An Inconvenient/Convenient Text — September 12, 2017

An Inconvenient/Convenient Text

So today I got a text from my scene partner telling me he dropped the class. I actually missed the text message in real time cause I was napping. XoX

This is one of the reasons why I hate group/partner work. Looking back on that English class at CSUF the same thing happened to me.

We were supposed to meet up at school tomorrow to practice. Which was sort of good news cause I didn’t want to do that anyway. It’s just an extra trip back out to the school.

But now I’m stuck without a scene partner. I emailed the teacher to ask him what I should do. He replied and told me just to practice by myself. And if needed he will play the part. His email reply was very silly. ;P

Me practicing by myself at home is actually more convenient for me. So now I need to spend the rest of the week practicing by myself.

Personally I found my partner and I didn’t mesh. There was “something” that I could sense even before I got the text.

All the Youngins — September 11, 2017

All the Youngins

Kidsclick is running new cartoons this week. I saw a new Ladybug and Super 4 this morning.

I found my Colgate Wisps which is great because they will come in handy when I take that chicken salad to school. I brought a frozen string cheese to school because I saw it in a lunchbox hack video. I ended up forgetting a lot of the food I was supposed to bring to school including jerky and a sandwich, but not a jerky sandwich those are very hard to eat.

The temperature was nice and cool 10 degrees cooler than 2 weeks ago. From 110 to 101 Fahrenheit. I can’t wait for summer to end here. Doesn’t matter its still too hot and I’m still gross looking from the heat. The parking lot looked a little thinned out. Possibly better for my dad picking me up. IDK? *shrugs*

I don’t know how early the teacher opens the doors before class starts because when I took my last class with him he taught a class immediately before it so once those people left you could come in. When I came in he had soft music playing. It’s a very chill environment.

Quite a few people dropped so there were better seats to sit in. I came in there listening to music and playing Sailor Moon Drops on mute. I go into class and I usually don’t socialize.

We had to introduce ourselves to each other by saying what we like to and then acting it out. I did something similar in the speech class. The good thing was that I didn’t know anybody in the speech class. Well that was my first semester back to the school in a long time. I wasn’t too far in the line. Last time I lucked out and stood by the teacher by accident that time. People kept forgetting my name. I can’t believe that guy from my diction class didn’t remember me! 😖 He was one of the 2 people I thought I knew in there. The teacher wanted us to mingle too so we could learn other people’s names.

The strange thing was quite a few people came late to class who were not me. Like 15-20 minutes late.

I’m pretty sure I failed the first quiz of the class. I mean I did the assignment. Perhaps I should have read the article and watched the video closer to the day of class. I should not have been goofing around watching American Gladiators right before going to school. I should have re-watched the video. I was not going to watch it on the bus ride over there and eat up my data usage.

After I really thought about it and watched some more footage in class. I think this class is something in between giving speeches and acting. If that makes sense. Maybe this class is more for people in or who want to join the Forensics Club. That is not me, and it probably will never be me. I’m not that kind of person. The type to join the NFL. Not that NFL the National Forensics League. Why do they also have to go by the NFL? That is really confusing. I’d like to work for the NFL (football) even if all it meant was I was a hot dog vendor or sold official merchandise at the games.

I found out that chilled Shark Bites snacks are really good.

The teacher was wearing loafers with no socks it seemed very Miami Vice to me. You know how I feel about loafers with no socks. See this old blog.

So we had to do scenes with a partner. The teacher was nice in giving this guy another chance because he did not show up to the first class 2 weeks ago. This guy was my partner. When I got my scene partner he asked where I went to high school. I said the name of my school and he says he’s never heard of it and asks where it is. I say were it is. Then he brags about how he got out of high school “early” because he repeated an elementary grade, so he had to go to adult school and finish up his diploma. Why would you brag about that? Him not knowing where I went to high school reminded me of this girl I took English with at CSUF. With her it was understandable she was from Anaheim or Orange or somewhere around there. I’m not that familiar with Orange County high schools.

When I wanted to eat it I whacked the cheese on the desk to see if it was still hard. (this sentence sounds unintentionally perverted)

So my scene partner was all pumped and wanted to go up first. I was hoping the teacher would have a sign up order sheet, but he didn’t. Personally I really don’t care which order I go up anyway. So my scene partner gets in an argument with another group. He says he wants to go first and offers to Rock, paper, scissors for it. Rock, paper, scissors? What are you 6? But they don’t want to, and he was really mad Whateves I still don’t care. I’m not going to knock it. They do come in handy. Just not for performing order.

I was inadvertently being rude while eating Pop Tarts during other people’s performances, but I was really hungry.

After all the performances my scene partner tells the teacher that he can’t come to class 2 weeks from now because he has something scheduled that he scheduled before the class started and he can’t not go to that thing.

More UTB Screencaps — September 10, 2017

More UTB Screencaps

This is a sequel to this blog entry. Here are some more Detective Conan screen caps from 2011 on UTB. I made sure to get rid of any repeats like I Can Do Yoga. Which was pretty much shown during every commercial break during the morning airings of Detective Conan.

These were probably from late November early December 2011.

2017-09-07 (1)

2017-09-07 (3)

2017-09-07 (4)

2017-09-07 (8)

2017-09-07 (11)

2017-09-07 (14)

2017-09-07 (15)

2017-09-07 (16)

2017-09-07 (18)

2017-09-07 (19)

2017-09-07 (21)

2017-09-07 (22)

2017-09-07 (23)

2017-09-07 (24)

2017-09-07 (25)

I didn’t notice that the episodes have the e/i watermark on them. Was Detective Conan considered educational? The first 2 are from “No Immunity for the Diplomat”/ “Diplomat Murder Case” episodes.

2017-09-08 (23)diplomat 1

2017-09-08 (24)diplomat 2

This one is from “The First Errand Murder Case/Shopping Can Be Murder”

1shopping murder

and “An Illustrator Murder Case/Illustrated Murder”


Inept Pizza Orderer — September 9, 2017

Inept Pizza Orderer

I been feeling down lately. I haven’t been blogging much. And I’ve been working on a writing project.

I found something to eat at school that is non perishable Brunswick chicken salad in a can. I bought one to try first.

210262 - Copy

It’s ok and it’ll do. But it gives me horrible breath. I better get some breath mints something really strong. I’m still trying to come up with ideas that are not peanut butter sandwiches or Pop Tarts.

I got holographic washi tape for a dollar! I know I should not be spending extra on stuff, but $1? I’ll figure out something to do with it. The Lisa Frank notebook I want is only discounted from $2.75 down to $1.50. I’m waiting for deeper discounts. Like a .75¢ notebook. Which would be taking the sale price it is now and cutting that in half.

I got a shirt at the Walmart and when it got washed the screen print on the shirt got all bunched up. 😦 Now I have to return it. It reminds me of the time I got a Rocky and Bullwinkle shirt at the JC Penny’s in 1996 and it shrunk it the wash. 😦 I was so disappointed because it was exactly like the one the model had in a magazine. And I was trying to copy her look to be cool.

My dad was mad because I had a hard time ordering a pizza online at Pizza Hut. I ordered something and when I wanted to add another thing to my order it erased the first thing I ordered. Then he had to go there and order the other thing in person. Ugh! @.@

But he was happy when he found out KTLA is showing The Silver and Black Show again. For those of you who don’t know it’s a show made by the Raiders and they talk about the team and stuff. When I was going through some of the old tapes I found a tape that had a bunch of episodes from I think the 2008 season? The tape had 6 episodes or 3 hours worth.

Different? Different How? — September 8, 2017

Different? Different How?

So I had been thinking about how when he old me the class is different what did that mean. Besides being confused by the video he had us watch. I finally read the reading it was an article on being an effective actor. Acting? What!? Noooooo! (the whole homework assignment still confuses me) Usually I would run and hide and drop the class and not care. It’s killing me because I know I need it and I’m so close to graduating, but then part of me is like “you really don’t like school and want to leave anyway”. Well there is the word “performance” in the course title. That should have tipped me off. Which sucks because this is part of the curriculum you need to take some kind of communication performance based class. Seriously it was either this or debate. Neither of which is I feel is one of my strong points. There are a few Forensics Team people in there current and former. I have no idea what that team really does. I think they give speeches? Or performances? Or something in between. I think they do something between speeches, toastmasters and theater. All I know is those people in the class are really loud, but not actor loud.

If I pass with a “C” it’s all good.

The funny thing was right before I started typing out this blog my mom reminded me about what a bad actor I am. XoX @.@

The House of Imite — September 4, 2017

The House of Imite

So I did part of my homework over the weekend which was to watch a video. And I watched it. I was very confused by the assignment. It was of this lady doing impersonations. Like are we suppose to imitate people from our life or just make up characters? Then I started to think about Pokemon, and Duplica. My mind wanders too much. @o@



The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret — September 2, 2017

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

After reading this article I thought I should not have told people about my secret hobby including the established hobbyists.

I already have, so the damage is done in that department. I think I told less than 10 people I know personally. So according to that article I’m one of them… sort of. :/

Since I’m a enneagram type 4 (not that I’m blaming my type on this that would be crazy) I see myself as defective and not established. Which I am in a way.

Remember I don’t have the supplies, and I don’t have the education. There is a lot going against me.

I just keep feeling I’m not learning anything relevant to what I want to do. This is one of the reasons I don’t like college anymore.

Labor Day Weekend Blog —

Labor Day Weekend Blog

I’ve been progressing in archiving my old Are-oh-vee tapes. I’m almost finished. It makes me nostalgic and sad to watch them.

Why can’t they (KROQ) just put up on their website like a day or 2 before the long weekend what kind of special programming they are going to have. (a 90s weekend) There was nothing on their facebook or twitter a few days before either. The post about the special programming is dated September 1st 8AM.

I watched one of those reformatted half hour Kawaii International episodes, and boy did it suck! It was really horrible. I’m not sure what direction they are going with the show now, but it is not one I will be following. They seem more interested in getting hashtagged on social media and their kawaii reporters.

I just want to say something about Batttle of the Network Stars the new series. I know they are pushing Rousey. It’s always the same thing every episode; Rousey: (to celebrity X) “You were such an inspiration to me as a child. Yada yada yada.” It’s making me dislike her even more. She is not the Wobbie. Why don’t they ever show DeMarcus saying things like that? Just her only her always her. It’s so annoying.