It took me at least a day to recover from my final and lugging that heavy book around campus. I’m not sure what to do with it. Put it in my storage space? I couldn’t sleep my back hurt and kept waking me up.

Now I have time to do 3 things that school is over; look for work, clean, and write.

Today was free taco day at Taco Bell because the Warriors won an away game.

I double dipped on the free tacos. I got one on nacho and one in ranch. I don’t eat the firey ones ever. I went to a different restaurant. Within a 5 mile radius of me there are 3 different Taco Bells. I only went to 2 of them. I did it within an hour or so between trips.

I had 2 Baja Blast freezes. I’m hyped up on caffeine. Hopefully I can crank out 15,000 words in one sitting. Yeah! Word count! Quantity rules! *clenches fists*

I was upset because every time I would try and do this one thing I would get distracted or get called to go do something else.