Enthusiastically Creepy — August 29, 2017

Enthusiastically Creepy

After I had a day or so to digest it I thought maybe I was acting creepy in class or a little “off” or something.

I was seriously worried he was going to not remember me and/or who I was. I sound like Sue Heck when she was always surprised that Reverend Tim Tom remembered her and her name.


You know because that is so me being a type 4. I kind of think I’m forgettable or that people see me in that way. After I thought about it the teacher’s name is also alliterative like Tim Tom’s.

We have to write one original piece for class. Telling a story about our life. I don’t want to use the story about my pen pal, meeting Shirley Manson, seeing my first No Doubt show, meeting John Cena, Seacrest snub at the game show taping, and bunch of other things I forget. I made a list of topics.

I have to think about what story I want to tell. I have to find the material. I want to use a story I have not used before. Now I gotta scour my old diaries.

When I was registering for the class I thought “Which jerk is teaching this class?” until I saw my former speech teacher’s name. Which I think is funny in hindsight.

Do You Remember the Turf Accounting Building? — August 28, 2017

Do You Remember the Turf Accounting Building?

The weather was a real big slap in the face to me. It was so hot I wore odangos. I was going to style my hair in the morning, but I figured since I wasn’t leaving until after 1:30PM I could wait until later in the day.

I brought 3 water bottles in an insulated lunch bag and that didn’t fit in my backpack. This backpack is so small. I also packed some jerky sticks, knockoff Handi Snacks breadsticks and cheese from Aldi, Pop Tarts, and a half of peanut butter sandwich.

On the ride over I listened to some English Beat. That is very meaningful. Go read my old LJ blogs about this class. When I was waiting in line for the bus pass I was listening to “Tenderness.” There weren’t that many people there waiting for the bus pass. Perhaps I came at an off time? The good thing was I didn’t get in trouble for a fake bus pass or anything.

I saw 3 types of freshmen today there; the wide eyed bushy tailed ones, the terrified ones and the ones who act like they are still in high school.

I was upset because I noticed I stepped in gum. I hate stepping in gum all the time but especially on hot days.

At least they made signs and wrote on the pavement with chalk to tell people where the buildings are and which level they are on. Those buildings are seriously mislabeled. Of course I didn’t need this since I was in this classroom last semester.

Since I sort of know where things are at the school I know there is an air conditioned corridor on the floor below where my class was taking place. I had an hour to burn anyway. I wanted to get my blog started the only problem is that you can’t get reception on that floor. It’s very basement-like. So I blogged the old fashioned way on paper. While I was blogging it was so hot I decided to beat the heat by listening to “Bash” because nothing beats Rockapella Christmas music in the summer. Ok maybe listening to some Rockapella while eating Taco Bell. But I didn’t have any Taco Bell.

I decided to wash up before going to class. I mean I knew everybody was pretty disgusting and sweaty because of the weather. I felt like a performer or athlete when they get interviewed after doing their thing and they say they are all sweaty and smelly.

When I get to class I see it’s filled up and he is talking. I’m thinking “Oh crap! I’m late!” I look at the clock above his head it says like 3:38 or something it’s an analog clock. I got there late I seriously thought the class started at 3:40PM. He hands me a syllabus, tells me the class starts at 3:30 and tells me to take a seat. All I can manage to say is “It’s good to see you again.” and smile because I’m smooth like that, and I like referencing 90s rap songs. I take one of the few vacant seats left. I see somebody from my previous class.

He is his same jovial self. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜‹πŸ˜†πŸ’–

You know I got it bad when it warrants 6 emojis in a row in one blog post. That was the one thing I was afraid of was that he was going to change for the worse. You know and be mean or something. The bad part was that I was looking at him you know “funny”. I just kept smiling and giggling and framing my face with my hands.

He kept referring to the class as evening. He took roll and had us say why we were in there and an irrational fear we have. Which made me think about Oingo Boingo. I had a hankering to listen to “Private Life”. What did I say my irrational fear was? Well I fear a lot, but I said advanced mathematics. I felt like Doremi.


He told us a story about a cockroach at a yogurt shop ironically I know that chain since I applied to work there but in another location.

He told us the story about him burping while giving a speech which I mentioned in this blog entry.

During the break I wanted to talk to him even if it was brief. I did tell him that his class is the last communication class I need and that I got all my classes straightened out. You know he had an impact on me when I bothered to learn something from his first class. I would say that combined with me really thinking it would help me with my secret hobby was the perfect storm. It’s like that time I bothered learning all that geography as a kid. I did bring up the turf accounting building. I also told him the story about the job interview and the soda. He said this class is different from his last.

So we had to do the introductory speech thing. We did that last class. I did what I did last time on purpose and tried to be sneaky and be the last person. I found out somebody else in the class that I had the diction class with. He was in the group that we wrote the boy band skit for. Somebody else who I didn’t know said they had him before so that was 2 of us. So my fun fact was that this summer I finally finished watching the whole series of Night Court. I recommended the show to them. Now the whole class knows I like Night Court. Whateves I don’t care. I told the class I’m a better writer than performer. Which I know about myself and I’m comfortable with it.

During the second break I had to call and say when class ended. But he had a speech sign up list and I knew what he was doing when he was writing the numbers on the board. I got up there as fast as I could while still on the phone and wrote my name down for the last spot.

Being in one of his classes made me feel super genki me. Uasgi or Minako level. Or Sue Heck level genki. All I needed was the pink pea coat. I already have a brightly colored backpack. Now I feel like neutral. Not like super jazzed about school, but not hating it completely either.

My mind kept wandering as usual I was thinking about Seinfeld and Dot’s Poetry Corner from Animaniacs.

The good news is that he said we don’t need a book for this class.

My ice breakers cheat sheet I made in google docs wouldn’t load. 😦

I accidentally told my dad the wrong place to pick me up. I got in big trouble for that. Especially with all the messed up parking it’s like leaving a sporting event.

In other news my odangos held up pretty well for about 12 hours. πŸ™‚

I found out the Kidsclick block might be adding Winx Club and you know how I love my magical girls. I’d love to see a magical girl block with Ladybug and Winx Club.

Loose Ends Before the Semester — August 25, 2017

Loose Ends Before the Semester

I found out I got kicked off the class wait list it was at capacity of 10 people. My other class is still on. Like I said major specific classes don’t fill up that fast. It was because I didn’t check my school email. I didn’t know that was what you did. I’ve never signed up for a wait listed class before. Oh well it was my fault.

I sort of figured the weather was going to be hot on the first day of school. It’s my luck. Especially for his class. The weather app on my phone says it’s going to be 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

I thought I should not pack a big lunch I might feel too sick to eat anything. But packing anything non perishable is going to be a big help. I will have lots of room in my backpack since he said no book is needed so far… Well there was nothing you could order from the book store.

I know what I need for this semester! Some new songs. I was thinkingΒ  some Salt-N-Pepa, Sheryl Crow, and Jewel. I found some of my old 90s cassettes. Maybe some other artists I don’t have on cassette like The B 52s, and They Might be Giants.

I found a nice Lisa Frank holographic folder with a picture of a puppy on it. Something nice and cheerful. I couldn’t decide between that folder and a folder with a picture of a real puppy on it. I’ve had it for a long time too. For a while when I wasn’t going to school I was stockpiling school supplies. I think I have a problem. :/ I realized I have a picture of this folder I took years ago on photobucket. But it is now re-hosted

Last time I used a Pink Hana folder. The folder is starting to crack so it got delegated to one of my kawaii stationary boxes.

Since I know it’s going to be hot on Monday I Googled “cute hairstyles for hot weather”. Google wrote back “No, no there isn’t”. WTF Google?! Try it for yourself. After I thought about it “I don’t need Google I can just consult an old magazine from the 90s.” And I did. You just got replaced by old technology! Or should I say an outdated form of media?

Eclipsed — August 21, 2017


When the eclipse was happening the reporters were asking the people what it looked like to them. One lady said Sailor Moon. I’m not sure what that meant. I thought about Chibiusa and her pink hair.

It made me think about the Ducktales episode “Allowance Day” When Louie called it an “eclair”.

The strange thing I was remembered all the hype from the eclipse of 1991. I remember my grandma was worried that my (then unborn) cousin was going to have something bad happen to him unless his mom wore something metal on her belly.

Break the Melted Ice — August 18, 2017

Break the Melted Ice

While I’m racking my brain thinking of non perishable lunches to take to school. My mom thinks I’ve overrating. I feel stuck I just can’t think of ideas. I’ve been scouring pinterest and mommy blogs. I know that if I don’t think about it I’ll forget and end up with nothing.

I finished up Angel Beats! I’m trying to find a new anime series to watch. After I wrote that blog about Mon anime I realized I have not finished many of the series I have written about. It’s usually me missing an episode here or there. I still have not seen Yu-Gi-Oh! season zero. I need to see how long each series is. Although I’m leaning towards Fighting Foodons.

I looked over all the ice breakers I could think of from the last time I had his class. Nothing really stood out to me, but I’m hoping by doing this I’ll have some sort of cheat sheet. I would hope he would do something like this. I’d like to mention Angel Beats! or maybe Night Court.

Too bad I could not get in and swipe the class because of people not paying their fees. Oh well I guess I gotta go in and say I’m wait listed.

Ducktales 2017 Woo-hoo? — August 17, 2017

Ducktales 2017 Woo-hoo?

Disclaimer: I have read very few Disney Duck comics unless they were in Disney Adventures or republished in the Ducktales comics I would sometimes read at the library. I’m more familiar with the 1980s series. This show was on tv every weekday for years. It’s not my favorite Disney Afternoon show that would be Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck.

People were getting all excited for all the references to the other Disney Afternoon locations. I just want to say that I hope they don’t introduce the Rescue Rangers into this series because they were rodents and other creatures who lived among humans. I guess Gummi Glen should not be considered too since they also lived among the humans.

Was I the only one who thought the bag of marbles was a reference to the episode “Pearl of Wisdom“? I first learned what a “masher” was in marbles terms from this episode. I know a lot of people like to hate on 80s Webby. They say she was a pest and had no personality. As a kid when I watched back then I related to that character. I was the tag-along girl who (occasionally) carried a doll around. I have to say she was pretty badass in that particular comic. I think it was in the December 1990 issue of Disney Adventures. In the comic the boys are putting together their own Gizmoduck suit which is made out of a suit of armor and a unicycle. They should adapt that comic into an episode of the new series. Her 1980’s design was based off Daisy’s nieces April, May and June. As a kid I thought she could hang out with juvenile Daisy from the Minnie ‘N’ Me franchise.

I thought the dinosaur skeletons the cave duck skeleton was a reference to the season 1 episode “Dinosaur Ducks” they meet some cave ducks in the episode. I know about Bubba and would like to forget him, but was there any correlation between him and those cave sucks from season 1? I don’t know as a kid that just bothered me.

The pirates could have been a reference to the season 1 episode “Bermuda Triangle Tangle“. I think there were other pirate themed episodes from the series, but they escape me.

The only reason I remember the episodes “Dinosaur Ducks” and “Bermuda Triangle Tangle” they were in my Ducktales Panini sticker book.

I hope they still have Mrs. Beakley sing opera she did in the old series. I’m wondering if Doofus will appear in the series? I would also like to see Mama Crackshell, Fenton’s mother. I would like to see a remake of the episode “Duck to the Future“.

Somebody else pointed out that Lupin’s car is seen while Launchpad is driving the limo. After it was pointed out to me. I noticed an animorphic Jigen dog character on top. He’s the only one from Lupin who wears a blue suit. Which I would assume is a reference to TMS animating the 1980s series.Β  I thought I saw a lady that looked like Binkie Muddlefoot (Honker’s mother from Darkwing Duck) in the background of one of the scenes.

I don’t like the color palette. It’s all dull and washed out. I know it’s supposed to look like an old comic book or something. The old series was so vibrant. Most cartoons from that time were vibrant even Beetlejuice was vibrant. I miss the characters’ blue eyes. In some of the older media Louie wore yellow, but in the 1980s series they wore red, green and blue just like in the new series.

Let me talk about the voices. Lauchpad is great. The voice sounds like the old one. Scrooge took a little getting used to. But by the end of the episode I didn’t mind the voice. The new Scrooge is no Alan Young, but Tennant is a good Scrooge too. The nephews I know they were going them distinct voices and personalities. They all sound like men. I know they are voiced by men, but I don’t know they could make them be more younger sounding? Webby was ok. She’ll take a little getting used to. Mrs. Beakley I think I didn’t hear enough of her talk to get a feel for her voice.

I guess I’m like the only person on the planet who didn’t think this episode was the best thing I’ve even seen made by Disney. I didn’t hate it either. I thought it was just ok.

Sliding Semesters — August 13, 2017

Sliding Semesters

On Friday something came over me, and I felt I really didn’t want to back to school even with the prospect of my former speech teacher being my teacher this semester. I noticed something funny though my class this semester is going to be held in the same room as my last class was. It’s a pretty nice room there are some little rooms inside it. Now I can tell my dad I know where it is, or I could just point to a random building on a map. Then I had a silly thought what if my old speech teacher had taught that last class I took and was miserable in? You know like an alternate timeline or something.

Mon Crazy! — August 12, 2017

Mon Crazy!

While I was going through my videos I found a Flint the Time Detective one. I don’t even remember buying it. I’m not sure where I got it from, but I know I got it used from one of those record stores my dad and I used to go to in LA. There was no price tag on it with a name of a store on it. My friends didn’t understand why I liked Flint the Time Detective so much. I thought the characters looked cute. Sara was my favorite and it was funny. Most high schoolers would never admit to watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was so uncool and babyish. It was just WRONG! They were probably doing cool things on Saturday mornings like; working at a job, recovering from a hangover from getting drunk in a parking lot, recovering from going to a post football game kickback, or whatever my cool peers did back then. They didn’t know how crazy I was into Mon Colle Knights. That show came out when I was a senior in high school.

These are a ranking of all the ones I’ve seen. I’m only ranking series from Japan.

2017-08-12 (7)

First is Pokemon of course I was going to rank this #1. It helped spearhead the Mon anime (Trend?) (Movement?) In the US at the turn of the Millennium. The rest of this list was pretty hard to rank and these are my personal rankings and solely my opinion.

2017-08-12 (5)


Choosing #2 was hard, but I put Mon Colle Knights in that spot. I loved this show! It never took it’s self too seriously. I think it might have been a gag dub. I was really into this show. Beginner and Kahimi were so cute. They were my favorites besides Mondo and Rockna I wish there would have been merchandise for this series like action figures or something sold in the US.

2017-08-12 (1)


#3 is Fighting Foodons. I’m not sure why I liked this show so much too. Maybe because it was so silly! There were a few serious episodes. My favorite character had to be Pie Tin. I wish there would have been merchandise for this series like action figures or something sold in the US.

2017-08-12 (2)

2017-08-12 (8)


#4 Yu-Gi-Oh! What would my list be without Yu-Gi-Oh!? I got some pretty hilarious merchandise including some bootleg cards with a manga written in Engrish and a purse. I have real merchandise too like cards, school folders, some Burger King toys, and my price guide that I used for a school project. Don’t forget the cereal which was triangular shaped Corn Pops.


The movie was just ok. I didn’t like it as much as most of the fans did. I could not get into GX or 5Ds, but I really did enjoy Zexal. Feelin’ the flow!



#5 Shaman King took a different spin on it with the use of ghosts. I did like to watch it when it was not getting preempted by NASCAR racing and MLB baseball. It was very silly with characters like Lily5 and Trey Racer. Maybe someday I’ll cosplay as Anna. Not because she is my favorite character from the series, but because she has an easy outfit to replicate.


#6 Megaman NT Warrior this show was pretty good. Too bad Kids’ WB showed at inconsistent times. My little cousin who my mom and I babysat watched it. I think she only watched it because I did and it was a cartoon. She was under 4 at the time. Her favorite character was Yai. I remember my cousin liked that she drank strawberry milk. I used to doodle pictures of the characters that boring mass media class.


#7 Medabots I remember getting 2 Medabots DVDs. They were some of the first DVDs I owned. I never saw the 2nd season. I think? It went to cable. I did buy a few figures at the KB toys years after the show ended for a couple bucks each.


#8 Flint the Time Detective I was way too into this show. I used to dance along to the theme song. I don’t know. (See opening paragraph). This is the video I got at the used record store.



#9 B-daman Crossfire This was a good show. Too bad Vortexx didn’t think so. The story was pretty good. Rory with her bunny ears. After the show waned in popularity I saw B-daman Crossfire toys at the dollar store, but I could not get them while combating my clutter problem. I think I watched a few episodes of the first B-daman series (Battle B-daman) that was on in the US, but I could not get into that.



#10 Spider Riders this show was good, but there could have been I don’t know…more? It was pretty funny though. I finally watched the whole series when ThisTV showed it during one of their kids’ blocks. I used to get in so much trouble for watching it because it came on so early in the morning.



#11 Dinosaur King if me longing for Pokemon so hard when this came out I think I would not have liked it so much. I think I didn’t start watching it until like 2009 or 2010? I remember buying some cards at the Dollar Tree. They were pretty cute. I remember I had made my own Dinosaur King computer wall paper.


#12 Legendz I really liked this show. They used to show this in an FCI block of children’s programming in the mid 2000s along with Chibimaruko Chan. I would have rated it higher, but FCI didn’t subtitle their anime. I had recited the theme song as a poem for a writing class.


#13 Digimon Adventure I really tried to get into this show, but for whatever reason I didn’t like it. I think I watched up to episode 20Β  or somewhere around there. I thought Patamon was cute.


Did I even own any Digimon merchandise? After a while I used to watch it when there was nothing else on tv.My friend (one of the people who make fun of me for liking Flint) really liked Digimon season 2 especially Mimi. I think he had a crush on Mimi. I enjoyed Digimon Frontier more than Digimon Adventure.



#14 Monster Rancher for whatever reason I could just not get into this show at all. I watched about maybe I don’t know 3 episodes. I’m not sure it was less than 10. It just didn’t capture me. I do have a plush Moochi. My dad got it for me at a Dollar Store. It’s even in my blogger profile pic along with my Pikachu and Keroppi.


Here is the list:

#1 Pokemon

#2 Mon Colle Knights

#3 Fighting Foodons

#4 Yu-Gi-Oh!

#5 Shaman King

#6 Megaman NT Warrior

#7 Medabots

#8 Flint the Time Detective

# 9 B-daman Crossfire

#10 Spider Riders

#11 Dinosaur King

#12 Legendz

#13 Digimon Adventure

#14 Monster Rancher

Quitter’s Bargain — August 10, 2017

Quitter’s Bargain

Usually these types of stories happened a long time ago like in the 1950s. Some time after WWII but before the 1970s. The 1970s would have been the time my parents went to/would have went to college. So the people in these stories would be older than my parents.

Ok so the gist of theses stories is that a person doesn’t like school or wants to quit or something along those lines. The student really wants to do something else (non military related) like say be a race car driver. Something at the time didn’t require much education. (Now you need a Phd to flip burgers) So somebody in that person’s life like a parent, teacher or principal. Tells that person if they finish school that person will help them go into the thing they want to do.

I really wish somebody would do that for me. They would tell me “you hurry up and get your associates degree and then I will pay for you to go to a hobbyist education program.”

I guess I can merely dream about a scenario like that in this day and age.

Candy and Fees — August 7, 2017

Candy and Fees

I was mad because I had to miss Super 4 and it was the origin story of Ruby.

It was a good thing I didn’t have to go a pay my fees with my dad. This is what he does first we go pay. Then we have to wander around campus to find the class room. After that we have to go to the bookstore to see which books I need while my purse gets confiscated at the door by security and then he complains about that.

The day before the semester starts he’ll talk about wandering around campus and the Sunday pre-drive to find the building. I don’t know why he tells me this every semester I start school. Every time about getting lost on campus. Did he get really lost at his school or something? Perhaps he will be distracted by preseason football? And going to the bookstore when I can easily find out that info when I’m online. I don’t like to go there anyway. Anytime I have any kind of bag on me. They are not allowed in.

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been watching my old videos. I should be blogging more. This is the first blog I’ve posted this month! I was feeling lethargic. It was really humid for about a week. I know people say humidity is good for your joints, but personally it makes my knee and ankles swell. I’ve working on my other writing projects. I found the pacing of my 3rd World fic is off. So I need to correct that. I found a bunch of unfinalized DVDs. So I should work on those 1st since there is less I have to record.

So I officially paid my fees so I’m in his class. *screams like a 12 year old girl* Hello former speech teacher! *said in the style of hello nurse! from Animaniacs*


I’m having bad thoughts but I shouldn’t be I’m thinking up a bunch of dumb and bad scenarios about the class. Maybe I should listen that song again?

With half of the bus lines on strike. It was eerie waiting for the bus. Luckily my line wasn’t I checked this morning by accident. I was actually looking up bus times. And that came up first. Good thing I don’t ride the some other bus line anymore. That is a frequently running popular line. I would not have gotten anywhere if I still rode that line. And so close to school starting. Pity. The driver of the line I ride told the other guy waiting at the bus stop it wasn’t coming.

The strange thing was that the bus strike got very little local news coverage.

I tried the new Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cups and they taste very remotely like the ones from the 90s. I didn’t like them much with the cookie mixed in with the peanut butter. It was too crunchy.

34000_48506_000_Item_Front - Copy

Why can’t they try and make them the old way? With the chocolate cookie wafer at bottom of the cup? They are just not the same as the old ones. 😦