Disclaimer: I have read very few Disney Duck comics unless they were in Disney Adventures or republished in the Ducktales comics I would sometimes read at the library. I’m more familiar with the 1980s series. This show was on tv every weekday for years. It’s not my favorite Disney Afternoon show that would be Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck.

People were getting all excited for all the references to the other Disney Afternoon locations. I just want to say that I hope they don’t introduce the Rescue Rangers into this series because they were rodents and other creatures who lived among humans. I guess Gummi Glen should not be considered too since they also lived among the humans.

Was I the only one who thought the bag of marbles was a reference to the episode “Pearl of Wisdom“? I first learned what a “masher” was in marbles terms from this episode. I know a lot of people like to hate on 80s Webby. They say she was a pest and had no personality. As a kid when I watched back then I related to that character. I was the tag-along girl who (occasionally) carried a doll around. I have to say she was pretty badass in that particular comic. I think it was in the December 1990 issue of Disney Adventures. In the comic the boys are putting together their own Gizmoduck suit which is made out of a suit of armor and a unicycle. They should adapt that comic into an episode of the new series. Her 1980’s design was based off Daisy’s nieces April, May and June. As a kid I thought she could hang out with juvenile Daisy from the Minnie ‘N’ Me franchise.

I thought the dinosaur skeletons the cave duck skeleton was a reference to the season 1 episode “Dinosaur Ducks” they meet some cave ducks in the episode. I know about Bubba and would like to forget him, but was there any correlation between him and those cave sucks from season 1? I don’t know as a kid that just bothered me.

The pirates could have been a reference to the season 1 episode “Bermuda Triangle Tangle“. I think there were other pirate themed episodes from the series, but they escape me.

The only reason I remember the episodes “Dinosaur Ducks” and “Bermuda Triangle Tangle” they were in my Ducktales Panini sticker book.

I hope they still have Mrs. Beakley sing opera she did in the old series. I’m wondering if Doofus will appear in the series? I would also like to see Mama Crackshell, Fenton’s mother. I would like to see a remake of the episode “Duck to the Future“.

Somebody else pointed out that Lupin’s car is seen while Launchpad is driving the limo. After it was pointed out to me. I noticed an animorphic Jigen dog character on top. He’s the only one from Lupin who wears a blue suit. Which I would assume is a reference to TMS animating the 1980s series.  I thought I saw a lady that looked like Binkie Muddlefoot (Honker’s mother from Darkwing Duck) in the background of one of the scenes.

I don’t like the color palette. It’s all dull and washed out. I know it’s supposed to look like an old comic book or something. The old series was so vibrant. Most cartoons from that time were vibrant even Beetlejuice was vibrant. I miss the characters’ blue eyes. In some of the older media Louie wore yellow, but in the 1980s series they wore red, green and blue just like in the new series.

Let me talk about the voices. Lauchpad is great. The voice sounds like the old one. Scrooge took a little getting used to. But by the end of the episode I didn’t mind the voice. The new Scrooge is no Alan Young, but Tennant is a good Scrooge too. The nephews I know they were going them distinct voices and personalities. They all sound like men. I know they are voiced by men, but I don’t know they could make them be more younger sounding? Webby was ok. She’ll take a little getting used to. Mrs. Beakley I think I didn’t hear enough of her talk to get a feel for her voice.

I guess I’m like the only person on the planet who didn’t think this episode was the best thing I’ve even seen made by Disney. I didn’t hate it either. I thought it was just ok.