I rode the bus to a job interview. I saw a cute Ninja Turtle on the bus. I got off at the wrong stop got lost. I somehow I ended up at the mall. I totally forgot they were holding a Halloween event. there I was in the mall with a bunch of confused children under 5 trick or treating in the mall.

Since I was near the Daiso store I got a melon soda. Those are really hard to find. That is one of the few things I’m willing to pay more for. The stationary section there was all cleaned out. They still had those black cat notebooks that they were selling there back in April. My dad bought me one for Easter. Maybe people are getting their stationary needs met at other stores in the mall. There are quite a few stationary stores at that mall. Quite a few workers at the Macys were dressed up. I think somebody was dressed as a character from Love Live!

I ended up riding the bus home with Beetlejuice.

Here’s a cool commercial block I found on youtube. (not mine) A nice nostalgic block from July 1985. I would have been like 18 months when this aired.

I spilled most of my soda. I was so upset those are really expensive. The strange thing was last time I spilled one of those expensive Japanese sodas the Dodgers won a World series game.

I’m ready to tackle on nano. But after I thought about it I already write almost daily all year. It’s a lot like exercise. Ok maybe I if I don’t exercise in real life. If writing was exercise I would be a person who exercises for fun and has some tolerance to exercising. Maybe not a marathon, but I could run a reasonable distance. Since I already write almost everyday.