So I finally finished up my World fic. It took me a few days to edit it. I forgot I made a account years ago under the username pikagwen. I never posted anything in all those years. But I will be posting my “World” fics there and on tumblr too. So they are not stolen. Which is an ironic thing to think about. Plus I had some other fic ideas from other franchises I was kicking around in my head.

I never did make it to the employment agency. I woke up feeling horrible. Plus it might be a better idea to show up on a Tuesday if I had shown up today they might have given me a bunch of Monday jobs.

Buzzr finally showed that Game Changers documentary. It was great and helped me with my story for class. Too bad they hadn’t aired it earlier like when they had been teasing it since about December 2015 or January 2016.