I stayed up late watching the World Series on Sunday. I was so tired all day.

Since November is nearing soon bad writing advice is being slung around like monkey poo. It usually is all year but especially in October and November. You know with nano. (that sounds like a slogan or something) The advice to unabashedly write garbage/a turd is fine to a degree. It is more about turning off your inner perfectionist, so you can write. But sometimes a turd is a turd and there is really nothing else you can do with it. No polishing and editing in the world can fix that thing.

Sometimes people who are good at something are really horrible teachers. I think I would be a bad writing instructor. I bet I’d just tell people write what you feel, write when you feel like it (if feasible), write if you like writing, and use your words diligently. I have a hard time explaining how I write.

I was trying to style my hair and I ended up with lopsided orangos. Which I thought would make a good blog title.

On the ride to school I saw they were selling “World Series t-shirts” on a street corner out of a tent. Dodger ones.

I was cold today and the first time all semester I wore a sweatshirt to school. It’s been what like 2 months?

I’m still having trouble wiring my World fan fic. I thought I’d try and get some writing in for it before class. While I was writing by myself before class. I usually have at least a half hour to burn and get some writing done. My teacher peeks his head in the door and I say “Hi!”.

I noticed that every week there is still less and less people. I think the last day to drop is I think in the first week of November.

He made us watch some weird videos. A few people were complaining about it a few weeks ago. Almost everybody was complaining about it. Those videos really weirded me out and I really didn’t understand them.

The teacher noticed my Halloween outfit. ^-^ I was telling him about my metal flake barrettes for some reason. And that I got my Halloween scrunchies at Walmart half price after Halloween last year.

He is having us perform this weird stuff in front of other people? And they are going to watch it? That is the biggest/worse part.

They are interested in getting people for their debate and literature performance teams. I’m not interested in joining. It’s good to be on my way out.

Then he made us watch an example video of some students performing a different piece as an example. That video was over 20 minutes long. It was boring and sort of reminded of that Japanese show Reaper. The piece was about death. How many people were actually paying attention? I was watching it with  this face. -__-

The things he is having us perform are pretty stupid. I’d love to leave class for the rest of the semester and never come back. How am I going to rehearse this at home? Without getting strange reactions from my parents?

He wanted people to be directors for the different scenes. I did not volunteer. It made me think about Buster from Arthur and thinking it said “Dr. Ector”.

I got a bunch of complements on my Halloween themed hair and outfit.

The worse thing is that I agreed to practice on the taco give away day. >.< I’m so mad at myself for this.