That reformatted American Grit sucks ass. I won’t be watching it. This show is terrible. I needed grit to endure watching the whole episode.

I wanted to see or I guess hear what replaced Rodney’s show. It’s just the same old crap they usually play.

I really wanted to quit school so many times during the class it was not even funny. Maybe should have listened to the people who told me to quit school 2 years ago. I really don’t want to go back next semester. I don’t care if I’m almost finished. This class really broke me. Sure I’ll look like a quitter, but maybe I was not meant to finish college. I think 2 years ago I was acting way too stubborn.

My mantra through the whole semester was “I hate school!”. I was thinking it all the time. Even when I was not at school or doing any school related activity.

I had a few things I needed to print out before I got to class. I even tried to write myself a reminder to myself on my arm with a pen. The pen didn’t have much ink so, it just looked like something splotchy on my arm.

I was listening to some Oingo Boingo before leaving for school. While receiving a barrage of inane text messages from my fellow group members. I must have gotten at least 20 group texts from them.

The newest buses have signs that say the wrong code was put in. So they do not have the correct number or location on them. I almost thought I got on the wrong bus.

When I got there I wanted to try and sell my book back. I wanted to see if I had enough time. When I got to the tent there was no line. There was also no free jerky samples this time. They wouldn’t buy back my old book. So now I have to lug back that heavy piece of junk back. My backpack is ripping. Only after 1 semester? What a cheap piece of junk! Well I did only pay $7 for it. I shouldn’t complain too much. It was so hard to take this photo at school.
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When I came to class I was all nonchalant playing Sailor Moon Drops. I was on my last life anyway. I asked my group if they needed help with the game and they said no, so I went back to playing.

The teacher said the graduation ceremony we put on went well and the department was pleased with it. I was telling my group about the food. Too bad nobody else from my group showed up. One girl form my group was bragging about it she was just really annoying. I said I took pictures of the food and they can see it if they wanted to. But nobody asked.

To thank us the department head gave us some supermarket cookies, but I’m not turning down free cookies. Somebody else brought some candy. I haven’t had a mystery flavor Airheads in years. I’ll say like 15. I don’t really eat Airheads that much anymore and when I do get them I usually get the cherry flavor. There were also some Sour Punch candy and those mango lollipops with the chili powder which I don’t eat. I was sticking the Sour Punch candy in my pockets. When I was sticking the candy in my pockets it reminded me of something funny for one of my stories. That particular scene needs editing.

When another group was playing their game that “old guy”. He said he was so old at 23 to his group then another member told him they were 30. They were talking pretty loudly when I overheard that. I wanted to laugh so badly.

When my group started playing out game I noticed that I forgot my bag of pens. Luckily I still had that bag of emergency pens. You never know when those will come in handy.

Some of the games were more confusing than the others. I tried to use my game show trope savviness, but I couldn’t use it much. One of the questions in one of the games was about Myers-Brigg types. I was upset I didn’t get that question. Especially since over the weekend I was wondering if Jimi Hendrix was an INFP. There are a lot of dead musicians people say are INFP Morrison, Lennon, and Cobain.

Somebody n my group said They were going to get a sugar high with all the candy and cookies.I can handle the sugar. I probably eat that much sugar in a day. Maybe even more.

Some group made a version of the board game Don’t Wake Daddy. I was surprised nobody else in my group had played it before. I remembered my cousin had a travel version of the game and brought it one time my mom and I baby sat him. It’s a pretty old game from 1992.

When somebody in another group said their game was “my creation” it made me think about the song “Weird Science”.

I noticed I can’t eat sour candy like I used to. I mean things like sour punch and sour power.

I think the last time I had candy like that was 2 years ago. Am I getting too old for this type of candy? 😦

People in class kept saying about partying in Fullerton. Is Fullerton really a place where people go to party? I’d end up going to old people 90s night or something.

I really wanted to know if the teacher knew that I was there at the graduation event. I wanted to get my extra credit.

After class I really had to go to the bathroom. I was holding it in for most of class which was about 2 hours with no break. I get another inane text from one of them. I write back I’m in the bathroom at school. By that point I really didn’t care. I was gonna get TMI with them.

The final was shorter than class time usually is. Which I thought was funny. I thought I was gonna get out really early too. But the bus was late. I noticed somebody from my class get on the bus. I’ve never seen that person ride the bus before. I see this guy get on while I was listening to “Private Life” on the bus. Coincidental song choice. XoX I was in the back of the bus while he was in the front. When he gets off at the back exit he calls out my name. I acknowledged him and all. I was not going to be rude. It was just kinda strange. :/

I won’t have to clean out my backpack too much since it was small I could not fit as much stuff as I could into my old one.

The Warriors won the NBA finals.