I got a bad registration time. Which is Saturday at 9AM which means my dad will be home “overseeing” it. Registration started July 12th. I got a really sucky time I think because I’ve been taking only one class the past 2 semesters. I have a feeling I’m gonna end up back in school miserable. Wasting money on expensive garbage books.

Ideally I would be able to take these last 2 classes in one shot. It’s what everybody would want. Unless I get caught in the 9:45AM class glut.

Students love to pack their day with classes. When the semester starts out they are all “How many classes are you taking? I’m taking 18 units!” Then somebody else will up them by saying they are taking 21 units. I bet they could go far really one upping each other with the amount of units by saying something like “I’m taking 45 units this semester with special permission from the dean.” Later on in the semester they say things like “I can’t take it! I had to drop 9 of the 11 classes I was taking”. I don’t know why they brag when they drop more than half the classes. I’m not crazy and I know what I can handle. Sure it’s been a long drawn out 9-10 years of me going to school rather slowly no take that back extremely slowly. (in my right mind I think I would not try to sign up for 45 units worth of classes in one semester)

My school needs to ease up on the emergency alerts. They send me a message through email, text, phone call and voice mail. It reminds me of WUPHF from The Office. I tried to turn if off but it won’t let me. Why can’t you set it to “quiet hours” if you want to. Say not to make if go off on Tuesdays if you don’t have classes on Tuesdays.

I lost the paper that told me what 2 classes I have left to take. I guess in all my frustration in not want to go back to school I lost it. I know what I need math wise it’s the communications class I can’t remember. I think it was a performance based class.