The good thing about nano is that I’m writing and posting a bunch of blogs to up my daily word count.

I never really understood the appeal of showboat writing. Like ever. :/ I guess I’m strange. I always see people doing this and not just during nano. They to flip through of their writing notebooks or diary. I guess I’m strange I don’t want people reading my diary. It’s personal. That’s what the blogs are for. Or they are like “Hey people! I just wrote a paragraph!”

“Haley slyly smiled as she took a swig rum. The bar smelled like feet. Perhaps someone was eating Parmesan? As the ‘Black Velvet’ blared through the bar. A stunning man walked in. Tall, dark and handsome with ebony hair and ocean blue eyes. He looked around the room.”

Their Instagram or what ever is just plastered with pictures of them writing. You know stuff like that. Or even worse it’s topped off with things like #writerslife #realwriters or #writing.

Maybe me being somewhat stingy with my writing when I feel is not finished is a little bad/strange of me. :/

Here is my 2017 nanowirmon.