Usually these types of stories happened a long time ago like in the 1950s. Some time after WWII but before the 1970s. The 1970s would have been the time my parents went to/would have went to college. So the people in these stories would be older than my parents.

Ok so the gist of theses stories is that a person doesn’t like school or wants to quit or something along those lines. The student really wants to do something else (non military related) like say be a race car driver. Something at the time didn’t require much education. (Now you need a Phd to flip burgers) So somebody in that person’s life like a parent, teacher or principal. Tells that person if they finish school that person will help them go into the thing they want to do.

I really wish somebody would do that for me. They would tell me “you hurry up and get your associates degree and then I will pay for you to go to a hobbyist education program.”

I guess I can merely dream about a scenario like that in this day and age.