So I spent over 2 hours looking for that breakfast PSA on youtube still with no luck. 😦

I ended up going to bed late plus I was already tired from the night before and I had to get up early to meet with him at office hours. This is the 2nd day in a row where I burned some type of bread. Yesterday I burned a sandwich and today I burned a piece of toast. It tasted so bad and I could not get that burnt taste out of my mouth for hours.

On the bus ride over there I thought why not draw a crude story board of that PSA and post it online somewhere? Perhaps somebody else remembers it or knows where I can find it online. If it is online.


Since I had a lot of time before I had to meet with him I thought I’d go to the 7-11 by my school and try to get a Ghost White Gummi Slurpee. When I got to the 7-11 they had the sign on the machine, but none of the dispensers had the flavor inside them. And there were 6 different Slurpee flavor dispensers. Struck out on the gummi candy too. 😦

I got there on time, but he was late. When the staff sees a student in the department offices they chase them out as fast as they can. They don’t like you wandering around the offices. I’ve learned that the hard way twice! I figured that if I was going to wait I’d get some Sailor Moon Drops in even if I only had 2 hearts. I’m always trying to get some Sailor Moon Drops in.

I told him I made my own notebook out of an old planner and if that was ok. When we practiced the scene since his office is small and shared with somebody else we kept bumping into each other and into the furniture in the office. He tells me he can’t stay long he has a class to teach at 10:30. Then why does he list his office hours 9:45-10:45AM? This was all kinds of awkward. We were not really sure how to say goodbye to each other. When I was done he shook my hand. I think it was for both of us. :/

So I got in about 20 minutes of practice with him which added to the 28 minutes I had from before. That adds the total number of minutes practiced to a whopping 48 minutes! Only 3 hours and 12 minutes to go!

I haven’t had time to dub videos in over a week. I feel like that guy from the Twilight Zone who kept trying to read books. Except you can’t really sneak off to watch video tapes. There needs to be some kind of VCR there. When I got home I watched some Tom and Jerry while eating some BBQ.