I’ve been so distracted I haven’t done any Halloween things. I didn’t even make those pumpkin quesdillas I like making so much.

Years later I still find myself singing this song.

I think I figured out a solution to my problem. If I do get a job I’ll leave class early. I’m not sure how my grade will suffer, but does it really matter?

Plus I really don’t want to perform that avant gaurd show he picked for the class to perform anyway. From what I’ve seen it creeped me out and I’m not alone it creeped out some other people too. I just didn’t want to say anything.

I really wanted to wear a homemade Ladybug costume to school, but the teacher kept moving the dates of the performances around. I didn’t want to give a performance in a Ladybug costume. Well it would not have been much. I was just going to wear a spotted mask and shirt and wear my hair in low pigtails. I was not going to wear the whole suit. You don’t want to see me in a tight Ladybug suit. That would have ended up on one of those costume fails websites.