Why does it seem like Mondays are the hottest day of the week and like really hot? Nothing under 90 degrees. I noticed my hair is too long and my hair bun is too floppy.

I watched Winx club it was a new to Kids Click episode. I forgot the Arthur Halloween special was on at the same time. I caught the second half of that Arthur Halloween special. It was ok from what I saw of it.

I finally tried that white gummi bear slurpee. It was ok. It was not very pineapple tasting. It had more of a piña colada taste to it. Record breaking October weather is the best time to buy one. The 7-11 was really crowded with people buying any flavor of slurpees.

When I was drinking it and standing near the teacher he said he could smell it. I was telling them about the flavor and how I’m a gummi connoisseur. Ok not really, but I am picky about my gummis. When I had his last class I used to eat a lot of gummi candy. It always seemed to be on sale at the Walmart or the Albertsons. I usually had a bag of happy cola gummis in my Hello Kitty backpack. He told me he likes Swedish Fish. A possible gift idea?

The teacher I remembered all this stuff because I’m his biggest fan. What?! That kind of was not a good thing to say in front of me and other students it makes me look bad. 😅😊 I think he doesn’t realize how unpopular he is.

Somebody kept talking about some album named “Clarity” since I’m old it made me think of that Jimmy Eat World one. Then I thought this person is really young and that album came out when I was in high school in 1999. Later I looked it up and I think he was talking about is this Zedd album. I know I’m an old lady and have no idea who that is.

I gave my speech about “World”. A large portion of it was about Lynne/Chief. Only one other person knew about the show and he is 26. He said he liked to watch Ghostwriter. I told that guy I used to make my own homemade Ghostwriter pens. The teacher overheard this and laughed. I pretty sure he has no idea what Ghostwriter is. I was surprised other people in the class liked it who didn’t know about the show. I told them my secret. I used note cards and memorized it from those. I felt like I had showmanship because my story was good and I went last. I could have been like George Costanza. The teacher said I should entering a contest at the school. But I declined because those are held at night and I’m not sure. But mostly because of scheduling.

The teacher said it was my best performance he’s seen so far in the 2 semesters I’ve had him. ^-^ And to date my highest performance grade too. I botched the end. A 48 out of 50 is not bad.

We were talking about game shows again. I was telling him about that Game Changers documentary I saw, and how it helped me write my speech. He said he doesn’t like Family Feud. I was telling him that when we played in speech class I was confused because I wasn’t sure which version it was. Each version is a little different and a little confusing. He got mad because I said Pyramid and Password are very similar. I told him I watch the 70s version of Match Game on Buzzr because it is on all the time, and that I used to watch the 1998 version when I was in high school. He’s never heard of Buzzr. He told me I should go on Jeopardy. He doesn’t know about the Jeopardy entrance test rivalry between me and my dad. (to date neither of us have been contacted by the show)

It’s true I only watched 4 types of programs as a little kid; game shows, cartoons, live actions kids’ shows like Zoobilee Zoo or Sesame Street, and comedies like Alf and Punky Brewster.

I watched that Arthur Halloween special again at night. I think the whole special was so-so.