The weather was a real big slap in the face to me. It was so hot I wore odangos. I was going to style my hair in the morning, but I figured since I wasn’t leaving until after 1:30PM I could wait until later in the day.

I brought 3 water bottles in an insulated lunch bag and that didn’t fit in my backpack. This backpack is so small. I also packed some jerky sticks, knockoff Handi Snacks breadsticks and cheese from Aldi, Pop Tarts, and a half of peanut butter sandwich.

On the ride over I listened to some English Beat. That is very meaningful. Go read my old LJ blogs about this class. When I was waiting in line for the bus pass I was listening to “Tenderness.” There weren’t that many people there waiting for the bus pass. Perhaps I came at an off time? The good thing was I didn’t get in trouble for a fake bus pass or anything.

I saw 3 types of freshmen today there; the wide eyed bushy tailed ones, the terrified ones and the ones who act like they are still in high school.

I was upset because I noticed I stepped in gum. I hate stepping in gum all the time but especially on hot days.

At least they made signs and wrote on the pavement with chalk to tell people where the buildings are and which level they are on. Those buildings are seriously mislabeled. Of course I didn’t need this since I was in this classroom last semester.

Since I sort of know where things are at the school I know there is an air conditioned corridor on the floor below where my class was taking place. I had an hour to burn anyway. I wanted to get my blog started the only problem is that you can’t get reception on that floor. It’s very basement-like. So I blogged the old fashioned way on paper. While I was blogging it was so hot I decided to beat the heat by listening to “Bash” because nothing beats Rockapella Christmas music in the summer. Ok maybe listening to some Rockapella while eating Taco Bell. But I didn’t have any Taco Bell.

I decided to wash up before going to class. I mean I knew everybody was pretty disgusting and sweaty because of the weather. I felt like a performer or athlete when they get interviewed after doing their thing and they say they are all sweaty and smelly.

When I get to class I see it’s filled up and he is talking. I’m thinking “Oh crap! I’m late!” I look at the clock above his head it says like 3:38 or something it’s an analog clock. I got there late I seriously thought the class started at 3:40PM. He hands me a syllabus, tells me the class starts at 3:30 and tells me to take a seat. All I can manage to say is “It’s good to see you again.” and smile because I’m smooth like that, and I like referencing 90s rap songs. I take one of the few vacant seats left. I see somebody from my previous class.

He is his same jovial self. 😍😝😚😋😆💖

You know I got it bad when it warrants 6 emojis in a row in one blog post. That was the one thing I was afraid of was that he was going to change for the worse. You know and be mean or something. The bad part was that I was looking at him you know “funny”. I just kept smiling and giggling and framing my face with my hands.

He kept referring to the class as evening. He took roll and had us say why we were in there and an irrational fear we have. Which made me think about Oingo Boingo. I had a hankering to listen to “Private Life”. What did I say my irrational fear was? Well I fear a lot, but I said advanced mathematics. I felt like Doremi.


He told us a story about a cockroach at a yogurt shop ironically I know that chain since I applied to work there but in another location.

He told us the story about him burping while giving a speech which I mentioned in this blog entry.

During the break I wanted to talk to him even if it was brief. I did tell him that his class is the last communication class I need and that I got all my classes straightened out. You know he had an impact on me when I bothered to learn something from his first class. I would say that combined with me really thinking it would help me with my secret hobby was the perfect storm. It’s like that time I bothered learning all that geography as a kid. I did bring up the turf accounting building. I also told him the story about the job interview and the soda. He said this class is different from his last.

So we had to do the introductory speech thing. We did that last class. I did what I did last time on purpose and tried to be sneaky and be the last person. I found out somebody else in the class that I had the diction class with. He was in the group that we wrote the boy band skit for. Somebody else who I didn’t know said they had him before so that was 2 of us. So my fun fact was that this summer I finally finished watching the whole series of Night Court. I recommended the show to them. Now the whole class knows I like Night Court. Whateves I don’t care. I told the class I’m a better writer than performer. Which I know about myself and I’m comfortable with it.

During the second break I had to call and say when class ended. But he had a speech sign up list and I knew what he was doing when he was writing the numbers on the board. I got up there as fast as I could while still on the phone and wrote my name down for the last spot.

Being in one of his classes made me feel super genki me. Uasgi or Minako level. Or Sue Heck level genki. All I needed was the pink pea coat. I already have a brightly colored backpack. Now I feel like neutral. Not like super jazzed about school, but not hating it completely either.

My mind kept wandering as usual I was thinking about Seinfeld and Dot’s Poetry Corner from Animaniacs.

The good news is that he said we don’t need a book for this class.

My ice breakers cheat sheet I made in google docs wouldn’t load. 😦

I accidentally told my dad the wrong place to pick me up. I got in big trouble for that. Especially with all the messed up parking it’s like leaving a sporting event.

In other news my odangos held up pretty well for about 12 hours. 🙂

I found out the Kidsclick block might be adding Winx Club and you know how I love my magical girls. I’d love to see a magical girl block with Ladybug and Winx Club.