Look! I’m Writing! — November 12, 2017

Look! I’m Writing!

The good thing about nano is that I’m writing and posting a bunch of blogs to up my daily word count.

I never really understood the appeal of showboat writing. Like ever. :/ I guess I’m strange. I always see people doing this and not just during nano. They to flip through of their writing notebooks or diary. I guess I’m strange I don’t want people reading my diary. It’s personal. That’s what the blogs are for. Or they are like “Hey people! I just wrote a paragraph!”

“Haley slyly smiled as she took a swig rum. The bar smelled like feet. Perhaps someone was eating Parmesan? As the ‘Black Velvet’ blared through the bar. A stunning man walked in. Tall, dark and handsome with ebony hair and ocean blue eyes. He looked around the room.”

Their Instagram or what ever is just plastered with pictures of them writing. You know stuff like that. Or even worse it’s topped off with things like #writerslife #realwriters or #writing.

Maybe me being somewhat stingy with my writing when I feel is not finished is a little bad/strange of me. :/

Here is my 2017 nanowirmon.

RIP Meez — November 11, 2017

RIP Meez

This was the blog I had planned to post before I saw Meez was down.

This site is deader than a doornail. It seems as of late that even the admins abandoned it. They haven’t logged onto the site since August which was the last time it was updated.

Be good and go to college. Because you will get 3 things. (according to him)
(1) Huge amounts of Money!
(2) A better social life
(3) Higher Education is way better
“The important thing to know, though, is that education gets more fun the longer you stick with it – because you get more freedom to study just the things you want to learn about.”

Suck it Auqameez! You are so full of it. Fuck off!

I hope you are happy working for a dead website. If you are still working for them. I decided I’m going to delete my account next month. There is no use wasting my time there. It’s been a strange 10 years and the last 3 have been boring and mediocre. The loss of Java was the death knell of the site.

I didn’t even know the site went down. I haven’t visited the place since mid October. The place has been on life support since August 2017. It hadn’t been updated since then and the admins had not logged on since then. People online Were freaking out. Why? There was hardly anybody on there. It was dead in more ways than one. I found out by accident. I thought some other website I use was down but the problem was on my end. But I saw meez was listed in the down sites.

2017-11-11 (1)

If it is gone for good the only regret was that I didn’t save more screenshots of my avatar outfits.

Screenshot-2017-10-19 Meez - Home(49)

I had another nightmare about that play. I need to figure out a way to get myself out of it. I can’t pull a George Costanza/Larry David like I did in drama class because this class counts and it is the last one I need for my major. Which I’m still on the fence about completing anyway. Not like I need college.

I realized I’m always writing. I’m like that guy from the Twilight Zone who sneaks off to read books. But I do it to write. It kind of sounds like I’m talking about taking drugs or something.

I can’t believe Buzzr mentioned Marc Summers’ birthday. They hardly mention him since he is associated with Nickelodeon game shows. Now if only they could mention Greg Lee. Well Greg’s birthday isn’t until March. Maybe I should send Buzzr a message in February? 🤔

A Contest? — November 10, 2017

A Contest?

My mom thinks I’ve become obsessed with nano. Honestly I’m just trying to get some writing in. I don’t even meet the word quotas or break over 2k words a day. I’m not like those people who are writing all the time. Or who can write for 3 hours straight. Personally I don;t think it’s consume my soul.

I found some new songs to write to. Which most of the time means old music I rediscovered. So here are some of my picks.

“Army” by Ben Folds Five

“Hey Leonardo” by Blessid Union of Souls

“Peek-a-boo” by Siouxie and the Banshees

“So Much to Say” by Dave Matthews Band

“Jump Right In” by The Urge

“You’re No Rock and Roll Fun” by Sleater-Kinney

And “Midlife Crisis” by Faith no More as a tribute. (I was using this as writing music a few months ago)

I usually write my World fan fics to Rockapella music.

Entering The Writers Zone — November 9, 2017

Entering The Writers Zone

I wanted to watch the Miss Magic episode this morning. They didn’t show Miss Magix they showed the episode when Bloom becomes a fairy the 1st one. Stupid Kidsclick! You know there should be a guessing drinking game to see if you can correctly predict the episode they are going to show.

People say not to leave “the zone”when you are writing. The problem is I end up entering “the zone” at the most inappropriate time like when I have to get ready for school or its really late. Why can’t I get in “the zone” at a better time?

I was thinking what if people did other activities like nano? Like only exercising one month of the year balls out. Or if athletes only trained one month of the year? But it’s not just exercise or sports. Could you imagine if a whole bunch of things were done like that?

The local walmart was being stingy with the toy catalogues. They had the catalogues zip tied to the end of the aisle. I took a pic.


I did find a loose one in the rack where the keep the weekly circulars.

I saw these kawaii jello/jelly cups at 2 different stores.
A backpack of jelly


and these kawaii cups.


I might be gone for a while my computer is acting up again. The thing that it really hurts is my job hunt. 😦 I’m not really upset about nano. I can write on paper. Plus I got a lot of different projects to work on anyway.

I’m not Going Cool Places — November 8, 2017

I’m not Going Cool Places

I saw Kidsclick is having a Zak Storm contest in conjunction with Chuck E Cheese. (Who is like their lone sponsor that is not as seen on tv products) I was wondering when they would hold a contest. Zak Storm is the first non as seen on tv toys I’ve seen advertised on their block. And for one of their own shows. (good and sneaky)

I saw the Junior League (I’m using 4kids titles) episode of Winx Club today. One of my favorites from season 1 besides Miss Magix.

I don’t know why but being in this show is really bothering me. Maybe that I think it’s really embarrassing or something. My teacher tried to convince me this is for my major. Honestly I’ll have nothing of it. I still have no idea how an avant garde show relates to communications at all. Maybe it is bring back shades of that horrible inaccurate history of rock show I was in? Which you can read about here. Or the bad Christmas show? Or maybe I feel/know this is a train wreck waiting to happen. I think that play is really getting to my head. I had a nightmare that my 5th grade teacher cast me in Clueless the musical as Cher.

Easternly Koi — November 7, 2017

Easternly Koi

When I get on the bus I asked where the restaurant is where I need to get off at. I name the stop’s intersection. The driver points east. That’s no help. I know it’s east. I could have told you that! The bus was hot and stuffy. I think the heater was mistakenly on. And the thing in the bus that announces the stops was not on. I just guessed where to get off at. How could I forget that building? It looks like a pagoda or something like that. When I get to the door they have the bridge with the water and the koi. When I look at them they open their mouths like I’m there to feed them. Cute little gluttonous fish.




I just filled out an application. I didn’t even get an interview I was supposed to on Monday, but I didn’t want 2 interviews in one day and then have to go to class. XoX

The reason I was asking about the final was because I thought if I stopped going to class for a job. I’d do what most people do who don’t officially drop classes. I’d try to stroll into the final undetected. That is actually something I’ve never done in college.

I want to say something about youtubers. I don’t like when they complain about people not watching their videos especially when they start to make different videos than the type they were making before. If you make cooking videos and then one day you start making dance instruction videos. You probably lost a lot of your audience who doesn’t want to watch dance instruction videos. That has to be one of my personal biggest turnoffs about somebody’s youtube channel when it goes in a completely different direction.

The Sweatshirt Utilization Theory — November 6, 2017

The Sweatshirt Utilization Theory

I came up with some new great ideas for what I’m working on. When I was supposed to be writing I was goofing off and watching SCTV clips on youtube. At first I was writing about a song and ended up at SCTV clips. I like SCTV. I used to watch it back when NBC showed it in 1999 or 2000 when they needed a replacement show for Later.

Screenshot-2017-11-6 National Novel Writing Month

I found this cute little state specific badge. “Eureka” LOL! (That is so a California joke)

So I had a job interview this morning. At first it was scheduled for last Thursday, but then it got rescheduled for Monday. I really didn’t want to do a Monday interview, but it was in the morning and way before class started. Then I could do my interview and get it out of my system before I went to class. I think that interview went so/so. IDK. *shrugs*.

I feel off like sickly off. I know I say that a lot but I’m really feeling bad today. A little while after I got back from shopping. I keep using the toilet. I’ve used it 3 times in 4 hours something is wrong here. And I feel tired. More than usual.

I get a text right before I’m going to board a bus about wearing all black. I totally forgot in my nostalgic Looney Tunes shirt. If I had at least worn my black Sailor Moon shirt it would have not been so bad. 😅😕 or if I had brought my sweatshirt I could have used that. And its kinda cold here. I thought we were going to dress up on another day. Eh *shrugs* there is nothing I can do now. I have no clothes to change into. That’s when I came up with this The Big Bang Theory inspired blog title. That is such a genius title!

I bet I racked up a bunch of words right there. I seem to be averaging 1000 words a day which is 200 more than my usual 800. But at this rate I’d end the month provided I stay at 1000 words a day. I’d end up with about 30 to 31k words.

When I was thinking about the embarrassing costume I thought maybe I should treat it like a clue skit from World. Where Greg or Rockapella would wear a stupid costume and provide a clue. That’s all I got right now. I can’t think of anything else. I’d still rather quit school than do this. Its really that bad. Actually when I heard we were performing for other students I panicked right there and never stopped. I think he told us that on the first day of class or maybe the second. Sometime in the beginning for sure.

Ok maybe nano is eating up my time. I really have no recollection of last Monday for some reason. I remember going to class, and being put in a group, and getting my part but that’s about it. Did he tell everybody about costumes? I’ll be like Arthur when he wears his regular clothes instead of a suit to his play.

He told us some guy dropped the class for a good job. I was thinking “Lucky!”. I’m stuck in there if I leave I won’t get a “W” I’d get an “F” which really doesn’t bother me at this point.

We were practicing our parts out by a vending machine. Since the class is practicing in this lecture hall stage hybrid place. You can tell this building is from the 1950s or 60s. The teacher walked by the vending machine and said “ohhhh chips!” It was so funny. Surprised he did not want a candy lineup with Twix. I always bring my own snacks. Somebody told me that was smart. I ate most of them and need to replenish them.

Somebody in my group felt sick too. I told them this strange story about when I got hit in the head with a pine cone. My reason was it was 1998 and there was not a lot to do back then. I was trying to play up the old timeyness of the story.

Somebody made coke fingernail reference haven’t heard that in at least 10 years even more.

I was asking about the final. I really want to know if there is a test so I can like study for it. Somebody was getting mad because I was asking about it. I’m such a nerd! XoX Perhaps I should have asked in private. @o@

He wanted us to vocalize for some part. The class was singing Led Zepplin, but I was singing Erasure. Luckily I was far enough away that the teacher couldn’t pick up on what singing. XD

Little Bits Here and There — November 5, 2017

Little Bits Here and There

I realized by working on my rough drafts of World fan fics I added about 200 words to my word count. most of the drafts were missing dialog tags. Working on some neglected (non fan fic) pieces I had is really helping shaping them up and adding even more words.

My problem is I’ll write something think it is good, but then I realize what I wrote is somehow incomplete. Maybe I’m too much in love with my writing.

You know what I’m sick of hobbyist gatekeepers. Not just for writing, but for anything. They just slice these newcomer to ribbons. You are not very inviting. When you are new at something it’s ok to suck. But one small piece of advice is if you tell other people you are new at something either in person on on the internet at least have you shit together or pretend like you do. Fake it till you make it.

I like the Sprite in You — November 3, 2017

I like the Sprite in You

When I got on the bus for the interview I got lost going to on Tuesday. I asked the driver where it was. I mean to tell me when we reached the stop. The bus I got on Tuesday did not have that function on that announces the stops. Neither did the bus I rode to school on Wednesday, but I know how to get to the school. The place I needed to go to where the interview was ended up being a little hard to find. I had to walk there, but it is not far from the bus stop.

What would be better? Making money or being in that production? I used Hello Kitty pen I bought at the mall on Tuesday to fill out the application. Good thing it was a fine point pen the writing space was small. While I was waiting the guy working there offered me a soda. I asked if the soda was free. I’m such a cheapskate. I asked for a Sprite I didn’t want to spill a dark colored soda on my clothes. It made me think that pizza place. 😝 Was taking a soda a bad thing? A bad move on my part? I was just thinking about my teacher. Didn’t drink much before the interview I didn’t want to burp. I was asked why did I want the job? Other than my usual thought “I need money?”. Thinking can be hard sometimes. I think I did well. IDK. Finished the soda after the interview. Burped later at the bus stop.

I was thinking about crutches not the kind for your legs. I mean writing crutches. Things like having the right “something” in order to write. Food, music, lucky pencil, etc. Look I’ve been there. I had that “lucky pencil” it was an orange scented pop-a-point pencil.


But as you grow as a writer you learn to leave those things behind.

I was reading this old entry and really thinking about this.

I also found a couple of interesting nano articles.




Day 2 and Counting (of nano) — November 2, 2017

Day 2 and Counting (of nano)

First I want to say that I’m not going to bore you with a summary of my project only because I’m working on a little bit of everything and nothing is really a new untouched project. I want to give some things I’ve been working on for awhile some love and attention. I’m a total rebel, school uniform rebel, taco rebel and ribbon rebel. I will also not bore you with word counts. I find those superficial. I wanna do this but keep the count private. I might post my total at the end of the month though.

I’m going going to talk about some problems/snags I’ve run into since I’ve been doing a lot of writing on paper I’m wasting time counting words on a page and calculating when I could be using that time writing. It reminds me of when I would have to write a number of words for papers in high school and all I had was a typewriter that could not count the words. I used to have to sit there after I finished my paper and count all the words. If the difference was negligible I’d turn it in.

I’m not freaked out or anything. I don’t need to type out 1667 words a day. The amount you need to reach 50k at the end of the month. If I end this thing with say a total of 20k words I won’t be disappointed. That is just some arbitrary number I pulled from the sky. Like others say there is a lot going on in November. Plus that is when sweeps is. I don’t watch that many new shows anyway.