Like I assumed a whole bunch of my files are missing. 😦 they did restore to a point. Which from what I can see is sometime in November 2016.

I realized that I don’t even want to practice my lines aloud. I feel the government will be after me or something.

I was thinking of doing something funny with my hair, but there are a lot of parts where I have to lay on the floor so I don’t want a “lumpy” head.

I stupidly told my mom I was looking for a gift for my teacher. Now she is meddling about it. The problem is I can’t think of anything even with all these dumb Christmas gifts laying around in the store. Last time I just got him some mints and decorated the box with pictures of anime characters on it. Simple.

I saw this book. Doesn’t it look like a brown bootleg Hello Kitty?

20171128_100347 - Copy

I’m sick of celebrities telling me what to do and think. But they are more powerful and famous than me, so they have the right to I’m just some poor scum anyway. But I’m a know nothing twit anyway with no platform. So I deserve not to think for myself ever! Long Live Celebrities!