I found out I got kicked off the class wait list it was at capacity of 10 people. My other class is still on. Like I said major specific classes don’t fill up that fast. It was because I didn’t check my school email. I didn’t know that was what you did. I’ve never signed up for a wait listed class before. Oh well it was my fault.

I sort of figured the weather was going to be hot on the first day of school. It’s my luck. Especially for his class. The weather app on my phone says it’s going to be 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

I thought I should not pack a big lunch I might feel too sick to eat anything. But packing anything non perishable is going to be a big help. I will have lots of room in my backpack since he said no book is needed so far… Well there was nothing you could order from the book store.

I know what I need for this semester! Some new songs. I was thinking  some Salt-N-Pepa, Sheryl Crow, and Jewel. I found some of my old 90s cassettes. Maybe some other artists I don’t have on cassette like The B 52s, and They Might be Giants.

I found a nice Lisa Frank holographic folder with a picture of a puppy on it. Something nice and cheerful. I couldn’t decide between that folder and a folder with a picture of a real puppy on it. I’ve had it for a long time too. For a while when I wasn’t going to school I was stockpiling school supplies. I think I have a problem. :/ I realized I have a picture of this folder I took years ago on photobucket. But it is now re-hosted

Last time I used a Pink Hana folder. The folder is starting to crack so it got delegated to one of my kawaii stationary boxes.

Since I know it’s going to be hot on Monday I Googled “cute hairstyles for hot weather”. Google wrote back “No, no there isn’t”. WTF Google?! Try it for yourself. After I thought about it “I don’t need Google I can just consult an old magazine from the 90s.” And I did. You just got replaced by old technology! Or should I say an outdated form of media?