Since I had a lot of time to waste waiting for my group I ended up writing a lot today. Which is great I had been meaning to get a lot of writing done even before I joined nano.

Once my other group members found out I’m over 10 years older than them they were really surprised. They are 24? or somewhere around there like 10 years younger than me and 21. My group only has 3 people including me. The younger member asked why I’m not bothered as much by embarrassing things. My advice is it comes with age. I’m less neurotic than I used to be. But I got that advice from somebody much older than me a few years ago. I like to put on a stoic front.

They were really curious about what high school was like in the 90s. I was only there for one and a half years from the fall of 1998 to 2000. Then from 2000 to the summer of 2002. They wanted to know what I was into back then. Pokémon, No Doubt, and ska music. This is very true. Somebody in the group was amazed I liked 90s ska. It was just the music of the time. I was shocked somebody younger liked it. Then I rattled off songs and bands and then they did. It was funny and refreshing. It was like I was in a react video or something. Especially since I watched this a few days ago. After I watched that react video I went to see if somebody had posted a video of my old high school in the years I went there. I personally didn’t find anything.

At the bus stop on the ride home I saw guy in full link costume. It was kinda funny. I tired to take a picture with my phone but the bus zoomed off too fast. All I got was a blurry picture of my leg.

When I went to get my free taco the guy at the Taco Bell tells me I can only get a cheese flavored shell. The first 3 people went along with it. I’m a taco rebel I want ranch. Then his boss tells him all the different shell types are free not just nacho flavor.

Even before the post season I thought Houston might win it all. You know to lift the spirits of the people in the destroyed city. It usually happens. Except that time the Diamondbacks beat the Yankess in 2001. :/ My dad is really upset.