Emergency Pens — June 12, 2017

Emergency Pens

That reformatted American Grit sucks ass. I won’t be watching it. This show is terrible. I needed grit to endure watching the whole episode.

I wanted to see or I guess hear what replaced Rodney’s show. It’s just the same old crap they usually play.

I really wanted to quit school so many times during the class it was not even funny. Maybe should have listened to the people who told me to quit school 2 years ago. I really don’t want to go back next semester. I don’t care if I’m almost finished. This class really broke me. Sure I’ll look like a quitter, but maybe I was not meant to finish college. I think 2 years ago I was acting way too stubborn.

My mantra through the whole semester was “I hate school!”. I was thinking it all the time. Even when I was not at school or doing any school related activity.

I had a few things I needed to print out before I got to class. I even tried to write myself a reminder to myself on my arm with a pen. The pen didn’t have much ink so, it just looked like something splotchy on my arm.

I was listening to some Oingo Boingo before leaving for school. While receiving a barrage of inane text messages from my fellow group members. I must have gotten at least 20 group texts from them.

The newest buses have signs that say the wrong code was put in. So they do not have the correct number or location on them. I almost thought I got on the wrong bus.

When I got there I wanted to try and sell my book back. I wanted to see if I had enough time. When I got to the tent there was no line. There was also no free jerky samples this time. They wouldn’t buy back my old book. So now I have to lug back that heavy piece of junk back. My backpack is ripping. Only after 1 semester? What a cheap piece of junk! Well I did only pay $7 for it. I shouldn’t complain too much. It was so hard to take this photo at school.
image host

When I came to class I was all nonchalant playing Sailor Moon Drops. I was on my last life anyway. I asked my group if they needed help with the game and they said no, so I went back to playing.

The teacher said the graduation ceremony we put on went well and the department was pleased with it. I was telling my group about the food. Too bad nobody else from my group showed up. One girl form my group was bragging about it she was just really annoying. I said I took pictures of the food and they can see it if they wanted to. But nobody asked.

To thank us the department head gave us some supermarket cookies, but I’m not turning down free cookies. Somebody else brought some candy. I haven’t had a mystery flavor Airheads in years. I’ll say like 15. I don’t really eat Airheads that much anymore and when I do get them I usually get the cherry flavor. There were also some Sour Punch candy and those mango lollipops with the chili powder which I don’t eat. I was sticking the Sour Punch candy in my pockets. When I was sticking the candy in my pockets it reminded me of something funny for one of my stories. That particular scene needs editing.

When another group was playing their game that “old guy”. He said he was so old at 23 to his group then another member told him they were 30. They were talking pretty loudly when I overheard that. I wanted to laugh so badly.

When my group started playing out game I noticed that I forgot my bag of pens. Luckily I still had that bag of emergency pens. You never know when those will come in handy.

Some of the games were more confusing than the others. I tried to use my game show trope savviness, but I couldn’t use it much. One of the questions in one of the games was about Myers-Brigg types. I was upset I didn’t get that question. Especially since over the weekend I was wondering if Jimi Hendrix was an INFP. There are a lot of dead musicians people say are INFP Morrison, Lennon, and Cobain.

Somebody n my group said They were going to get a sugar high with all the candy and cookies.I can handle the sugar. I probably eat that much sugar in a day. Maybe even more.

Some group made a version of the board game Don’t Wake Daddy. I was surprised nobody else in my group had played it before. I remembered my cousin had a travel version of the game and brought it one time my mom and I baby sat him. It’s a pretty old game from 1992.

When somebody in another group said their game was “my creation” it made me think about the song “Weird Science”.

I noticed I can’t eat sour candy like I used to. I mean things like sour punch and sour power.

I think the last time I had candy like that was 2 years ago. Am I getting too old for this type of candy? 😦

People in class kept saying about partying in Fullerton. Is Fullerton really a place where people go to party? I’d end up going to old people 90s night or something.

I really wanted to know if the teacher knew that I was there at the graduation event. I wanted to get my extra credit.

After class I really had to go to the bathroom. I was holding it in for most of class which was about 2 hours with no break. I get another inane text from one of them. I write back I’m in the bathroom at school. By that point I really didn’t care. I was gonna get TMI with them.

The final was shorter than class time usually is. Which I thought was funny. I thought I was gonna get out really early too. But the bus was late. I noticed somebody from my class get on the bus. I’ve never seen that person ride the bus before. I see this guy get on while I was listening to “Private Life” on the bus. Coincidental song choice. XoX I was in the back of the bus while he was in the front. When he gets off at the back exit he calls out my name. I acknowledged him and all. I was not going to be rude. It was just kinda strange. :/

I won’t have to clean out my backpack too much since it was small I could not fit as much stuff as I could into my old one.

The Warriors won the NBA finals.

Say your Piece — June 11, 2017

Say your Piece

My group project is not going well again.

Plus I got locked out of my school email account. I have to wait to call the IT desk. I need to get into it to check my grade.

I just hope I don’t get incessantly messaged by them. I already did on Wednesday when I was napping. But I didn’t care I was gonna watch Night Court anyway.

Well I did my part this time. I didn’t care. I even wrote my part in different font and different colors. Real gaudy lookin’. Only because I really wanted to watch World and get it out of the way. It was just like the old days except I didn’t have to do long division. Now all I need is some Gobble Stix and some Kool-Brusts.

When I checked on Sunday afternoon the did their parts so I feel a little better.

After I thought about it I’m so happy for this class and semester to soon be over. Then I can hopefully get rid of the book and not have to see my teacher again.

The Last Yard Sale on the Left — June 10, 2017

The Last Yard Sale on the Left

After having a few disastrous yard sales over the years. I was very weary of throwing one again even though I live in a different location. My mom helped me which is something she never does. She thought there was going be a lot of foot traffic. I should have thought it was going to be like Halloween.

I keep hearing about all these smart and savvy yard sale shoppers. Whoever those smart and savvy yard sale people are they did not come be here. Where are those people!? All the hagglers and everybody else.

It was so boring waiting. And while I was wating a bird pooped on my phone screen while I was trying to write this on my phone.

At least the police didn’t show up so that was a relief.

Nothing was sold. We earned a whopping $0.00. 😦

My Private Life — June 7, 2017

My Private Life

I was thinking about the Oingo Boingo song “Private Life”.

This is an old song it’s older than me from 1982. Back before people would be using the internet.

I interpret it as this song is about a person who may or may not be Danny. This person had friends, but they somehow disappointed them so they lived a private life. Now they are lonely and insane. The lyrics are contradictory. He lives his private life but wants to get out. I think the danger he describes is interacting with other people.

It reminded me of this quote I found online.
image host
My immediate family lives like this. That isn’t very private writing about that.

I feel that way with the hobbyists. I went back to my private life. Those people are notorious over sharers. But I’m going to stay where I am right now.

Intense Eyes — June 6, 2017

Intense Eyes

My title to my last blog was deleted. Maybe wordpress found the phrase “pants your ass off” too vulgar or something. If they delete it again I’ll come up with a new name. The “pants” in that instance refers to “pantsing” something of flying by the seat of your pants.

I need to get a jumpstart on my blogging since I’d be gone in the evening anyway. I was at the graduation ceremony. I just hoped it wouldn’t be like the Christmas show I was in back in 5th grade. Where nobody showed up. I decided to go more out of curiosity of seeing how bad it is, and wanting to see a train wreck of an event. And the free food. I’m hoping to get a lot of material there. My theory is that it will be as cheesy as something my old high school would throw but fancier.

I’ll act like George Costanza. When he eats the whole platter.

The person I’m really hoping to see is my old speech teacher. I really hope he comes. I haven’t seen him in 2 years.

There were all these episodes of World I wanted to watch in the morning, but I don’t have the time. I guess I can hook up the smart tv tomorrow and watch them on that.

This event is easier to go to than that event that was 4 hours. I made arrangements to go to this one. Plus it’s slated to be about 90 minutes or so.

Besides looking for him I never thought about the untapped opportunity of talking to people in the department. So I decided to go look at the list of Communications facility members. Under each person’s name was a photo if they were a full time member. When I showed my mom the picture of my current teacher she said he looked pretentious in the photo, and she never even met the guy. I was like yeah he is. XoX @o@ I also showed her a picture of my former speech teacher. I don’t know why they used that photo of him. It’s a really bad photo of him. But it totally captures him and his personalty. Bright eyes and a big smile. He was usually smiling in class anyway.

Late spring here in the evening at the school is nice it has a different atmosphere. A nice place to write at. Not like when I was holed up in my old stuffy apartment. 😞 I like early Autumn or late spring in the evening in general.

Yesterday the teacher said to meet at the classroom. When I got to the classroom nobody was there. But then they came after I went to the hall. Ugh! >.<

People from my class were getting confused because I was using the word “recipient”. Not to sound like a smart ass, but I thought people knew what that word meant.

Saw a rabbit in the grass but accidentally scared it. Some girl and I were trying to take pictures of it. I thought it would have been good for the blog. She wanted to put it on instagram. She asked if I thought it was wild. To me it looked like an abandoned pet bunny. It was funny because my dad and I were talking about people who abandon pet bunnies in the woods around here. When she first pointed it out I thought it was a fat squirrel. There are some fat squirrels who live on campus. They hang out by the chicken wing booth. The students lure them with french fries and they eat discarded fries.

The food looked good. Lots of Sterno. When I mentioned Sterno I got a weird look. Or these things which are good for roasting cartoon cats on.
image host
image host

I didn’t notice there were koi in the water at this hall. The water is kinda murky there. I took some pictures, but they were boring unless you want to look at photos of drink dispensers, a buffet table, and a picture of Sterno. They were to show my parents what was there and for my personal reference.

I figured since I was there I was gonna get my fill of food. Intensely looking for my former speech teacher. Who I didn’t see. 😭😥 If I had seen him there would have most likely been glomping. Perhaps too intensely. I’ve got those intense INFP eyes you know.  The maple chicken was very popular. I felt I went there for nothing.😞

While the school’s dean or I’m not sure who he is. Was giving his speech I turned the sound on my phone and played a round of Sailor Moon Drops. That guy’s speech seemed to be all jabs at the president. Twitter is dead. LOL. XOX @0@ This event is quite lame like I predicted. I called it. *points* These speeches are lame too. I’m gonna have a great blog. But my hands are sticky. 😞 From eating too much chicken and bacon wrapped foods.

The alumni speech sucked. It was very boring to me. I washed up during it and got more lemonade.

The forensic member speech was not very good, but I thought it might be. I didn’t even find it entertaining. It’s like a poor man’s Michael Che. I’d rather be at home watching Press Your Luck. It was  a weird speech with citations and everything. It seemed more like he was doing something for some type of judged performance.

This is as lame as Claudia.  See what I did there?

Going to this event helped me a lot. Sure I didn’t get to schmooze with the department members or see my former speech teacher, but I saw how lame it was. I will not be going to the one that would be for me provided I do graduate. Although my dad really wants me to. But I’m not sure my heart is in it.

I was telling somebody about Cal State Fullerton and how I liked it a lot even if I goofed off while I was there and was pretty much a “freshman bumpkin” who ate a lot of hamburgers.

I ate so many scallops. XoX

When I left I saw the catering company said the people ate a lot of food. I said I was taking a cookie for the road.

When I got home I was so thirsty from all the salty food I ate. I see there are even more episodes of World uploaded about 20. I’ll be binge watching them all week hopefully. ^-^ ♥o♥

I know “lame” can be considered a derogatory term.

“Pants Your Ass Off” — June 5, 2017

“Pants Your Ass Off”

I worked on the assignment while listening to Rodney on the Roq’s last show.


Look at the article I couldn’t ignore it with picture of him and Gwen Stefani in the article. I listened to a lot of cool and interesting songs. I think my dad listened to him in the early days of the station. His show was like the radio version of Are-oh-vee. I only listened to the show until 2:30 AM. That was 2 ½ hours of his show. I knew I was not going to make it for the whole 4 hours. I didn’t finish the assignment.

I can’t wait for my project to be over. Then I can get back to writing non-school stuff. Some of my stories need a lot of my attention.

I figured I’d put some finishing touches on it in the morning. The morning was a crap morning. I lost something really important that I needed (not for school)

I had wrote something in the doc that had been sitting there for 12 hours. Then I get some more text messages like at 10AM about the assignment. I feigned writing something. At least it is something. They kept texting at inconvenient times like when I was eating. The strange thing was that when I was working on it in the morning I didn’t get any messages. I took a break to watch a fine brothers react video. (they are sort of my guilty pleasure) I like the music ones. They never know the songs. I like to test my knowledge against theirs. The thumbnail usually gives it away. Coincidentally I usually listen to one of the songs featured in the video like a week or so before it appears. This time I just happened to be building my 2000s youtube playlist. I told them I was on my way to school Then I get more inconveniently timed messages. I yell at my phone “Stop text messaging me!”

I got the title for the blog from that old song called “Dance Your Ass Off” that is from 1991. Which seemed to be a staple at my junior high dances circa 1996-1998. Well it was newer than the same old break dance and freestyle music from the early to mid 80s they used to play.

I kept getting messages on my bus ride over there. It was driving me nuts! 😣😒 >0< Not that I could help format it or anything. I was almost late to class there was a wheelchair in the bus and a traffic accident. I got there with about 20 minutes to spare. I had to navigate my way through a crowded parking lot. Now that’s what I’m talking about people going back to class for their last ditch effort. I’m not sure about finals because it’s the same time as regular class.

I couldn’t wait to get it over with so they would stop messaging me!

When I get there he says the presentations are the first thing to do. Half the time I have no idea what is going on in class or get vague ass instructions. I can’t wait for this semester to be over.  He sad he wanted something printed out, but then he didn’t. I thought I had to print something out but I couldn’t because I accidentally mistyped my own last name. When my group was up I choked so bad and said hardly nothing.

I got a lot of material for this class session.

I put my fan fiction in my phone as a file so I can work on it in class without writing it out by hand. Which saves me a lot of time.

Now they estimate 25 people RSVPing for the event which is more than 4. Plus the class and the guest they are allowed to bring and the facility.

This class is so boring and soul sucking. When you use the phrase “soul sucking” you know you have a bad class. I sound like that ski instructor from South Park.

Actually there is somebody there at the event I really want to see. I’m hoping they would come. And if they do come they’ll remember me. It will be like Sue Heck and reverend Tim Tom. Who Sue is surprised he remembers her.

The bus was like a half hour late. I think I got a sun burn waiting for it to come.

After all that happened I see there are some episodes of World on youtube. A nice way to unwind.

Burning the Midnight Oil —

Burning the Midnight Oil

I wanted to see how my other group members were going at the punishment project.

When I checked the document there was nothing written in it except somebody’s name. They haven’t done much. Well neither have I. Although I managed to write about 6 sentences. I really have no idea what to write that can’t be said in a few sentences. Why does being at school make you write long ass things, but when you have a job usually you can write succinct things? “Sexy” research my ass! (in regards to academic disciplines)

I hope we can cobble something together by Monday. That’s when it’s due!

Later I see I got a text message from  my group members at around 10PM. I would not have even noticed it if I had not had a hankering to play Sailor Moon Drops. It’s the Sailor Saturn event.  (I got level 3 Saturn now so that’s not so bad)

Ice Cream Bread — June 1, 2017

Ice Cream Bread

So I tried ice cream bread. Or is it ice cream cake?

I think my mom and I made it wrong because we didn’t let the ice cream melt enough. We used a knockoff Cherry Garcia ice cream from Aldi.

It was ok, but I don’t see what is the big deal about these things.

We will most likely make one again with melted ice cream.