While I’m racking my brain thinking of non perishable lunches to take to school. My mom thinks I’ve overrating. I feel stuck I just can’t think of ideas. I’ve been scouring pinterest and mommy blogs. I know that if I don’t think about it I’ll forget and end up with nothing.

I finished up Angel Beats! I’m trying to find a new anime series to watch. After I wrote that blog about Mon anime I realized I have not finished many of the series I have written about. It’s usually me missing an episode here or there. I still have not seen Yu-Gi-Oh! season zero. I need to see how long each series is. Although I’m leaning towards Fighting Foodons.

I looked over all the ice breakers I could think of from the last time I had his class. Nothing really stood out to me, but I’m hoping by doing this I’ll have some sort of cheat sheet. I would hope he would do something like this. I’d like to mention Angel Beats! or maybe Night Court.

Too bad I could not get in and swipe the class because of people not paying their fees. Oh well I guess I gotta go in and say I’m wait listed.