They had a whole bunch of those little binders (5.5 x 8.5 inches) at the walmart on sale. Like a whole shelf of them. I was explaining to my mom about them and how we used them for class. I told her about the people complaining they could not find the small ones and asking if it was ok to use a normal sized binder. And how I tired to make one out of my planner. I’ve been trying to turn it into a bullet journal, but I need more refill pages. So I can make one of those monthly logs. A real fancy one too with like Sailor Moon sitting on a giant ice cream cone.

20170929_180735 - Copy

I got the Lisa Frank book I wanted. Ok not .75¢ but a dollar is not bad. Reduced from $3.50.

I burned bread again that is the 3rd time in 2 weeks. What is wrong with me? Maybe I should stop trying to grill sandwiches and make toast.

There is this employment agency that is perusing me. They keep calling me and sending me emails. I had applied to one of their “fake” ads. Me? With my lack of work experience? I know I’m desperate for money right now, but I need to use some common sense. Plus they have horrible reviews on the internet. Plus I can’t and don’t want to quit class this time.

I was thinking about signing up for Nano this year just to see if I can fill it up with 1700 words of crap a day. I’m a infuriatingly slow writer. I have my methods which to most seem out there in a writers prescriptive. I’m trying to figure out how to increase the quantity of what I write rather than the quality. I think I’m getting hung up on quality a little, but not so much it paralyzes me to write.