My dad refuses to go to the Best Buy location that fixed the computer because he got “scammed” again. They’re like all Best Buys right? Then we have to drive far away to go to another one because he thinks the local location “scammed” him. He’s mad that it took 8 days to get the computer fixed and I’ll admit that was a long time. In my opinion I think it has a lot to do with the Windows 10 operating system. It seems really buggy or something. At least he didn’t say the “v” word; “viruses”.  After we get it back and the computer is a little “funky” my dad will always accuse them of “pranking” us or putting viruses on them.

The worst part is he’s done this before. He got super paranoid and thought the store was scamming him and refused to leave. (He was not forcibly removed or anything) But I think we spent about 5 plus hours waiting around in the store because of this and I had to tag along because he is a computer illiterate idiot. (that rhymes not purposely though) Well at least this time he didn’t make me waste my afternoon or morning waiting around at a store because he felt he was being “scammed”. He kept suggesting it this time, but I refused to do it. But that was like 7 years ago. That time we didn’t get “scammed” either. We had an old computer that was on its last legs and was 8 years old.