So the hobbyists love to play this up in their ads for supplies and education and the like. “Be with like minded people”, “be around those who share your passion”, “find your tribe”, etc.

With an ad like that what type 4 would turn that down? Especially for a type 4 who is trying to fit in.

Actually all those “fit in with the crowd” or “be one of us” ads were right up my alley and totally pander to type 4s. No matter what they are for; clothes, cosmetics or consumables. (Consumables? What am I a Conehead?)

I remember this one time I was a sophomore in high school and there were all these commercials for fleece vests on tv. It was literally telling you “This is going to be the next big thing buy one!”. I remember asking my parents for a vest. But my mom said not to listen to what commercials were telling you to wear. Needless to say I didn’t get a vest. They were like the hot thing in September/October 1999. Then like a month or so later they just kind of faded away and nobody wore them anymore. Maybe it’s because it’s warm where I live anyway.