My mom thinks I’ve become obsessed with nano. Honestly I’m just trying to get some writing in. I don’t even meet the word quotas or break over 2k words a day. I’m not like those people who are writing all the time. Or who can write for 3 hours straight. Personally I don;t think it’s consume my soul.

I found some new songs to write to. Which most of the time means old music I rediscovered. So here are some of my picks.

“Army” by Ben Folds Five

“Hey Leonardo” by Blessid Union of Souls

“Peek-a-boo” by Siouxie and the Banshees

“So Much to Say” by Dave Matthews Band

“Jump Right In” by The Urge

“You’re No Rock and Roll Fun” by Sleater-Kinney

And “Midlife Crisis” by Faith no More as a tribute. (I was using this as writing music a few months ago)

I usually write my World fan fics to Rockapella music.