Post Nano Fallout Blog — November 30, 2017

Post Nano Fallout Blog

This is supposed to be the blog entry about what I took away from participating in that thing.

So I guess I can just chalk this up as bad idea and something I will probably never do again. And I’m ok with that.

It’s not as bad as my secret hobby because my mom is on my case but she knows me irl. She is not some jerk on the internet I don’t know getting on my case about not being dedicated enough or something.

On Thanksgiving I imagined a bunch of people in the US who participated in nano writing at Thanksgiving gatherings in their computers or notebooks or whatever. Unless you are trying to cook dinner. Well I guess you could do both or try to.

I feel like I joined an eating contest and I had eaten a snack before entering and I ate some food but now I can’t eat anymore.

I worked so hard in building my writing self confidence over the past 4 years when I got it back again, so I didn’t want to destroy it for nothing. I mean I don’t feel like a complete failure or something.
Or maybe like that story The Bird the Mouse and the Sausage. If you are not familiar with that story there are a bird, a mouse, and a sausage who live together. They all have their specialized jobs they are good at. The sausage does the cooking, the mouse gathers water, and the bird collects firewood.


Another bird tells the bird to change jobs. So the mouse takes over cooking, the sausage goes out for wood, and the bird fetches the water. They change jobs and then they all die. What they had going for them before was working for them. Changing my writing method doesn’t work for me. Ok so maybe I won’t die, but using this writing method has made me more neurotic than usual and I’m pretty neurotic anyway.

So the consensus on the internet is that quantity is always better than quality. That is all that is ever said in regards to writing. But is it really? And please don’t tell me that story about the pottery. I’ve heard it so many times. Apparently this story comes from some book called Art & Fear I’ve never read this book before and I’m not sure how many people who are giving that advice actually read that book. I still don’t understand if one person who writes extremely slowly writes 200 quality and somebody who writes quickly writes 1000 words and 800 of them are garbage then they also wrote 200 words too.

I know, I know I’ve heard it all: “well you wrote x amount of words than before.” Ok, sure…
If you quietly sign up for it and don’t write a single word fine, but this is more about the people who sign up for it and make a big ruckus all over the internet and then when you look up their profile have not written a single word. There was this one lady I knew who did this but she was one of those braggy types. People like to use this event as bragging rights.

I have a hard time vomiting words. I can vomit food just fine. I hate the act of doing it. That usually ugly pink color of it. It looks like the color of those old sticky pink berry flavored Powerbars. Which looked disgusting but tasted great.


I guess one of the reasons people take on the challenge of nano is because they would have never written that novel. Of course I was not in that demographic. That they knew they could write something. Or the act of writing everyday. Building good writing habits and all that jazz. I already write everyday.

Since a bunch of things I wrote on paper counted towards my word count. I’m going to end up doing a lot of typing in December. And on top of that I have to sift through all the crap I purposely wrote to find all the usable stuff. In the litter box of writing.

So here are my badges; the purple ones you give to yourself using the honor system.

Screenshot-2017-11-30 National Novel Writing Month(1)

By around somewhere between day 18 and 21 I hit the wall. I tried really hard to get myself writing. I tried prompts and a bunch of other things. But I didn’t reach over 32644 words.

I think I met or exceeded the word threshold of 1667 only 5 days out of the 30. My goal was to meet 30K because I knew I could not write 50K in one month. I know I can write 50K just not in one month.
Maybe I’m not as prolific as I thought I was or I just got burned out too fast.

My worst day was the 22nd with a total of 205 words. I was so embarrassed. 😰 The reason was that this was the day before Thanksgiving. My best day was the 13th with 2399 words.

Screenshot-2017-11-28 National Novel Writing Month

Screenshot-2017-12-1 National Novel Writing Month(1)

Screenshot-2017-12-1 National Novel Writing Month

I find word counting annoying and tedious. Pro tip if you do find yourself writing on paper a lot and you like to count words for either nano or because you like it. Breakdown your counts into manageable chunks. I like to use 100 words it’s a trick I saw in an old math show. It was that old show called It Figures.  Episode 21. Another problem I had was that it was trying to pad my work and not care about the quality of it. I know you are not supposed to read over it, but sometimes I had to. Especially when I’d lose my place writing, and when I was writing on paper. I would read it back to myself and think “This is awful! I can write better than this!”. It’s like when you are a kid and an adult bothers you like a parent or a teacher, and you rush something like homework or chores or something. And they tell you “(your name) you can do better than that. I expect more of you.” Then you get really embarrassed or upset or something. None of this exists in the world of nano. Spew it out harder and faster than the other guy.

I write a lot more like that lady in that article. I write pretty clean stuff that doesn’t need much “cleaning up”. More about rewriting than grammar. Writing mechanics can always be improved. Or at least I think so. I take that approach with my journaling because I like to write more about the events in a day than those vague prompts like “pizza” or “if I was a dog”. It write hard and fast trying to remember what happened that day. Other than that I don’t.

People seemed to have a competition with each other about who could write the most garbage sentence. Don’t have enough words to meet your quota? Don’t worry just write 5 paragraphs of purple prose about your character that will add more words! Like I said before a lot of the tips were just horrible. A way I got myself writing was by using quotes and those fill in the blanks from those student planners. Including a quote from Pat Riley the basketball coach. I wrote a whole paragraph about him and what he looks like and how dresses. Which will probably not come in handy unless I’m writing about retro basketball or Showtime Lakers or something.

I don’t think winning or losing this thing made me a real writer. I’m a hobbyist writer for now and a lot of people see that as being fake. I know what I need to do! Self publish! I just need to pick out an unedited manuscript to put up on amazon with a book cover that was made in paint with stick people drawings (and not used in an ironic stylistic suck way) Paying to be printed. Yay! I’m a legit writer now!

I’m also not big on all the cheerleading and the motivational speeches. If it works for you great, but I feel I usually don’t need to be motivated to write.

I really just wanted to drink the kool-aid and like or pretend I did. People get so angry when people dismiss nano. Like speaking against it is a sin. You are not allowed to speak ill of nano ever! Even if you don’t like or agree with the methods it uses. It builds real writers. #writers #iamwriting #writersoftheinternet #writerswhoblog #realwriters #onlywriteonemonthoftheyear #writer #author #writerslife #authorslife

Here is my 2017 nanowirmon.

I really thought the website was going to go down like people said, but it didn’t for me.

Now I can look at my script for class.

Everything is so Complicated! — November 28, 2017

Everything is so Complicated!

Like I assumed a whole bunch of my files are missing. 😦 they did restore to a point. Which from what I can see is sometime in November 2016.

I realized that I don’t even want to practice my lines aloud. I feel the government will be after me or something.

I was thinking of doing something funny with my hair, but there are a lot of parts where I have to lay on the floor so I don’t want a “lumpy” head.

I stupidly told my mom I was looking for a gift for my teacher. Now she is meddling about it. The problem is I can’t think of anything even with all these dumb Christmas gifts laying around in the store. Last time I just got him some mints and decorated the box with pictures of anime characters on it. Simple.

I saw this book. Doesn’t it look like a brown bootleg Hello Kitty?

20171128_100347 - Copy

I’m sick of celebrities telling me what to do and think. But they are more powerful and famous than me, so they have the right to I’m just some poor scum anyway. But I’m a know nothing twit anyway with no platform. So I deserve not to think for myself ever! Long Live Celebrities!

High School Fads — November 27, 2017

High School Fads

I was up all morning playing games on neopets because I knew I would not have time later and that I would have fight with my dad to use the computer. But I played enough games to win the prize.

I had to go to the doctor this morning. I got lost on the way over there it used to be a book store, and it is hard to spot from the street. I went to the wrong building the place next door is a methadone clinic. Or maybe I can learn acting there instead? The nurse was trying to cover up her hand tattoo with some makeup. It looked like she just used regular ol’ foundation. The tattoo was clearly visible through it. There is makeup on the market that provides more coverage. When the doctor saw me she didn’t do much which was good. Not a lot of poking and stuff. I don’t want to go to that new doctor anymore it’s only open 2 days a week.

Another problem with this stupid show or play or whatever it is. Because I’m not at a desk I’m moving around practicing this thing. There is no place or time for me to write. 🙁

My mom and I were talking about school fads. When I was in school (high school and junior high) there were a lot. Besides tissue paper eating; stuffed animals, hug hello (this could be because of the culture of the school population), using the word “chowder” as a greeting, wearing large stickers on your face, and turning figures into beads, number shirts with the number of the year on it, and


these style bags (The kids at my school couldn’t afford the Sanrio ones so they had generic ones with a teddy bear screen printed on them instead. Did these bags have a special name?) were the ones that came to mind.  All she could recall was streakers. She did go to school in the 1970s. Back when I was in high school in the 90s the kids used to ask the older teachers about the streaking craze in the 1970s

I couldn’t decide on which pants to wear the black bell bottoms with no pockets or the grey-ish slacks. So I wore the slacks on the bus because they have pockets. With the white shirt and the pants with a crease in them I thought I looked sort of gangster-ish.

I forgot to mention in my last blog about class that the dance moves at first I thought were taken from a Kylie Minogue “Can’t Get You Out of my Head”.

But then I realized why the dance moves were so familiar to me. I had seen them before in a Chemical Brothers video. Back in 1999 I used to know a lot of the dance moves from this video.

Maybe they are from both videos it’s not like they are obscure music videos.

The song “Private Helicopter” by Harvey Danger reminds me of the French speaking scene in the play. Especially these lyrics “We’re not alone but no one speaks English, so we’re free,
To look into each other’s minds,
And see what we’re thinking like we always used to.”

When I was walking to the theater “Private Life” by Oingo Biongo came on. (could you tell I was listening to the songs in alphabetical order?) I realized that I was wearing an outfit very similar to the one Danny wears in the video. Then I thought that is a very typical So-Cal outfit. Especially from the 1970s and 1980s and even the 1990s.

When I got to the building I changed pants. They looked too grey. Luckily the black bell bottoms were clean. 🙂 No spilled soda. That was because I drank my soda at home before class. So there I was in my white t shirt and my black polyester bell bottom pants I got at some disposable fashion store at the mall years ago for a cousin’s wedding. Those pants have to be 12 years old? Or somewhere around there. They hardly get worn so they lasted long. When I got a good look at my outfit. It reminded me of something I had seen in my junior high yearbook. All I needed was daisy clips,



some strange pigtail braids, badly applied eyeliner, and some white platform canvas sneakers.


I would look like I stepped out of sometime circa 1998. While I reminisced and listened to “Red Sweater” by the Aquabats before class (it’s a 1997 song, but I listened to it a lot in ‘98 too.)

At the end of rehearsal x3 the teacher tells us the white shirt with the black pants in too bland. Then he said to wear jeans and a shirt with a logo or a picture on it. What?! WHAT?! WTH!? THAT IS WHAT I USUALLY WHAT I WEAR TO YOUR CLASS EVERY SESSION! @o@ XoX -_- *anime fall*

I decided to wear my Sailor Moon shirt.

Next week we have to get there a half hour early for more rehearsal time. 🙁 He said I didn’t study my lines well. I didn’t at all. I spent the weekend watching American Gladiators and Christmas specials and working on racking up my word count. A lot of people were not practiced. When he brought it up to me personally; I imagined myself doing all those things I listed and more. All I really wanted to know was about the final. He said he won’t tell us until after we do the performance.

I met my self imposed goal of 30,000 words for nano! Yay! The rest is gravy. 🙂😉😀

The Paranoid Old Man — November 26, 2017

The Paranoid Old Man

My dad refuses to go to the Best Buy location that fixed the computer because he got “scammed” again. They’re like all Best Buys right? Then we have to drive far away to go to another one because he thinks the local location “scammed” him. He’s mad that it took 8 days to get the computer fixed and I’ll admit that was a long time. In my opinion I think it has a lot to do with the Windows 10 operating system. It seems really buggy or something. At least he didn’t say the “v” word; “viruses”.  After we get it back and the computer is a little “funky” my dad will always accuse them of “pranking” us or putting viruses on them.

The worst part is he’s done this before. He got super paranoid and thought the store was scamming him and refused to leave. (He was not forcibly removed or anything) But I think we spent about 5 plus hours waiting around in the store because of this and I had to tag along because he is a computer illiterate idiot. (that rhymes not purposely though) Well at least this time he didn’t make me waste my afternoon or morning waiting around at a store because he felt he was being “scammed”. He kept suggesting it this time, but I refused to do it. But that was like 7 years ago. That time we didn’t get “scammed” either. We had an old computer that was on its last legs and was 8 years old.

Miscellaneous November Blog — November 25, 2017

Miscellaneous November Blog

There is over 8 days worth of material in this blog!

So Meez is back online. Not sure for how long though. It looks the same with no “updates”. Still deader than ever. It looks like the admins have not logged back in since early August.

On last Saturday I got a call from Dominoes for an interview and they assumed I knew which location turns out there are 2 in that city. It seems like it’s not meant for me to have a job or something. >o< These kinds of things are so frustrating. It happens to me all the time! I either don’t get told the time or the location. I agreed to go to the interview on Tuesday instead of Monday. Why do I feel committed to that shitty play?

Over the next few days I antagonized trying to figure out the location of that Dominoes. I used my phone I checked the caller ID on the landline that they called me on.

Besides my dad getting lost on the way to interview. It went pretty well. I’m worried that I might not get it. 😕 the one real problem was the dirty table. It seemed like somebody lightly dusted it with basil, Parmesan cheese, and red pepper flakes. Why do places that interview on location don’t bother cleaning the tables? It reflects poorly on their location and the chain as a whole. I was told I’d hear before Friday and get a call either way. (They never called back) Why don’t they just say “there is no way in hell we are going to call you back at all.” I would a more comforted by that statement.

I tried a baked potato with onion dip and it was really good. I think it could use some crumbled bacon.

I noticed those old game shows from 1988 look horrible on that HD tv. And they were taken from a VHS tape dubbed to a DVD.

I found some more unfinished DVDs I can dub more Christmas cartoons on them. 🙂

I had a dream about my teacher and a white mouse. I think it also had something to do with ears.

A lot of people accuse Night Court of being a depressing and dreary show, but it makes me feel somewhat optimistic. Maybe they didn’t watch it close enough or something.

I had to go to the Walmart on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That place was a mad house. It reminded me of that King of Queens episode “Supermarket Story“. Which is one of the few episodes I’ve seen of that series. I think I’ve seen less than 5 episodes of that show. I was not there for my main Thanksgiving foods. I was there to get a shirt for class and some TV dinners.

Plain White T’s (not an entry about the band) — November 24, 2017

Plain White T’s (not an entry about the band)

Since I was not online to write a blog about school on the 20th of November here goes.

I realized to meet anything close to the 50k target I’d have to write 5000 words a day or something.

My teacher from last semester really looks like that guy from Soul Coughing. Lol! 😝

Since Chuck E. Cheese seems to be the only non stereotypical digital sub channel commercial besides the ones for Zak Storm toys during the kidsclick block. After I thought about it Chuck E. Cheese did advertise during those Dic blocks and during Vortexx. But not during This Tv’s former kids block. That had the occasional as seen on tv kids toy like a Fuzzoodles and mostly things like Cancer Centers for America and things like as seen on tv products like those cameras. But they need more like some food commercials on kidsclick or something. The only food product I ever saw was for Kadunks. (which they don’t show anymore) What about Kellogg’s or something? Or Juicy Drop Pops. Too bad they don’t advertise Ladybug toys. Light tv during their children’s programming mostly shows “old people ads”. Medicare, elderly medical supplies like oxygen tanks. And some as seen on tv products. Things like exercise equipment, copper pans and air pumps. There is a new poorly animated pain relief hotline commercial with Kenny who sounds like he is 5 but looks like a teenager in the cartoon ad. (I can’t find it on youtube) 😦 Which I confidentially saw while watching the Madeline cartoon. Then I wondered if Chuck E. Cheese sponsors Wonderama? I know Skechers does.

Before going to school I wanted to eat a big lunch so I ate a left over deli beef dip sandwich I had from Saturday evening. I didn’t have any bullion on hand so I made some with a leftover beef flavored ramen packet. It made a pretty good au jus sauce.

I’m so frustrated with school and math is expensive. Why would I want to stay? I would have to pay at least $170 for a calculator and book.

I rode a later bus to school because now I’ve just stopped caring.

When I said I was late or just on time because I was using the bathroom. Then I joked to the teacher and said it was TMI. Did see someone from class on my way to the bathroom. We did not say in the classroom for long. I didn’t even sit down in that room. At least the teacher confessed he was making it up as we went along. This is brings back shades of the rock show. They were making it up as they went along, but didn’t want to admit to it. The only thing that makes this one better is less people in it and not stuck in an unmanageable chorus full of future gangsters. And he is much nicer than a lot of teachers from that program. Let’s see there were about 180 students used to put on a History of Rock show. We’ll keep the math simple and say 30 students per class. Times 6 classes is 180 students. This is 1995 so California schools were still over crowded.  The problem with that show was that they were trying to find roles or places for approximately 180 students. There were about 30 actors, 60 dancers and everybody else was in “the chorus”. Which was about 90 students.

I noticed that when I wear this Sailor Moon shirt I get a lot more complements than I do in this other one. I got one on the bus and a few in class. I think because that one is more colorful.

Rehearsal was hard today. I sound like that guy from the Cleveland show.

I got some lines. I’m talking about a flying on an airplane. I’m mostly an extra. Which means I have to study the lines over the holiday weekend.

Sandwich I had for lunch didn’t sit well during rehearsals. I kept feeling like I wanted to burp. Burp the ramen au jus sauce I made. Ramen au jus that sounds so strange. Lol! 😆 the bread on it this time wasn’t as good because they used a sesame roll. Last time it was not on a sesame roll. The bread there is hit or miss.

My dad kept asking what my teacher looked liked. I took some sneaky pics of the teacher. It was hard because he kept moving around. I took some good ones of him testing a mic. I called home during a break to check on the status on the computer. But my parents said nobody called. I showed that guy who asked about ska pics of my Save Ferris and Aquabats tapes.

For the costumes they wanted (not the teacher he put 2 other people in charge of that) a white t-shirt and black pants. I brought back memories of junior high and high school where it was considered “fancy” to wear this combo, but the shirt had to be a collared shirt. Because collared shirts are so much fancier. Well at least according to the people at my high school and junior high at the time. I remember they used to make the junior high band wear that combo because they did not have band uniforms. I was just pissed that I don’t have a plain white shirt on hand and that was going to have to buy one before all the stores got cleaned out on Black Friday. I guess I can wear those pants I spilled soda on. *shrugs* It was funny when somebody said he wanted a wolf costume. I thought he could order one online after class and have it rush delivered.

My dad had me call for the computer in the school parking lot but they just put me on hold for a long time.

Later I showed it to my dad. He kept asking if the teacher was fat for some reason.

Obligaroty Thanksgiving Post 2017 — November 23, 2017

Obligaroty Thanksgiving Post 2017

I watched a lot of tv! The parade with Gwen Stefani in it briefly. This is not her first time. About 10 years ago she had her Harajuku Lovers characters on a float to promote her perfume. And she is getting her own Christmas special on NBC on Dec. 12th. The dog show was good as usual. A dog from the toy group won. But I was not familiar with the breed. Charge was running a Gladiators marathon. The UK and American versions. I watched that pretty much all day after the parade and dog show.

To alleviate my problem of eating uncooked stuffing I got come croutons to munch on. It helped a little. I found croutons go well with onion dip.

Nano Woes —

Nano Woes

I think I found another thing to get me writing. Its watching music videos on tv and just writing. I used to do this as a teenager and doing it now made me feel so nostalgic. But I wrote a lot too. Maybe I should this more often.

And again my mom was saying nano is eating up a lot of my time. But since the computer was broken I did get a lot of writing done. She just doesn’t understand I wanted to see out of curiosity, and, that I could do it and now for bragging rights.

I met my word quota today. I saw the green bar. 1746. It’s the 4th time I’ve done it. Met the threshold on the 17th too.

Day 18 I have a problem. I’m running out of things to write. Since my computer is broken like they will happen when you join this. I don’t really have my computerized files to reference. I’ve been picking up old dead fics I attempted to write years ago.

I think the reason people really like to brag about nano is because of grueling it is. They say things like; “I conquered nano I’m a fucking writing beast!” (not all people are like this though) I still really think this is more for people who like the idea of being a writer and pretty much only write one month out of the year. You know there are 11 other months you can write during. I still wish I could approach sports and exercise this same way.

Mom still thinks nano is driving me crazy. She is really mad about it and why did I choose this year? I just wanted to see.

On Saturday I watched college football today when I could have spent that time writing.

I know you are supposed to turn off your inner editor and all that jazz, but I’ve pretty much run out of ideas. I mean I could write purple prose or a paragraph about a character’s shirt or something. I’m debating what to do. Does this make me a pretentious writer? (writing purple prose is one of the “tips”)

To try and up my word count one day I wrote a long list for one of my stories.

I have a feeling I’m going to be writing myself in circles. Then I got a hankering for the Soul Coughing song “In Circles”? Is that the name or is it just “Circles”? (It was just called “Circles”)

I have a feeling I’m missing my word quotas by a lot plus the broken computer doesn’t help.

Procrastinated Sunday by watching pro football. I feel I’m like tapped out or something.

What is the real point of nano? To be in a competition to write the longest piece of garbage writing? People say it’s about building good habits like writing everyday. But i already do that. I did that before and that all the hype of the event gets you writing. But I’m usually writing anyway. I still honestly think this is a thing for people who don’t really write any other time of the year or like to think of themselves as writers in some capacity. And it caters to a very specific writing style. Which is not my style.

I’m pretty sure I’m not doing nano next year not because of mom being a total bitch about it, but because I feel I don’t need it. And why is dad just starting to notice me writing? I’ve been doing it for years before nano.

The Broken Computer Saga of 2017 —

The Broken Computer Saga of 2017

I missed 8 days on neopets. And when I come back. Seriously What the FUCK?! A plot and the Daily Dare and I missed another birthday gift bag?! Well at least it wasn’t the advent. That is the worst! If I had not got my computer back by December first I would have been really mad.

I realized I had so many different things to write about so I will break them up into separate blog.

I took my computer to get looked at on the 14th of November. It took a long time to get the computer looked at. Even though i have an appointment. It took more than 20 minutes. It was mostly old people who have no idea about computers. There is usually 2 people but there was only one.

On Thursday I went to pick up the computer. When the guy and I tested it the computer did the thing I turned it in for. It locked him out. So he had to get the other guy who works there and they had to take it back. But I did leave the store with something a $5 Pokemon DVD with the 3 movies I still haven’t seen. Pokemon 4ever, Pokemon Heroes, and Pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker.

20171116_230249 - Copy

I already seen the 1st movie, 2000, Pokemon 3, and Destiny Deoxys. The Destiny Deoxys one I found on a tape that I taped from the Kids’ WB premiere.

So that I watched the 4th movie. The Pokemon 4ever movie was ok. Was there supposed to be a pikachu short? Because there was none on this no frills DVD. The movie had a lot of conspicuous cgi. After I watched the movie I watched some Winx Club for some more 4kids dubbing goodness. Lol. 😋For some reason celebi reminded me of a chao from sonic x. I watched the movie with my stuffed pikachu.

The next day I watched the 5th movie. Annie and Oakley are Rouge the Bat and Icy’s voices. The first 2 seem to have a generic opening from Brock.

I know why I didn’t like the 4th movie it was too much like Princess Mononoke which I don’t like much. I like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Spirited Away, but not Princess Mononoke. The 5th movie was way better. It sort of reminded me of the 2nd movie. During the credits I heard all those old songs they used to play on Kids’ WB. It made me really nostalgic.

On Saturday my dad was acting strange because the computer is gone. Then I remembered that usually the computer breaks during football season which drives him nuts because he can’t play this local trivia contest. You have to watch all the shows and answer all the questions right or wrong. But he didn’t answer a question during one of the first shows because he was distracted watching a show about Garbage of all things. He doesn’t even like them unless my constant listening to them turned him into a fan or something.

Later in the day they called to pick it up. And we went there but it was still doing the same thing. They said it was a corrupt version of windows 10 that thing has giving me problems 2 months after I got it. Then it cost $60 for an external drive. And they have to do a system restore. I had to explain to my dad again that it erases everything. Again. I know we have done a few system restores. Well now he can’t play his game unless he uses my phone to text the answers. He was really impatient at the store.

I really liked Pokemon Heroes. Better than the 4th movie and the 6th. Jirachi Wish Maker was better than the 4th but not as good as the 5th. They seem to have a pattern 1st movie didn’t like 2nd movie loved 3rd movie was ok 4th movie didn’t like 5th movie loved 6th movie ok.

20171116_230345 - Copy

Besides watching Pokemon movies I watched old DVDs of Are-Oh-Vee. I would watch them at 1AM and pretend I was watching the show. My dad was mad because I was up so late.

On Sunday I had to play that trivia game for him on my phone.

On Monday I called home during a break from rehearsals to ask if anybody called about the computer. My dad expected I took the paperwork for it to school. Why? I don’t want to lose that. When he came to pick me up he had me call for the computer in the school parking lot but they just put me on hold for a long time.

I finally get the call to pick it up on Wednesday night. It was so crazy in the shopping center there is a bunch of things there like a Home Depot and a Sam’s Club. They said they saved the files. I still think a lot of the files are gone. I can’t find them. I think they did a restore to a point.

I hate having a broken computer more than a week. >o<

Electric Fish — November 13, 2017

Electric Fish

I can’t believe I miscounted my word count by 10 words. 😅 It counted negative words for me. It was strange and disheartening to look at.

After I thought about meez if it is gone for good it reminded me of the demise of yesterdayland. One day the website just up and closed down without any warning. But meez was on it’s last legs. it made me think of those lyrics from “All about the Pentiums” by Weird Al Yankovic.

“I should do the world a favor and cap you like Old Yeller
You’re just about as useless as jpegs to Hellen Keller”

But I got inspired to write a new story. Well it was really an old story I’ve been kicking around in my head for a while, but never got it down. This seems as good of a month as any.

Was I supposed to wear a costume today again? Not sure. 😕

I noticed the teacher and I are about the same height and neither of us wear thick shoes.

I was late again! How do I keep doing this? Good thing there was a blind person getting off the bus and they took a long time. This bus coming early is making me get to school too early. Perhaps I should take the next one? Because I was there and hour and 40 minutes early I got a lot of writing done though.

I was approached by some weird guy with a big red suitcase and some electronic thing it didn’t look like a phone or an mp3 player. Especially when the person addresses you in a strange way. Like they are following a script or something. I said I was just a person loitering. Lol 😝 And the guy believed me! I don’t trust random people who come up to you and ask if you are a student. Something doesn’t smell right. Especially since he had a huge piece of luggage.

Asked the teacher when is the final. Time wise. He said he wasn’t sure but 4:30. And that it is hard to find online. But it is less than class time for sure.

I was telling the teacher about how much my parents and I like fried fish and chips, and he told the class this funny story about eating duck tongues at a Chinese restaurant. Apparently he does too.

Somebody made a reference to Wolfman Jack. That is really old. Then I remembered that person is taking school radio classes.

This play seems horrible I wouldn’t want to watch it and I still don’t want other people to.

He had us do some dumb dance so I just copied something I saw in a Kylie Minogue video.

He gave us a small break I was hungry and really needed to use the bathroom. I ate first and then I used the toilet. I think I drink too much caffeine before I go to class I’m always using the toilet, and I’m old. Since the building we practice in is old there is a bathroom next door to the lecture hall/theater but there are only 2 stalls. I get to one of the stalls. I unzip my pants (don’t worry it’s not perverted) Then I see there is no toilet paper. I had this happen to me before recently. I was in a larger bathroom and had to wait until all the people left to go to another stall and get paper. There’s only 2 stalls and it’s crowded in this small bathroom. I would have looked for another, but I didn’t have time. So I wait for the other stall. The person in the other stall is taking a long time. It sounded like they were changing clothes or something. There was another person waiting, but she got impatient and left. So that person in the stall taking a long time finally finishes up. And I go and do my thing. But I’m late to class, so I tell the teacher “there weren’t enough squares to spare.” He watches Seinfeld and I hope he gets the reference. XD

So far I have no dialogue in the play. And I hope it stays that way. The teacher had some extra jobs for extra credit. I don’t want to be in this play. I wasn’t going to take on an additional job.

Last year I remember there was somebody on some message board bragging about joining nano, but when I looked up their profile they never input a single word. They didn’t join again this year.

I wrote so much today I broke the 1667 threshold. I’ve only broken it twice so far and that was during the first 2 days of it. I’m still about 5000 words “behind”.

Taking my computer in to get looked at tomorrow. Not sure how long I’ll be gone.