My title to my last blog was deleted. Maybe wordpress found the phrase “pants your ass off” too vulgar or something. If they delete it again I’ll come up with a new name. The “pants” in that instance refers to “pantsing” something of flying by the seat of your pants.

I need to get a jumpstart on my blogging since I’d be gone in the evening anyway. I was at the graduation ceremony. I just hoped it wouldn’t be like the Christmas show I was in back in 5th grade. Where nobody showed up. I decided to go more out of curiosity of seeing how bad it is, and wanting to see a train wreck of an event. And the free food. I’m hoping to get a lot of material there. My theory is that it will be as cheesy as something my old high school would throw but fancier.

I’ll act like George Costanza. When he eats the whole platter.

The person I’m really hoping to see is my old speech teacher. I really hope he comes. I haven’t seen him in 2 years.

There were all these episodes of World I wanted to watch in the morning, but I don’t have the time. I guess I can hook up the smart tv tomorrow and watch them on that.

This event is easier to go to than that event that was 4 hours. I made arrangements to go to this one. Plus it’s slated to be about 90 minutes or so.

Besides looking for him I never thought about the untapped opportunity of talking to people in the department. So I decided to go look at the list of Communications facility members. Under each person’s name was a photo if they were a full time member. When I showed my mom the picture of my current teacher she said he looked pretentious in the photo, and she never even met the guy. I was like yeah he is. XoX @o@ I also showed her a picture of my former speech teacher. I don’t know why they used that photo of him. It’s a really bad photo of him. But it totally captures him and his personalty. Bright eyes and a big smile. He was usually smiling in class anyway.

Late spring here in the evening at the school is nice it has a different atmosphere. A nice place to write at. Not like when I was holed up in my old stuffy apartment. 😞 I like early Autumn or late spring in the evening in general.

Yesterday the teacher said to meet at the classroom. When I got to the classroom nobody was there. But then they came after I went to the hall. Ugh! >.<

People from my class were getting confused because I was using the word “recipient”. Not to sound like a smart ass, but I thought people knew what that word meant.

Saw a rabbit in the grass but accidentally scared it. Some girl and I were trying to take pictures of it. I thought it would have been good for the blog. She wanted to put it on instagram. She asked if I thought it was wild. To me it looked like an abandoned pet bunny. It was funny because my dad and I were talking about people who abandon pet bunnies in the woods around here. When she first pointed it out I thought it was a fat squirrel. There are some fat squirrels who live on campus. They hang out by the chicken wing booth. The students lure them with french fries and they eat discarded fries.

The food looked good. Lots of Sterno. When I mentioned Sterno I got a weird look. Or these things which are good for roasting cartoon cats on.
image host
image host

I didn’t notice there were koi in the water at this hall. The water is kinda murky there. I took some pictures, but they were boring unless you want to look at photos of drink dispensers, a buffet table, and a picture of Sterno. They were to show my parents what was there and for my personal reference.

I figured since I was there I was gonna get my fill of food. Intensely looking for my former speech teacher. Who I didn’t see. 😭😥 If I had seen him there would have most likely been glomping. Perhaps too intensely. I’ve got those intense INFP eyes you know.  The maple chicken was very popular. I felt I went there for nothing.😞

While the school’s dean or I’m not sure who he is. Was giving his speech I turned the sound on my phone and played a round of Sailor Moon Drops. That guy’s speech seemed to be all jabs at the president. Twitter is dead. LOL. XOX @0@ This event is quite lame like I predicted. I called it. *points* These speeches are lame too. I’m gonna have a great blog. But my hands are sticky. 😞 From eating too much chicken and bacon wrapped foods.

The alumni speech sucked. It was very boring to me. I washed up during it and got more lemonade.

The forensic member speech was not very good, but I thought it might be. I didn’t even find it entertaining. It’s like a poor man’s Michael Che. I’d rather be at home watching Press Your Luck. It was  a weird speech with citations and everything. It seemed more like he was doing something for some type of judged performance.

This is as lame as Claudia.  See what I did there?

Going to this event helped me a lot. Sure I didn’t get to schmooze with the department members or see my former speech teacher, but I saw how lame it was. I will not be going to the one that would be for me provided I do graduate. Although my dad really wants me to. But I’m not sure my heart is in it.

I was telling somebody about Cal State Fullerton and how I liked it a lot even if I goofed off while I was there and was pretty much a “freshman bumpkin” who ate a lot of hamburgers.

I ate so many scallops. XoX

When I left I saw the catering company said the people ate a lot of food. I said I was taking a cookie for the road.

When I got home I was so thirsty from all the salty food I ate. I see there are even more episodes of World uploaded about 20. I’ll be binge watching them all week hopefully. ^-^ ♥o♥

I know “lame” can be considered a derogatory term.