I was mad because I had to miss Super 4 and it was the origin story of Ruby.

It was a good thing I didn’t have to go a pay my fees with my dad. This is what he does first we go pay. Then we have to wander around campus to find the class room. After that we have to go to the bookstore to see which books I need while my purse gets confiscated at the door by security and then he complains about that.

The day before the semester starts he’ll talk about wandering around campus and the Sunday pre-drive to find the building. I don’t know why he tells me this every semester I start school. Every time about getting lost on campus. Did he get really lost at his school or something? Perhaps he will be distracted by preseason football? And going to the bookstore when I can easily find out that info when I’m online. I don’t like to go there anyway. Anytime I have any kind of bag on me. They are not allowed in.

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been watching my old videos. I should be blogging more. This is the first blog I’ve posted this month! I was feeling lethargic. It was really humid for about a week. I know people say humidity is good for your joints, but personally it makes my knee and ankles swell. I’ve working on my other writing projects. I found the pacing of my 3rd World fic is off. So I need to correct that. I found a bunch of unfinalized DVDs. So I should work on those 1st since there is less I have to record.

So I officially paid my fees so I’m in his class. *screams like a 12 year old girl* Hello former speech teacher! *said in the style of hello nurse! from Animaniacs*


I’m having bad thoughts but I shouldn’t be I’m thinking up a bunch of dumb and bad scenarios about the class. Maybe I should listen that song again?

With half of the bus lines on strike. It was eerie waiting for the bus. Luckily my line wasn’t I checked this morning by accident. I was actually looking up bus times. And that came up first. Good thing I don’t ride the some other bus line anymore. That is a frequently running popular line. I would not have gotten anywhere if I still rode that line. And so close to school starting. Pity. The driver of the line I ride told the other guy waiting at the bus stop it wasn’t coming.

The strange thing was that the bus strike got very little local news coverage.

I tried the new Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cups and they taste very remotely like the ones from the 90s. I didn’t like them much with the cookie mixed in with the peanut butter. It was too crunchy.

34000_48506_000_Item_Front - Copy

Why can’t they try and make them the old way? With the chocolate cookie wafer at bottom of the cup? They are just not the same as the old ones. 😦