I can’t believe I miscounted my word count by 10 words. 😅 It counted negative words for me. It was strange and disheartening to look at.

After I thought about meez if it is gone for good it reminded me of the demise of yesterdayland. One day the website just up and closed down without any warning. But meez was on it’s last legs. it made me think of those lyrics from “All about the Pentiums” by Weird Al Yankovic.

“I should do the world a favor and cap you like Old Yeller
You’re just about as useless as jpegs to Hellen Keller”

But I got inspired to write a new story. Well it was really an old story I’ve been kicking around in my head for a while, but never got it down. This seems as good of a month as any.

Was I supposed to wear a costume today again? Not sure. 😕

I noticed the teacher and I are about the same height and neither of us wear thick shoes.

I was late again! How do I keep doing this? Good thing there was a blind person getting off the bus and they took a long time. This bus coming early is making me get to school too early. Perhaps I should take the next one? Because I was there and hour and 40 minutes early I got a lot of writing done though.

I was approached by some weird guy with a big red suitcase and some electronic thing it didn’t look like a phone or an mp3 player. Especially when the person addresses you in a strange way. Like they are following a script or something. I said I was just a person loitering. Lol 😝 And the guy believed me! I don’t trust random people who come up to you and ask if you are a student. Something doesn’t smell right. Especially since he had a huge piece of luggage.

Asked the teacher when is the final. Time wise. He said he wasn’t sure but 4:30. And that it is hard to find online. But it is less than class time for sure.

I was telling the teacher about how much my parents and I like fried fish and chips, and he told the class this funny story about eating duck tongues at a Chinese restaurant. Apparently he does too.

Somebody made a reference to Wolfman Jack. That is really old. Then I remembered that person is taking school radio classes.

This play seems horrible I wouldn’t want to watch it and I still don’t want other people to.

He had us do some dumb dance so I just copied something I saw in a Kylie Minogue video.

He gave us a small break I was hungry and really needed to use the bathroom. I ate first and then I used the toilet. I think I drink too much caffeine before I go to class I’m always using the toilet, and I’m old. Since the building we practice in is old there is a bathroom next door to the lecture hall/theater but there are only 2 stalls. I get to one of the stalls. I unzip my pants (don’t worry it’s not perverted) Then I see there is no toilet paper. I had this happen to me before recently. I was in a larger bathroom and had to wait until all the people left to go to another stall and get paper. There’s only 2 stalls and it’s crowded in this small bathroom. I would have looked for another, but I didn’t have time. So I wait for the other stall. The person in the other stall is taking a long time. It sounded like they were changing clothes or something. There was another person waiting, but she got impatient and left. So that person in the stall taking a long time finally finishes up. And I go and do my thing. But I’m late to class, so I tell the teacher “there weren’t enough squares to spare.” He watches Seinfeld and I hope he gets the reference. XD

So far I have no dialogue in the play. And I hope it stays that way. The teacher had some extra jobs for extra credit. I don’t want to be in this play. I wasn’t going to take on an additional job.

Last year I remember there was somebody on some message board bragging about joining nano, but when I looked up their profile they never input a single word. They didn’t join again this year.

I wrote so much today I broke the 1667 threshold. I’ve only broken it twice so far and that was during the first 2 days of it. I’m still about 5000 words “behind”.

Taking my computer in to get looked at tomorrow. Not sure how long I’ll be gone.