I’ve been feeling bad since yesterday. I was coughing, had a fever and a sore throat. Which I usually wouldn’t mind but since I have a performance based class it is harder.

I have no idea what I’m doing. :/

I should have been studying my scrip, but I ended up working on a writing project of mine.

When I watched Ladybug this morning the episode was The Gamer.

There is some guy on the bus wearing a bandana over his mouth and one glove. I had all these strange and silly thoughts. What if the bus got hijacked or something? Would he believe a Toby’s like story like from Seinfeld? Nah he watches the show. I think saying about the Negaverse has been done before. Then I thought about the Barenaked Ladies. So I had to listen to the song “It’s all Been Done”.  Or maybe like Elaine’s plane. Still cant get out the urine stain. 😫😩 Out of my backpack. Out darn urine stain. From that Scottish play ok it wasn’t urine in the play. I got the stain from some pee splashing up on my backpack from a school toilet. Or maybe this guy is an eccentric hobo?

My back gets all sweaty from my backpack rubbing my back when I walk. So I wondered if I put Deodorant on my (sweaty) back if it would work. Did I invent a life hack? When I got there early to come see him a half hour before class. He asked what I was listening to it was Smashing Pumpkins “Cherub Rock”. He said they are the most famous band from Chicago. I said about when my dad said it was Chicago. I mentioned Veruca Salt. Then he mentioned Styx which made me think of this guy I was friend with in high school who used to get mad in the late 90s that he couldn’t find their merch. The the teacher started singing a Styx song. At least he didn’t sing “Volcano Girls”. I like him he’s eccentric in a fun way. 😍 I told him I signed us up last because he has to grade everybody else’s performances. He thought it was a good idea and I like performing last.

There is this guy in class with a “special talent”. He can make this noise, but it’s not really a talent it’s a timed phone app. It was funny at first, but to me it just gets annoying.


I was thinking about Volpina. Then I thought it was funny that I thought it was funny that I saw The Gamer episode this morning and my scene had to do with gaming.

Being that I know the teacher I know how he ticks (sort of) like I asked if he was going to sit in the back of the room and grade people. He used to do this in the speech class. Then we did vocal warm ups. Too bad he didn’t use the one about Indiana I like that one. We did recite something we learned from MacBeth aka the Scottish play. Which is funny since I was thinking about that play on the bus. I did notice that after taking his speech class and diction my pronunciation has not improved much if any. We did evaluations too. It was sort of like old times, and there is sort of something comforting in that.

Later I call home during a break in class I asked my mom if I remembered to turn off the oven. I was in a rush and I made soup before I went to school. Everybody laughed at me when they heard me say that over the phone, but I didn’t care. I told my mom what just happened in class and she said I sounded like an old lady. Well because compared to them I am. Well not the teacher. That’s the secret; being too old to care. That is your answer socialskills subreddit. Not Toastmasters. She wanted to know if the teacher and I performed first. I said I signed us up last.

Somebody else in class was excited for the new Young Sheldon show.

I was going to make a pageant crack joke, but I held back. I wasn’t sure if he remembered that.

I was very hungry, but I didn’t want to eat much I don’t like performing on a full stomach. Or eat something that would upset me like jerky.

When it was finally our turn he said he was going to have to grade himself. He also said to use disbelief because he was going to be playing a teenager at 50. XD

After it was all over we talked about our presentations. When it was our turn we were complaining about having to meet up with each other and practicing in his office. The scene had a lot of yelling and cursing in it. I guess he had to explain to other people in the department offices what he was doing.

We had 20 minutes left of class and if he felt mean he could have given us the quiz, but he didn’t. If he was my old deranged reporter teacher 20 minutes would have been too much time it would have been like 8. XD

Our next assignment is poetry. Which is solo all the next ones are solo. He said we can use song lyrics. Yes! I was thinking “Private Life” but I’m not sure. I already wrote about that. This will give me an excuse to watch my old Are-oh-vee videos and burned DVDs. I came prepared to class though I brought some poems I found online on some random websites. I showed them to him after class, but he said they were kind of long. Before he gave all the requirements for the assignment I was not really looking for a specific poet more like poetry topics.

I saw both those new shows Young Sheldon and Me Myself and I. Young Sheldon is pretty good, but Me Myself and I jumps too much in the time line. It’s weird and confusing and I don’t know if I’ll stick with this one.