Since I was not online to write a blog about school on the 20th of November here goes.

I realized to meet anything close to the 50k target I’d have to write 5000 words a day or something.

My teacher from last semester really looks like that guy from Soul Coughing. Lol! 😝

Since Chuck E. Cheese seems to be the only non stereotypical digital sub channel commercial besides the ones for Zak Storm toys during the kidsclick block. After I thought about it Chuck E. Cheese did advertise during those Dic blocks and during Vortexx. But not during This Tv’s former kids block. That had the occasional as seen on tv kids toy like a Fuzzoodles and mostly things like Cancer Centers for America and things like as seen on tv products like those cameras. But they need more like some food commercials on kidsclick or something. The only food product I ever saw was for Kadunks. (which they don’t show anymore) What about Kellogg’s or something? Or Juicy Drop Pops. Too bad they don’t advertise Ladybug toys. Light tv during their children’s programming mostly shows “old people ads”. Medicare, elderly medical supplies like oxygen tanks. And some as seen on tv products. Things like exercise equipment, copper pans and air pumps. There is a new poorly animated pain relief hotline commercial with Kenny who sounds like he is 5 but looks like a teenager in the cartoon ad. (I can’t find it on youtube) 😦 Which I confidentially saw while watching the Madeline cartoon. Then I wondered if Chuck E. Cheese sponsors Wonderama? I know Skechers does.

Before going to school I wanted to eat a big lunch so I ate a left over deli beef dip sandwich I had from Saturday evening. I didn’t have any bullion on hand so I made some with a leftover beef flavored ramen packet. It made a pretty good au jus sauce.

I’m so frustrated with school and math is expensive. Why would I want to stay? I would have to pay at least $170 for a calculator and book.

I rode a later bus to school because now I’ve just stopped caring.

When I said I was late or just on time because I was using the bathroom. Then I joked to the teacher and said it was TMI. Did see someone from class on my way to the bathroom. We did not say in the classroom for long. I didn’t even sit down in that room. At least the teacher confessed he was making it up as we went along. This is brings back shades of the rock show. They were making it up as they went along, but didn’t want to admit to it. The only thing that makes this one better is less people in it and not stuck in an unmanageable chorus full of future gangsters. And he is much nicer than a lot of teachers from that program. Let’s see there were about 180 students used to put on a History of Rock show. We’ll keep the math simple and say 30 students per class. Times 6 classes is 180 students. This is 1995 so California schools were still over crowded.  The problem with that show was that they were trying to find roles or places for approximately 180 students. There were about 30 actors, 60 dancers and everybody else was in “the chorus”. Which was about 90 students.

I noticed that when I wear this Sailor Moon shirt I get a lot more complements than I do in this other one. I got one on the bus and a few in class. I think because that one is more colorful.

Rehearsal was hard today. I sound like that guy from the Cleveland show.

I got some lines. I’m talking about a flying on an airplane. I’m mostly an extra. Which means I have to study the lines over the holiday weekend.

Sandwich I had for lunch didn’t sit well during rehearsals. I kept feeling like I wanted to burp. Burp the ramen au jus sauce I made. Ramen au jus that sounds so strange. Lol! 😆 the bread on it this time wasn’t as good because they used a sesame roll. Last time it was not on a sesame roll. The bread there is hit or miss.

My dad kept asking what my teacher looked liked. I took some sneaky pics of the teacher. It was hard because he kept moving around. I took some good ones of him testing a mic. I called home during a break to check on the status on the computer. But my parents said nobody called. I showed that guy who asked about ska pics of my Save Ferris and Aquabats tapes.

For the costumes they wanted (not the teacher he put 2 other people in charge of that) a white t-shirt and black pants. I brought back memories of junior high and high school where it was considered “fancy” to wear this combo, but the shirt had to be a collared shirt. Because collared shirts are so much fancier. Well at least according to the people at my high school and junior high at the time. I remember they used to make the junior high band wear that combo because they did not have band uniforms. I was just pissed that I don’t have a plain white shirt on hand and that was going to have to buy one before all the stores got cleaned out on Black Friday. I guess I can wear those pants I spilled soda on. *shrugs* It was funny when somebody said he wanted a wolf costume. I thought he could order one online after class and have it rush delivered.

My dad had me call for the computer in the school parking lot but they just put me on hold for a long time.

Later I showed it to my dad. He kept asking if the teacher was fat for some reason.