girls were afraid that if they wore fruity scented perfume they would get stung by bees. These stories were usually about some distant person. My aunt’s best friend’s niece’s step sister’s wore kiwi scented perfume and was stung by a bee at a picnic because it smelled her kiwi perfume. I also remember one about some kind of raspberry scented hair product possibly hair gel and a bee trying to sting them in a Zipper carnival ride. Sometimes I like to wear perfume. But not so much you can smell me from down the street. I’m not like that old Bud Light commercial with “Too Much Cologne Wearer”

I don’t like EDM music. I don’t know why liking EDM music is an INFP thing anyway.

For some reason INFPs really like plain and drab clothing. They despise clothes with “advertising” on them. Even pictures. I like shirts with cartoon pictures on them.

I’m also materialistic, and have been for years.

Help Me?

I’ve been reading up on enneagrams recently. I’m a 4w5. I find this describes me better than the INFP label. People who are type 4 have identity issues and feel defective or alien in some way. When I first read that I was thinking “Story of my life!”. I always worry about being forgettable or having no personality what so ever. Which is something I constantly worry about. It’s been mentioned in many of my blog posts here. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been told “Why can’t you be more like (person X)? Even though people it’s a farce. There are very few times I’m actually comfortable being myself even around people I know. I could count all the times on my fingers. Maybe even on one hand. It’s that bad.

The Hamster Wheel of Nothingness — June 27, 2017

The Hamster Wheel of Nothingness

The mistakenly erased DVD was the last straw! If I had a job and was earning money I could have paid to get the dubber looked at or even got some kind of replacement. I still have to assess the damage.

I feel like I’m in a hamster wheel of nothingness. I sign up for classes and nothing happens. I’m really thinking about signing up for classes and the just not buying books or even going. I don’t care if I’m almost done. I’m not convinced. It’s worth doing. I should have listened to the people who told me to quit school 2 years ago. But I was too good and too stubborn to listen to them. My mom says I shouldn’t take advice from people off the internet I don’t even know. Like the advice from my relatives I do know was any better.

Back from Somewhere with one less DVD — June 24, 2017

Back from Somewhere with one less DVD

So this was me writing down my thoughts about the computer being repaired.

Day one
I feel ok for now with it gone.
I can keep playing Sailor Moon Drops it’s an event and I want the chibiusa princess character.
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After we dropped it off I saw the Dollar Tree was selling MLP blind bags. The Pinkie Pie Sugarcube Corner wave. I had come there looking for MLP trading cards. When I saw the blind bags I had to ask “Are those blind bags a dollar?” I only bought 2 I didn’t have much money on me. Cheapest I ever paid for MLP blind bags ever!
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The Renuzit After the Rain Scent freshener smells like old Sanrio soap from the 80s.
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Or something it smells nostalgic or familiar. There was really nothing on tv late at night.

Day 2
A boring Twilight Zone episode and episodes from that boring season of Babar. Where they travel in the balloon. I hate those episodes. I remembered I could hook up the smart tv if I felt so inclined.
I got a few things done like getting some bedding washed. It’s the summer and I don’t need my thicker bedding.
I got a call at 7:30 PM saying the computer was ready. I was surprised. That fast? They said there was nothing really wrong with it there was just some malware and maintenance issues.

Day 3
There were better Babar episodes on today.

When I got the computer back the guy said there was nothing really wrong with it. There was just some malware on it and stuff, and that the DVD player was not broken. I had brought the “rogue DVD” for them to check it.

The DVD WAS ERASED SOMEHOW! NO! Not my Are-oh-vee DVD! With the Chad episode. 😦 (Not that the Chad episode was my absolute favorite or anything. No offense Chad) My parents don’t understand how those videos and later converted DVDs were an integral part of my teenage life. There are pages and pages of diary entries devoted to the show. Ok the show was not the only thing wrote about in there. But music was a huge part of my life back then. Some people have their photo albums, yearbook, and letter jackets that are reminders of high school and such. I was not athletic, or had a high GPA (anything under 3.5 was considered bad by the school), popular, or even played a musical instrument. It was like “my thing”. I know it was regional and pretty popular although only one other person I knew at my high school watched the show. It’s a good thing I made a list of the videos on that DVD and made a hard copy. Now I gotta find a way to fix this problem. All I have left for now is some screen caps I made for something else and my memories. 😦

I’m not even sure how I erased it. This what I think happened but I’m not sure. First I put the DVD in the computer. It made a strange grinding and beeping sound. Then it ejected the DVD. When I put the DVD back it couldn’t read it. Then I put in a manufactured DVD and it had a hard time reading that too. When I put back in the first DVD it said it was blank.

I left my neopets in the neolodge. Since I paid for 2 weeks worth I should get that. I can still play with them and stuff.

These 3 days have been really unlucky. People kept commenting on old things I wrote a while ago like months ago. Why not do that like after I wrote it? I’m having problems with deadbeat ebay sellers.

You hobbists need to leave me alone for now.

Baseball Scores are Important — June 22, 2017

Baseball Scores are Important

In the morning I wanted to try and use the computer before I had to take it in. I kept getting DNS errors. I could not get onto any websites. My dad was flipping out as usual. Mostly because he couldn’t get the baseball scores. Because baseball scores are the most important thing. I had to get it for him on my phone. I hope that isn’t going to have to be an everyday thing while the computer is gone for all that time.

Oh and I forgot that I can tweet things on my phone like the old days before I had a smart phone.

I Don’t Think I Can Wait That Long — June 21, 2017

I Don’t Think I Can Wait That Long

Yesterday I took in the computer to get looked at. I was told it will take 2 weeks to repair. Two weeks is a long time! I was told to back up my data. If I did it through them it would cost me $80. I can do that at home for free ok not exactly free, but way less than $80. Just the cost of electricity and the internet.

Too bad I’m gonna miss out a lot of  stuff like the Altador Cup. Not miss out just not be able to earn more points and finish. One of my pet species’ holidays. It might fall during school registration time. I really don’t want to have to use the city library.

Plus its the summer which sucks. There is like nothing to do or watch.

I can focus on my writing. I still have pencil/pen and paper. Old school.

See you whenever?



June Miscellaneous Blog — June 19, 2017

June Miscellaneous Blog

My GPA only went up from 2.59 to 2.72? that’s not even a B average! It’s still a C average. I need a good high resume worthy GPA and a C average is not acceptable.

I’m getting my computer fixed for being less than a year old it has some problems. So I’ll be gone from the internet for a while. I have my smart phone now, but it’s not as powerful as my desk top and I won’t be blogging from it. I don’t want to eat up all my phone data. I think of the phone as a thing to browse the internet on and play Sailor Moon Drops on.

Now I can focus on my writing for a while.

Finally Posted! — June 17, 2017

Finally Posted!

I finally got my grade. I got a low A or an 91% A- yay! Now I have to recalculate my GPA. I wanna say I brought it up to a B average, but I’m not sure yet. The final project got a good grade and I got my extra credit for going to the graduation thing. That means no more compulsive email checking. I think the grades had to be done before Sunday.

Even More Compulsive Email Checking — June 15, 2017

Even More Compulsive Email Checking

So I’m compulsively checking my school email to find out my grade which as of posting has not been finalized.

There is just one assignment missing the last one that was a project. So I guess it’s taking him longer to grade than just grading a test or something. Especially if it was a scantron test. Which means he still hasn’t graded the extra credit which is me going to that boring graduation thing.

Tacos X2 — June 13, 2017

Tacos X2

It took me at least a day to recover from my final and lugging that heavy book around campus. I’m not sure what to do with it. Put it in my storage space? I couldn’t sleep my back hurt and kept waking me up.

Now I have time to do 3 things that school is over; look for work, clean, and write.

Today was free taco day at Taco Bell because the Warriors won an away game.

I double dipped on the free tacos. I got one on nacho and one in ranch. I don’t eat the firey ones ever. I went to a different restaurant. Within a 5 mile radius of me there are 3 different Taco Bells. I only went to 2 of them. I did it within an hour or so between trips.

I had 2 Baja Blast freezes. I’m hyped up on caffeine. Hopefully I can crank out 15,000 words in one sitting. Yeah! Word count! Quantity rules! *clenches fists*

I was upset because every time I would try and do this one thing I would get distracted or get called to go do something else.