I think I found another thing to get me writing. Its watching music videos on tv and just writing. I used to do this as a teenager and doing it now made me feel so nostalgic. But I wrote a lot too. Maybe I should this more often.

And again my mom was saying nano is eating up a lot of my time. But since the computer was broken I did get a lot of writing done. She just doesn’t understand I wanted to see out of curiosity, and, that I could do it and now for bragging rights.

I met my word quota today. I saw the green bar. 1746. It’s the 4th time I’ve done it. Met the threshold on the 17th too.

Day 18 I have a problem. I’m running out of things to write. Since my computer is broken like they will happen when you join this. I don’t really have my computerized files to reference. I’ve been picking up old dead fics I attempted to write years ago.

I think the reason people really like to brag about nano is because of grueling it is. They say things like; “I conquered nano I’m a fucking writing beast!” (not all people are like this though) I still really think this is more for people who like the idea of being a writer and pretty much only write one month out of the year. You know there are 11 other months you can write during. I still wish I could approach sports and exercise this same way.

Mom still thinks nano is driving me crazy. She is really mad about it and why did I choose this year? I just wanted to see.

On Saturday I watched college football today when I could have spent that time writing.

I know you are supposed to turn off your inner editor and all that jazz, but I’ve pretty much run out of ideas. I mean I could write purple prose or a paragraph about a character’s shirt or something. I’m debating what to do. Does this make me a pretentious writer? (writing purple prose is one of the “tips”)

To try and up my word count one day I wrote a long list for one of my stories.

I have a feeling I’m going to be writing myself in circles. Then I got a hankering for the Soul Coughing song “In Circles”? Is that the name or is it just “Circles”? (It was just called “Circles”)

I have a feeling I’m missing my word quotas by a lot plus the broken computer doesn’t help.

Procrastinated Sunday by watching pro football. I feel I’m like tapped out or something.

What is the real point of nano? To be in a competition to write the longest piece of garbage writing? People say it’s about building good habits like writing everyday. But i already do that. I did that before and that all the hype of the event gets you writing. But I’m usually writing anyway. I still honestly think this is a thing for people who don’t really write any other time of the year or like to think of themselves as writers in some capacity. And it caters to a very specific writing style. Which is not my style.

I’m pretty sure I’m not doing nano next year not because of mom being a total bitch about it, but because I feel I don’t need it. And why is dad just starting to notice me writing? I’ve been doing it for years before nano.