Tape Formatting — July 30, 2017

Tape Formatting

I found the old tape was from 2010 and another from 2011. There are a few more unlabeled tapes I have to go through.

I thought the tape was from 2010, but Princess Go aired on UTB in 2011. I think the tape was circa October 2011 judging by the other English programming I had on the tape.

I made a few screen caps.

Welcome Back VCR — July 29, 2017

Welcome Back VCR

So finally the VCR got repaired and came back. It was hard getting it to work with the tv, but now it does.

I found a random unlabeled video tape. It seemed to be recorded circa 2010. It looked so crappy on the HDTV actually all the SD shows did on all the videos and DVDs I put in; Sailor Moon, Aladdin and some Are-oh-Vee episodes.

Those season one Detective Conan episodes gave me the feels. Not really the episodes themselves, but the commercials airing along with them. They were; I can do yoga, 3 minute cooking, Jin, Partners season 3 or 4, intern ads, How do you like Wednesday?, the Dotch Cooking Show and Japanese tourism commercials. The episodes were “No Immunity for the Diplomat”/ “Diplomat Murder Case” parts (1 and 2) I think I have a few other episodes on another tape, and possibly an episode of Chiritotechin.

Some other things I found on the tape were some Heathcliff cartoons from the last Kids’ block This TV had. I was trying to see what commercials aired. the one I could see was the Your Baby Can Read commercials. I also found a Mister Ed episode, Spliced, Wacky World of Tex Avery, and Angel’s Friends.  I didn’t get a lot of time to analyze the tape. My dad kept clamoring about watching his Woodstock DVD. Good thing I was not subjected to all of it. That thing is 224 minutes long! Or over 4 hours!

Wacky Icebreakers — July 24, 2017

Wacky Icebreakers

I told my dad I was going back to school by accident. He wanted me to go to a Dodger game but it was on a Monday. The strange thing was my dad was cool with me being wait listed for a math class. Who are you and what have you done with my father?

I think my parents know how much I like that professor. I always talk about him and I happy that he is teaching my last communications class.

Since I’ve had that teacher before for my speech class he would usually take roll and give us ice breaker questions. I wrote down a few in my old livejournal blogs when I took his class. I complied a list of the ones I found, but I think there were more that I wrote on paper somewhere.

I want to be well prepared for that beginning of class introductory banter like I am for teachers I don’t know.

July Miscellaneous Blog — July 20, 2017

July Miscellaneous Blog

So I really assessed the damage this time to the erased DVD and it wasn’t the one with the Chad episode on it. It was the DVD with; “Ava Adore” by Smashing Pumpkins, “Soap Disco” by Kara’s Flowers, “Radio Listener” by Teen Heroes, “Lucky Denver Mint” by Jimmy Eat World (Never Been Kissed version), “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads” by Less Than Jake, and “Hey Leonardo” by Blessid Union of Souls. I made myself a youtube playlist of all the videos on the DVD, but that just made me feel worse.

I thought about all that bothersome nonsense like that stupid thing about having a forged bus pass for 2 years? I so want to tell them off this year if it happens again. And say it really loud too.

I know I need some non-perishable food like beef jerky and Pop Tarts to bring to school.

Kids Click has added some new commercials to the mix; Kadunks, Zuru Balloons, Filpazoo, and Dream Tents. Before all they showed were Chuck E. Cheese commercials and the Foundation for a Better Life PSAs. All week so far they have shown new episodes. Well not the same 3 of Stormy Weather, the Bubbler and Mr. Pigeon.

I was trying to think of what kind of commercials Thistv would show when they had that Cookie Jar block. All I could seem to remember was Fuzzoodle, Fushigi Balls, Happy Hot Dog Man, Big Top Cupcake, Cookie and Donut pan, Perfect Brownie, Bake Pops, Snuggie, Robo Stir, Chef Basket, Pasta N More, Bottle Tops, Smart Spin  Micro Crisper, Gyro Bowl, and Your Baby Can Read. Possibly Wuggle Pets? and/or Pillow Pets?

They mostly showed commercials for as seen on tv products. I do remember seeing commercials for Cancer Center Treatment Centers of America. PSAs for 5 a day color of life (which is an old PSA I first saw circa 1999)

and McGruff identity theft prevention.

Character Supplies — July 18, 2017

Character Supplies

There weren’t any good back to school items. Two dollars for a Lisa Frank composition book? I’ll wait till those go on sale. Speaking of which what happened to character school supplies? Not the lunch gear and the backpacks, but the notebooks and folders? Where are the Frozen and Ninja Turtles folders? I did see one lone Shopkins notebook? Are kids not into that kind of stuff anymore?

What did I need for his class the last time I had that teacher? Index cards? I already have those? A notebook. I took notes very sporadically for his last class. He didn’t lecture much. We mostly did activities. Scantrons? But I can buy those at the school. I can’t think of anything specific.

Find Your People — July 17, 2017

Find Your People

So the hobbyists love to play this up in their ads for supplies and education and the like. “Be with like minded people”, “be around those who share your passion”, “find your tribe”, etc.

With an ad like that what type 4 would turn that down? Especially for a type 4 who is trying to fit in.

Actually all those “fit in with the crowd” or “be one of us” ads were right up my alley and totally pander to type 4s. No matter what they are for; clothes, cosmetics or consumables. (Consumables? What am I a Conehead?)

I remember this one time I was a sophomore in high school and there were all these commercials for fleece vests on tv. It was literally telling you “This is going to be the next big thing buy one!”. I remember asking my parents for a vest. But my mom said not to listen to what commercials were telling you to wear. Needless to say I didn’t get a vest. They were like the hot thing in September/October 1999. Then like a month or so later they just kind of faded away and nobody wore them anymore. Maybe it’s because it’s warm where I live anyway.

A Nostalgic PSA and Erased Pics — July 16, 2017

A Nostalgic PSA and Erased Pics

I finally found this bicycle safety PSA after all these years. I screen capped it.

youtu.be-vHeZI1ZgiWI (21)


youtu.be-vHeZI1ZgiWI (23)

youtu.be-vHeZI1ZgiWI (24)

youtu.be-vHeZI1ZgiWI (25)

youtu.be-vHeZI1ZgiWI (26)

youtu.be-vHeZI1ZgiWI (27)

youtu.be-vHeZI1ZgiWI (28)

I remember there were these little berries where I lived that looked like the melons in the PSA when I was a kid I would recite it and run over the berries with the front wheel of my bike. I was a weird kid. There was another PSA made my the same people with a puppet with a cream pie face. That one was about seat belt safety. I remember locally they would show them during Woody Woodpecker cartoons on KTTV. These PSAs were so strange I thought I made them up in my head or something. The Sgt. Carol character looks a lot like Audrey Duck.



Audrey Duck and Cat-a-lion were in some anti racism videos called Different and the Same: Helping Children Identify and Prevent Prejudice made by Family Communications. I had seen those on tv a few times.

Photobucket started erasing my old photos I had in my livejournal. There is a lot of damage control I have to do thanks a lot photobucket. I noticed when I was looking for a link yesterday.

Its too early so I cant find the book prices. I just hope the book is not expensive. I’ve been spending a lot of time fantasizing about class and being reunited with my old teacher. How INFP of me.

Cartoons and Classes — July 15, 2017

Cartoons and Classes

I looked around my room, but I still couldn’t find the paper I was looking for. I figured I might have memorized the last communications class I needed. Then I remembered there were some computerized transcripts in my student profile. I checked those right before it was time for me to register. I was right the last class I thought I needed was the one I really did. I had my choice of 3 classes. I really wanted to take this particular one.

When I looked at all the communications classes I saw the one I wanted was being taught by my former speech teacher. Yay! 🙂 ^-^ ♥o♥ *swoon* *squee* The only problem was that it was being held from about 3:30PM-6:30PM on Mondays only. What is with this school and 3 hour once a week communications classes!? Besides his class there were a few others that met once a week for 3 hours. Which is kind of funny that when I took his speech class it met at a strange time too of one hour a day 4 times a week. I’m willing to put up with missing my tv shows and eating spoiled sandwiches.

He was teaching the class I really wanted and I found that was a sign for me to keep going on. I really wanted to quit and stop, but I’m not so sure anymore. The class wasn’t filled up either. I think that is because it is a specialized class that is mostly taken by communications students.

It’s been 2 years and he could have changed I’ve changed in 2 years. More like a personality change like being cruel or something. I better not let my imagination get the best of me. I just don’t want to Sue Heck this up.

Like I predicted all the good math classes were taken. I have a feeling there are very few good math teachers at my school. So I put myself on a wait list. The problem with math is that everybody has to take math classes.

After I thought about it maybe I should not have blindly signed up for this class no matter who was teaching it.  I didn’t even check to see which room it was being held in. It ends way too late and I could be out late in the dark. After 5PM the buses run every hour. Maybe the threads won’t come close for now.


I haven’t even looked at the book prices yet. I very could more than likely get wish of not going back to school.

Kids Click is really shooting itself in the foot. They keep showing the same episodes over and over within the same week/weekend. They are worse than Buzzr. So far I’ve only seen 4 different Miraculous Ladybug episodes; The Bubbler, Mr. Pigeon, Stormy Weather and Copycat. Which was a fluke that caught Copycat on Friday. I was shocked they showed a new episode.

Too bad we can’t go back to the days of 13 week Saturday morning cartoons and 65 episode weekly cartoons. Even most of the cartoons that are shown everyday on LightTV are 65 episodes long so they run for about 2 months.

Units-Upmanship — July 14, 2017


I got a bad registration time. Which is Saturday at 9AM which means my dad will be home “overseeing” it. Registration started July 12th. I got a really sucky time I think because I’ve been taking only one class the past 2 semesters. I have a feeling I’m gonna end up back in school miserable. Wasting money on expensive garbage books.

Ideally I would be able to take these last 2 classes in one shot. It’s what everybody would want. Unless I get caught in the 9:45AM class glut.

Students love to pack their day with classes. When the semester starts out they are all “How many classes are you taking? I’m taking 18 units!” Then somebody else will up them by saying they are taking 21 units. I bet they could go far really one upping each other with the amount of units by saying something like “I’m taking 45 units this semester with special permission from the dean.” Later on in the semester they say things like “I can’t take it! I had to drop 9 of the 11 classes I was taking”. I don’t know why they brag when they drop more than half the classes. I’m not crazy and I know what I can handle. Sure it’s been a long drawn out 9-10 years of me going to school rather slowly no take that back extremely slowly. (in my right mind I think I would not try to sign up for 45 units worth of classes in one semester)

My school needs to ease up on the emergency alerts. They send me a message through email, text, phone call and voice mail. It reminds me of WUPHF from The Office. I tried to turn if off but it won’t let me. Why can’t you set it to “quiet hours” if you want to. Say not to make if go off on Tuesdays if you don’t have classes on Tuesdays.

I lost the paper that told me what 2 classes I have left to take. I guess in all my frustration in not want to go back to school I lost it. I know what I need math wise it’s the communications class I can’t remember. I think it was a performance based class.

Baseball and Slurpees — July 11, 2017

Baseball and Slurpees

It was free Slurpee day today. Too bad they don’t let you fill it up yourself anymore. The guy who did it only filled it 3/4 full. They were really skimping on the Slurpee.

And it was the baseball all star game. They had to make the games count for awhile after what former commissioner Selig ended the 2002 all star game in a tie. But now they don’t again.

I forgot my half birthday was yesterday. It’s strange when you tell people that you are 33 and a half unless you say it as a joke or something.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do about my photobucket mess. I found out Flickr is not compatible with my older blog posts on wordpress. I’ve been using imgbox for now, but it is taking some getting used to.