Mid October Blog (I can’t think of a good title) — October 18, 2017

Mid October Blog (I can’t think of a good title)

Here is something strange places I was thinking of moving to had big crises recently. I was thinking of moving to a Houston then they had a hurricane. Then I was thinking about Vegas and they had that shooting. Maybe I should stop thinking about new places to move too. With my luck I’ll be suck rotting away in California.

I decided to throw common sense out the door. I decided to contact that employment agency again. I need money so badly. I need to let that employment agency to know they have a “warm body” on hand. What I really want is a little work experience so I can get a better job like at a store or something instead of being “on call” for random places. The last time I worked was 5 years ago. That is so sad.

I thought of something funny to write as a facebook status if I ever finish college something like “I graduated college now stop bothering me about it!”. That’s more for my relatives who always bug about me not finishing college.

Don’t you hate when you go to a website and then you meet somebody and they are cool at first, but then they become annoying. I mean like needy annoying. So you stop going because they make the website less fun. I realize I’m avoiding this person on that website, but the bright side is I’m wasting less time on it. Which in turn helped me work more on my fan fic. So… thank you?

That Familiar Feeling — October 16, 2017

That Familiar Feeling

I was thinking about the World series and if I’m going to be stuck in class. Or worse I miss out on a free taco or something because it happens during the 3 hour window that I have class during. People say about making things illegal like donuts and stuff. But 3 hour classes should be made illegal. I don’t care who the instructor is. Three hour classes really suck.

It’s mid October and like a million degrees outside. Shouldn’t it be a little colder? This is why I believe in global warming.

Winx Club was a rerun from last week. It’s not like it’s that important anyway since I’ve already seen seasons 1-6.

The bus was late. I mean super late. I was almost ready to go home, but if I did my mom told me I was going to have to clean. So I decided class is not as bad as cleaning. I think I rode the next bus. I’m not sure because it was so late. The bus tracker part is no good. Their app is crap. (hey that rhymes) It’s very hard to access their website on a phone. It freezes up and stuff and it’s not my phone.

My hairstyle and shirt was a little much (for me). I had my hair in odangos because it was hot. I had the gold hair clips and a Sailor Moon shirt. Somebody in the class complemented me on my shirt, but I wasn’t paying attention. Oops! XoX

He was playing some Glee songs before class, but it was nothing I recognized. I would peg him as a Gleek. Mr. Shue? Sue? I wonder if he knows I’m a Rachel? He does know I can be pretty driven sometimes. Even though it has died off over the years. This class seems a lot looser than the speech one maybe because this is a more advanced class and that was a general education one.

When we were going to take our quiz a lot of people (not me) watched the wrong video. I don’t know why they didn’t figure it out. He would make you watch a video as a preview example of what we were going to do in class. Like before we did poetry we watched videos of people performing poetry. I’ve had math classes that were taught like this. You get a little preview on what the next chapter of the math book is about like the quadratic equation or something. I can’t believe I was the one actually on track this time.

When we took the quiz I was the first person to finish. I thought I got all the answers right. You know that saying about the first person to finish a test either got an “A” or an “F”. I don’t know anymore but they would always tell us that in junior high and high school. But nowhere else not even the internet besides me referring to this theory a few times.

I’m tired but I drank 2 caffeinated sodas.

When I was supposed to be taking notes in class I ended up secretly working on my Carmen fan fic. It’s coming together so nicely. I was in the zone before going to school. I had to stop because I needed to eat lunch before I left.

He said to tell a story you have to bleed which I can do on paper. I just don’t do it orally as much.

He brought back something familiar from speech class the “on deck chair”. Which I think we used for speech number 3 or 4. A lot of the things he used before I remember, but forget the name of.

When he split us up into 2 groups for the speeches a lot of people in my group were more interested in talking to each other. Not me. I immediately got to work.

I got a random topic I liked, and I didn’t want to trade with a classmate. But I did some extra work and came with some ideas/topics/pre-prepared stories. After taking that memoir class I usually come with something “on hand”. So I decided to tell the story of my first pet goldfish. I won at a school carnival in the 8th grade. The teacher told us not to use our best story. I still had no idea what I was going to use, but I knew I was not going to use that one.

He had us do the “on deck” chair and do our intros. A lot of people in the class seem to be intimidated by him. They don’t even like to stand next to him. I don’t mind. I guess it’s because I know him and had him before.

I got put in a group with all guys. Somebody told a story about people pranking people by putting their backpacks inside out and zip tied it closed. i don’t know they didn’t do it in my day. The girls were more vindictive and would take other girl’s things in the locker room shower and get their things wet. It made me think of that Seinfeld quote about eating disorders.

When I told the goldfish story they thought it was so funny. After I thought about it that happened 20 years ago.

The teacher said that I could give a speech about how much I like World. He said it was a good topic because not a lot of people in the class know what that show is. I was like “Okay!” 😀 I was telling him about the show and that Lynne Thigpenn was in it. I was surprised he didn’t know who Lynne Thigpenn is cause he knows a lot about theater and stuff. Not to stereotype him. I thought she was pretty famous.

At least I don’t have to tell the story of when I ran a pet sitting business. I took care of a cranky dog that I didn’t know was pregnant. Who ate the exact middle of a hamburger. Then she had puppies at my house and I got to keep one. But then I thought the story was boring so I made it a country song about an elephant birthing cafs on planet Schmellafint.

Some of the other people who know him as a coach were making fun of him because he had notes on teaching the class. He said he’s never taught this class before. I think it’s a good fit for him with his acting background. I think that class used to be taught by a lady. He said he can teach his speech class without notes since he’s been teaching it for years. I don’t really care much as long as I pass. To me it’s like I said before It’s like I’m seeing a more advanced version of his speech class.

When “Ladykillers” by Lush came on in the car I was trying to explain shoegaze music to my dad.

I Should Have Looked at the Date — October 13, 2017
1997 TV Shows — October 12, 2017

1997 TV Shows

So I have been meaning to write more blogs dedicated to the year 1997. I had posted 2 already back in April. This entry is dedicated to tv shows that debut in 1997.

King of the Hill

Just Shoot Me

Antiques Roadshow

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Nightmare Ned




South Park


Pepper Ann


Weird Al show

youtu.be-5yrD-KW-O-s alsmboy look2

The Crayon Box

mqdefault - Copy

Union Square

You Wish

Wimzie’s House


Sam and Max Freelance Police

2017-10-12 (2)

Student Bodies


The People’s Court (current incarnation)

Some More UTB Screencaps — October 10, 2017

Some More UTB Screencaps

This is the 3rd installment of UTB screen caps. My previous blogs are here and here. These are probably from mid-December 2011. Taken from airings of Detective Conan from the episodes “A Ghost Ship Murder parts 1 and 2”, “Big Monster Gomera Murder Case”, and “The Third fingerprint Murder Case”. They were recorded in successive weeks of each other so there were a lot of commercial repeats. So there are not a lot of screen caps compared to the last batch. Most of the commercials were for special New Years programming.

2017-09-09 (4)

2017-09-08 (3)

2017-09-08 (31)

2017-09-09 (1)

2017-09-09 (7)


2017-09-09 (5)

2017-09-09 (6)

2017-09-08 (2)

2017-09-08 (5)

2017-09-08 (6)

2017-09-08 (7)

2017-09-08 (7p)

2017-09-09 (2)

2017-09-08 (8)

2017-09-08 (8p)

2017-09-08 (9)

2017-09-08 (10)

2017-09-08 (11)

2017-09-08 (12)

2017-09-08 (13)

2017-09-08 (14)

2017-09-08 (16)

2017-09-08 (17)

2017-09-08 (18)

2017-09-08 (19)

2017-09-08 (20)

Private Beat — October 9, 2017

Private Beat

My suspicion was correct from the commercial preview on Kidsclick. That didn’t sound like the Stella 4kids voice. I know because when I used to play with my Stella doll I would try and impersonate her 4Kids voice. Much to my mom’s annoyance. When I play with my Tecna doll I always give her a British accent.

It is the Cinélume dub like I suspected. I never noticed Bloom’s dad has Arthur’s dad’s voice.


It feels weird watching it on a weekday. I just wanted to see how different this dub is from the 4Kids version. I did watch the season 4 Cinélume dub. It’s a little different from the Nick version. Now I got a hankering to read the comic book/magazine I have of the first story. I never did finish season 7. I think it is a great idea to pair the show up with Ladybug. I remember 4Kids used to pair Winx Club up with Magical Doremi.



The picture looked better in my head as a concept. My Tecna and Stella dolls wearing a Tyco the Little Mermaid doll outfit and a Robecca Steam Monster High dress from the deluxe fashion pack.


In this one you can see the KTLA station ID.

I almost forgot why I had wasted all morning last week it was because there was nothing on tv because of the shooting coverage.

I had a silly thought I thought that my teacher last semester reminded me of a small yappy dog for some reason. Thinking about that just made me chuckle. That is mean but it’s true. 😝

I wore teal in honor of Bloom. Yeah, Winx Club. How was I late again this week? I brought a peanut butter and Easy Cheese sandwich. That should hold up. I should test it in a traditional sandwich. So I didn’t practice much and when I could have in the morning I wrote a paragraph about the Winx Club for my blog 😵 Practicing is hard I need a class practice space I can make one for writing. But writing is easier for me.

The song I chose to add to my presentation was “Private Life” by Onigo Boingo I felt it fit in with the social anxiety theme. And there was not much memorization since I already know and like the song. I felt I could break up “Private Life” a little differently. I just can’t break it up the same way Danny does in the song.

On the bus ride I was trying to think of a good title. “Am I Blue?” Should that be a title? They used that in Ghostwriter the one with the stolen space ship. Or “I’m Blue” like that song. I was listening to “Private Life” on repeat. Before class I had a print out of the lyrics and listened to the song while I broke up the lyrics in a different way. I was only going to read an excerpt from it. If I read the whole song and the other poem would have been too long.

When I got in the room I knew something was up with the lights dimmed and all the chairs gathered in a semi-circle. I mean an I wouldn’t put it past him. He’s goofy like that. And there is jazz playing. All I need is my sunglasses, a beret, a turtleneck, and possibly a goatee. He wrote something silly on the board like “groovy poets.” XD

So while everybody was practicing I was chillin’ playing some Sailor Moon Drops while listening to “Private Life” on repeat. I don’t know why but the Halloween Usagi song reminds me of the J.G. Wentworth jingle. And why are people calling odangos and meatball hairstyles “space buns”? Where the hell did that come from? I was doing everything, but practicing.

People in the class were complaining about his grading style. I don’t know I guess since I had him before I know what he likes and wants.

I was just curious if we were going to do warmups. I just sort of figured he would and I was thinking about them when I was brushing my teeth.

People were talking about their age and transferring to universities in class. I really don’t want to start applying until I know I’ve conquered math.  Only the teacher knows I’m an old lady, but I am perpetually youthful in my head.

I thought if I acted some things out I saw in the music video would anybody notice that I ripped it off from the video? I didn’t want him to think I was pandering to him by using an Oingo Boingo song. Ok maybe just a little. He seemed to like it. Even if the delivery was average. And I speed talked through it. But that’s some kind of performance problem I have.

He asked if we had a story about our lives we wanted to share with other people. Yeah I do! By writing and not performing. That is not my bag. That is our next assignment orally telling a story about your life. But he gave us some prompts to give us ideas. I just wanted to know if it was going to have a theme the last time he used a Hunger Games theme. But he said no theme.

I asked the teacher if he was familiar with the song. He said no, but he likes the song “Dead Man’s Party”. “Private Life” is so awesome even if I only discovered it a few months ago. I told him how I found it during one of my youtube rabbit hole trips. Then I mentioned “Weird Science”.  I mentioned that the video for “Stay” has ghosts in it. Then we were talking about their Halloween shows. He said it was KROQ history. (That’s a good fact to point out to any amateur local area historians.) I asked if he had ever heard of the show Are-oh-vee, but he said he didn’t know what that was. I did explain about the glam rock thing I was trying to do last week. He said that was very specific.

My dad asked what song I recited. I said “Private Life”. The only Oingo Boingo song he could think of was “Dead Man’s Party”. (Which was the same one the teacher named) Why would my dad know “Private Life”? He hates new wave music.

I was too nervous to eat during class, but that sandwich held up after being in my backpack for 6-7 hours. Seems like a winner for a non perishable sandwich.

Padded Poetry — October 7, 2017

Padded Poetry

So I realized I don’t have enough poem to read to meet the time criteria. So I decided to add another one.

With the 5 minutes I practiced earlier in the week and the 30-40 minutes I put in while gymnastics was on and I was not playing Sailor Moon Drops.

I forgot to mention here were the rejected songs; “Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo” by Harvey Danger, “Lucky Denver Mint” by Jimmy Eat World, “Too nice to Talk To” by the (English) Beat, “Follow Me to Heaven” by Rockapella, and “Good Intentions” by Toad the Wet Sprocket.

I’m sad that Ralphie Mae died. He was one of my favorite stand up comedians.

I tried to make a bullet journal monthly layout. Nothing too fancy, but I’m not posting it on here. I’ll try a modified bullet journal and see if it works for me and if not I’ll try something else.

Cheap Shirts and Writing — October 5, 2017

Cheap Shirts and Writing

So I signed up for nano. I still don’t get how it works. I’m not sure if I can go through with it. I read a bunch of blogs and websites including the official one on how this contest actually works is lost on me. Maybe I’ll do it for a couple of days to see how I like it or even understated it. If I don’t I’ll stop. This is something I don’t need to win.

I went to walmart to buy some clothes I got a great deal on plain shirts for $2 can’t beat that!

Tired? — October 4, 2017


How does my phone eat up data when I’m not using it? I think it’s making unauthorized downloads when I’m not looking or something.

I’ve been feeling pretty sick. I just need some sleep. I’ve been feeling congested all day. I need a nice, clear, loud voice for my poetry presentation on Monday. I’ll be graded on volume. @.@ I practiced my poem for about 10 minutes tops. And I realized I have a problem. I have 2 minutes of material and it needs to be 4. This is a timed assignment. Now I have to see if I can add something or try to read more slowly. I think I might try the first one.

The only thing that made me feel good besides soup and broth was alcohol. It really cleared me up. Come Monday I can’t go to class drunk. Well I guess I could but it’s inappropriate and frowned upon and against school rules. It’s a dry campus.

October Miscellaneous Blog — October 3, 2017

October Miscellaneous Blog

When I looked up the program the teacher said we are going to perform on youtube. It was terrible I could barley stand watching about 7 minutes before it weirded me out an annoyed me all at the same time. As I watched I thought “I’m going to have to perform this?” :/ “And people are going to watch it?!”

It’s Gwen Stefani’s birthday today. They did a story about her life on the Decades channel. It was latent with bad song puns.

When I went to the Walmart I wanted to see how much those little binders cost. The new ones cost $4. I’ll check my apartment to see if there was anything else I could use. I know I have something somewhere…

I should be practicing for class but I’m not. All I manged to get in was about 5 minutes of practice by practicing the poem like 2 times.  I think it is too short for the time limit.