Lost and Scared — October 31, 2017

Lost and Scared

I rode the bus to a job interview. I saw a cute Ninja Turtle on the bus. I got off at the wrong stop got lost. I somehow I ended up at the mall. I totally forgot they were holding a Halloween event. there I was in the mall with a bunch of confused children under 5 trick or treating in the mall.

Since I was near the Daiso store I got a melon soda. Those are really hard to find. That is one of the few things I’m willing to pay more for. The stationary section there was all cleaned out. They still had those black cat notebooks that they were selling there back in April. My dad bought me one for Easter. Maybe people are getting their stationary needs met at other stores in the mall. There are quite a few stationary stores at that mall. Quite a few workers at the Macys were dressed up. I think somebody was dressed as a character from Love Live!

I ended up riding the bus home with Beetlejuice.

Here’s a cool commercial block I found on youtube. (not mine) A nice nostalgic block from July 1985. I would have been like 18 months when this aired.

I spilled most of my soda. I was so upset those are really expensive. The strange thing was last time I spilled one of those expensive Japanese sodas the Dodgers won a World series game.

I’m ready to tackle on nano. But after I thought about it I already write almost daily all year. It’s a lot like exercise. Ok maybe I if I don’t exercise in real life. If writing was exercise I would be a person who exercises for fun and has some tolerance to exercising. Maybe not a marathon, but I could run a reasonable distance. Since I already write almost everyday.

Lopsided Odangos — October 30, 2017

Lopsided Odangos

I stayed up late watching the World Series on Sunday. I was so tired all day.

Since November is nearing soon bad writing advice is being slung around like monkey poo. It usually is all year but especially in October and November. You know with nano. (that sounds like a slogan or something) The advice to unabashedly write garbage/a turd is fine to a degree. It is more about turning off your inner perfectionist, so you can write. But sometimes a turd is a turd and there is really nothing else you can do with it. No polishing and editing in the world can fix that thing.

Sometimes people who are good at something are really horrible teachers. I think I would be a bad writing instructor. I bet I’d just tell people write what you feel, write when you feel like it (if feasible), write if you like writing, and use your words diligently. I have a hard time explaining how I write.

I was trying to style my hair and I ended up with lopsided orangos. Which I thought would make a good blog title.

On the ride to school I saw they were selling “World Series t-shirts” on a street corner out of a tent. Dodger ones.

I was cold today and the first time all semester I wore a sweatshirt to school. It’s been what like 2 months?

I’m still having trouble wiring my World fan fic. I thought I’d try and get some writing in for it before class. While I was writing by myself before class. I usually have at least a half hour to burn and get some writing done. My teacher peeks his head in the door and I say “Hi!”.

I noticed that every week there is still less and less people. I think the last day to drop is I think in the first week of November.

He made us watch some weird videos. A few people were complaining about it a few weeks ago. Almost everybody was complaining about it. Those videos really weirded me out and I really didn’t understand them.

The teacher noticed my Halloween outfit. ^-^ I was telling him about my metal flake barrettes for some reason. And that I got my Halloween scrunchies at Walmart half price after Halloween last year.

He is having us perform this weird stuff in front of other people? And they are going to watch it? That is the biggest/worse part.

They are interested in getting people for their debate and literature performance teams. I’m not interested in joining. It’s good to be on my way out.

Then he made us watch an example video of some students performing a different piece as an example. That video was over 20 minutes long. It was boring and sort of reminded of that Japanese show Reaper. The piece was about death. How many people were actually paying attention? I was watching it with  this face. -__-

The things he is having us perform are pretty stupid. I’d love to leave class for the rest of the semester and never come back. How am I going to rehearse this at home? Without getting strange reactions from my parents?

He wanted people to be directors for the different scenes. I did not volunteer. It made me think about Buster from Arthur and thinking it said “Dr. Ector”.

I got a bunch of complements on my Halloween themed hair and outfit.

The worse thing is that I agreed to practice on the taco give away day. >.< I’m so mad at myself for this.

The Horror — October 29, 2017

The Horror

I’ve been so distracted I haven’t done any Halloween things. I didn’t even make those pumpkin quesdillas I like making so much.

Years later I still find myself singing this song.

I think I figured out a solution to my problem. If I do get a job I’ll leave class early. I’m not sure how my grade will suffer, but does it really matter?

Plus I really don’t want to perform that avant gaurd show he picked for the class to perform anyway. From what I’ve seen it creeped me out and I’m not alone it creeped out some other people too. I just didn’t want to say anything.

I really wanted to wear a homemade Ladybug costume to school, but the teacher kept moving the dates of the performances around. I didn’t want to give a performance in a Ladybug costume. Well it would not have been much. I was just going to wear a spotted mask and shirt and wear my hair in low pigtails. I was not going to wear the whole suit. You don’t want to see me in a tight Ladybug suit. That would have ended up on one of those costume fails websites.

Forgetful Despration — October 27, 2017

Forgetful Despration

I missed a phone interview this morning. I forgot about time zones! I feel so stupid!

I still haven’t geared up for Nano. But like I said before I’ll try it for a few days and if it doesn’t work with my “slow” writing style. I know all the “tips and tricks” like to use overly descriptive language “An olfactory essence wafted through the room. Invoking feelings of his juvenile first love.” and to give my characters overly long titles like “The Baroness of Van Nuys.”

Is it bad for me to say this whole thing just seems like a lot of hype. When I see people writing about getting geared up for the one next month I see the word “hype” or some form of it thrown around a lot. I guess that is good for you if you feed off that kind of stuff.

Email Conformation Trick — October 26, 2017

Email Conformation Trick

So I applied for that staffing agency online like they told me to after calling them. But I didn’t get a confirmation email. Usually when you apply with those companies you get some kind of auto generated confirmation email. Something like “Thank you for applying with XYZ staffing”. I mean they used to make us print these out for job club. They were the bane of my existence for a while. Because job club is about proof, making up numbers, driving people crazy and repeatedly calling about application statuses.

I call the place back and ask about a confirmation email. I get told I applied on the wrong site. The web address they gave was fake they are just messing with me. Oh well I wonder how well they get people?

Then when I looked at an email they sent me a month ago the address was very strange for somebody representing a staffing agency.

The Taco Window — October 24, 2017

The Taco Window

Good news Taco Bell is not giving away free tacos if a base is stolen on a Monday. They will either be given out on November 1st or the 7th depending on which game the base is stolen.

It was just too hot to do anything. I didn’t get any sleep and was running on about 4 hours of it. I never did get to that employment agency. 😦

No bases stolen today. The game was nice and short. But the Dodgers won game 1.

Game On! — October 23, 2017

Game On!

Why does it seem like Mondays are the hottest day of the week and like really hot? Nothing under 90 degrees. I noticed my hair is too long and my hair bun is too floppy.

I watched Winx club it was a new to Kids Click episode. I forgot the Arthur Halloween special was on at the same time. I caught the second half of that Arthur Halloween special. It was ok from what I saw of it.

I finally tried that white gummi bear slurpee. It was ok. It was not very pineapple tasting. It had more of a piña colada taste to it. Record breaking October weather is the best time to buy one. The 7-11 was really crowded with people buying any flavor of slurpees.

When I was drinking it and standing near the teacher he said he could smell it. I was telling them about the flavor and how I’m a gummi connoisseur. Ok not really, but I am picky about my gummis. When I had his last class I used to eat a lot of gummi candy. It always seemed to be on sale at the Walmart or the Albertsons. I usually had a bag of happy cola gummis in my Hello Kitty backpack. He told me he likes Swedish Fish. A possible gift idea?

The teacher I remembered all this stuff because I’m his biggest fan. What?! That kind of was not a good thing to say in front of me and other students it makes me look bad. 😅😊 I think he doesn’t realize how unpopular he is.

Somebody kept talking about some album named “Clarity” since I’m old it made me think of that Jimmy Eat World one. Then I thought this person is really young and that album came out when I was in high school in 1999. Later I looked it up and I think he was talking about is this Zedd album. I know I’m an old lady and have no idea who that is.

I gave my speech about “World”. A large portion of it was about Lynne/Chief. Only one other person knew about the show and he is 26. He said he liked to watch Ghostwriter. I told that guy I used to make my own homemade Ghostwriter pens. The teacher overheard this and laughed. I pretty sure he has no idea what Ghostwriter is. I was surprised other people in the class liked it who didn’t know about the show. I told them my secret. I used note cards and memorized it from those. I felt like I had showmanship because my story was good and I went last. I could have been like George Costanza. The teacher said I should entering a contest at the school. But I declined because those are held at night and I’m not sure. But mostly because of scheduling.

The teacher said it was my best performance he’s seen so far in the 2 semesters I’ve had him. ^-^ And to date my highest performance grade too. I botched the end. A 48 out of 50 is not bad.

We were talking about game shows again. I was telling him about that Game Changers documentary I saw, and how it helped me write my speech. He said he doesn’t like Family Feud. I was telling him that when we played in speech class I was confused because I wasn’t sure which version it was. Each version is a little different and a little confusing. He got mad because I said Pyramid and Password are very similar. I told him I watch the 70s version of Match Game on Buzzr because it is on all the time, and that I used to watch the 1998 version when I was in high school. He’s never heard of Buzzr. He told me I should go on Jeopardy. He doesn’t know about the Jeopardy entrance test rivalry between me and my dad. (to date neither of us have been contacted by the show)

It’s true I only watched 4 types of programs as a little kid; game shows, cartoons, live actions kids’ shows like Zoobilee Zoo or Sesame Street, and comedies like Alf and Punky Brewster.

I watched that Arthur Halloween special again at night. I think the whole special was so-so.

A Ducktales Halloween — October 22, 2017

A Ducktales Halloween

Why not make a throwback/nostalgia costume and be somebody from Ducktales. I’m talking about the old version of the show from 1987.


This is the upgraded Daisy duck hat they sell/sold at Disneyland. It’s fancier, but it doesn’t squeak.


This is the squeaker hat I have. Mine has a red bow instead, but I don’t mind. I used to like to wear it for hat dress up days in high school. It was sillier than a plain hat, but not too silly like those hats shaped like birthday cakes.


If you tried hard enough it could pass off either Daisy Duck hat for a Webby hat.

I have a funny Ducktales story; in kindergarten we were making duck visors out of paper. We were coloring them in class and I drew a bow on the top of the head of the duck. The other girls asked why I was drawing one. I said I wanted to make mine look like Webby. They thought the idea was dumb at first. They ended up copying my idea. They were outdoing each other trying to make theirs fancier by adding more bows and flowers and other stuff. As a kid I used to like to draw crude Ducktales fan art.

Here is a treat screen caps from an old Ralph’s/ The Giant commercial. This is very regional. Back when KTTV used to show the cartoon. I was really happy because my parents used to shop at Ralph’s. I remember getting these stickers. They also had plastic shopping bags with the nephews printed on them. Now that would be a collectors item. There are also a few Disney nods in the commercial.

2017-10-21 (3)

2017-10-21 (4)

2017-10-21 (5)

2017-10-21 (7)

2017-10-21 (8)

2017-10-21 (9)

2017-10-21 (10)

2017-10-21 (12)

2017-10-21 (14)

And this decoration that I wrote about before. Note that Louie is wearing yellow and not green like he did on the show.


Working Titles — October 20, 2017

Working Titles

So I finally finished up my World fic. It took me a few days to edit it. I forgot I made a fanfiction.net account years ago under the username pikagwen. I never posted anything in all those years. But I will be posting my “World” fics there and on tumblr too. So they are not stolen. Which is an ironic thing to think about. Plus I had some other fic ideas from other franchises I was kicking around in my head.

I never did make it to the employment agency. I woke up feeling horrible. Plus it might be a better idea to show up on a Tuesday if I had shown up today they might have given me a bunch of Monday jobs.

Buzzr finally showed that Game Changers documentary. It was great and helped me with my story for class. Too bad they hadn’t aired it earlier like when they had been teasing it since about December 2015 or January 2016.

A Superstitious Punishment — October 19, 2017

A Superstitious Punishment

I was thinking about superstitions today after watching some Macbeth video online and thinking about how unlucky it is to mention the name of that play.

My school has go to stop sending warning drill emails, texts and all that stuff. They really need to stop sending these when it is not an emergency. I’ll keep ignoring the messages. Then when there is a real emergency people will end up ignoring them.

Seriously if you are going to react to me saying something like that FUCK OFF!

So the dodgers made it to the World Series since 1988. Which is a long time ago. Back when I was 4. I expected there to be more fireworks being set off by the locals in celebration. :/