There is over 8 days worth of material in this blog!

So Meez is back online. Not sure for how long though. It looks the same with no “updates”. Still deader than ever. It looks like the admins have not logged back in since early August.

On last Saturday I got a call from Dominoes for an interview and they assumed I knew which location turns out there are 2 in that city. It seems like it’s not meant for me to have a job or something. >o< These kinds of things are so frustrating. It happens to me all the time! I either don’t get told the time or the location. I agreed to go to the interview on Tuesday instead of Monday. Why do I feel committed to that shitty play?

Over the next few days I antagonized trying to figure out the location of that Dominoes. I used my phone I checked the caller ID on the landline that they called me on.

Besides my dad getting lost on the way to interview. It went pretty well. I’m worried that I might not get it. 😕 the one real problem was the dirty table. It seemed like somebody lightly dusted it with basil, Parmesan cheese, and red pepper flakes. Why do places that interview on location don’t bother cleaning the tables? It reflects poorly on their location and the chain as a whole. I was told I’d hear before Friday and get a call either way. (They never called back) Why don’t they just say “there is no way in hell we are going to call you back at all.” I would a more comforted by that statement.

I tried a baked potato with onion dip and it was really good. I think it could use some crumbled bacon.

I noticed those old game shows from 1988 look horrible on that HD tv. And they were taken from a VHS tape dubbed to a DVD.

I found some more unfinished DVDs I can dub more Christmas cartoons on them. 🙂

I had a dream about my teacher and a white mouse. I think it also had something to do with ears.

A lot of people accuse Night Court of being a depressing and dreary show, but it makes me feel somewhat optimistic. Maybe they didn’t watch it close enough or something.

I had to go to the Walmart on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That place was a mad house. It reminded me of that King of Queens episode “Supermarket Story“. Which is one of the few episodes I’ve seen of that series. I think I’ve seen less than 5 episodes of that show. I was not there for my main Thanksgiving foods. I was there to get a shirt for class and some TV dinners.