So finally the VCR got repaired and came back. It was hard getting it to work with the tv, but now it does.

I found a random unlabeled video tape. It seemed to be recorded circa 2010. It looked so crappy on the HDTV actually all the SD shows did on all the videos and DVDs I put in; Sailor Moon, Aladdin and some Are-oh-Vee episodes.

Those season one Detective Conan episodes gave me the feels. Not really the episodes themselves, but the commercials airing along with them. They were; I can do yoga, 3 minute cooking, Jin, Partners season 3 or 4, intern ads, How do you like Wednesday?, the Dotch Cooking Show and Japanese tourism commercials. The episodes were “No Immunity for the Diplomat”/ “Diplomat Murder Case” parts (1 and 2) I think I have a few other episodes on another tape, and possibly an episode of Chiritotechin.

Some other things I found on the tape were some Heathcliff cartoons from the last Kids’ block This TV had. I was trying to see what commercials aired. the one I could see was the Your Baby Can Read commercials. I also found a Mister Ed episode, Spliced, Wacky World of Tex Avery, and Angel’s Friends.  I didn’t get a lot of time to analyze the tape. My dad kept clamoring about watching his Woodstock DVD. Good thing I was not subjected to all of it. That thing is 224 minutes long! Or over 4 hours!