The last of the 1997 Themed Blogs — December 27, 2017

The last of the 1997 Themed Blogs

Since I didn’t have time to finish the 1997 themed blogs here is the list I complied of the last of the items. Plus I think I lost a lot of the picture files when my computer got fixed. (I guess I could always write this blog and then add pictures later *shrugs*) My previous blogs are here, here, and here.

Romy and Michele
Austin powers
Batman & Robin




iridescent nail polish but in pastel and dark colors, Clunky platform shoes, tiny bowling bag purses, lollipops in your hair (worn like hair chopsticks), Indian things; like mehndi and bindis,


Titanic inspired stuff, Romeo and Juliette inspired stuff,


twin sets,


space dyed, shimmery fabric,

daisy clips 001

daisies were still popular, dark lipstick, dark outlined lips with a lighter color filling it in (gunking up my pencil sharpener with sharpened lip liner), glitter makeup, sheer fabric, knit bikinis, wing tips oxfords,


64e2d1ecb1c0aeea74cc5ee297b7daaa - Copy

colored mascara, green lipstick,

cf6763f8c0415229e0d7b1f4b343988f - Copy

blue lipstick, peach lipstick,


glitter gel, seed beads, geometric shapes, velvet, velour,


ear cuffs,

sanrokidsad96 001 - Copy - Copy

Sanrio, baby tank, vinyl, track pants, sheer lips, colored denim, fancy denim,

f4491d2f2c7b5df0b6f33ae689eb17c5 - Copy

shower shoes, off the shoulder top, glitter spray,

hemp-spiral - Copy

hemp jewellery, preppy clothes, skate clothes,

91f2024bcc4b5c80655749c2f8e75c3b - Copy


plastic shoes, cyber sneakers, nude lips,


temp hair color,


arm cuffs, clunky foam slides, baby raver look, braids, small braids, hair wraps, dark nail polish in purple and brown and green, dark denim, shit brown color shoes, track pants, fishnets, crimped hair, corduroy, pleather lug soles, enamel hair pins, sporty, Asian prints, embroidery, cardigans, jersey dresses.






nov97gfla 001 - Copy

nov97wnba 001 - Copy

nov97partylix2 001 - Copy

scents; vanilla, peach, mint, raspberry, pear, mango, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, citrus, unruly



Giga pets






Nano Pet


Other brand pets








Beanie Babies (from the 1997 McD set I only had the flamingo)


(I just know the pictures that were magazine scans from my collection of magazines will end up on pinterest in no time.)

Post Christmas Blog — December 25, 2017

Post Christmas Blog

I got my Rudolph pajamas on they say #slay on them. Yep. He uses hashtags now.

Here are some of the things I got; 3 notebooks cause I use them up so quickly.

20171225_125454 - Copy

20171225_125510 - Copy

This Shopkins one came with extra stuff.

20171225_125354 - Copy

20171225_125422 - Copy

20171225_125537 - Copy

The writing implements are so tiny. They would make good doll props for 18 inch dolls.

20171225_125547 - Copy

These pens remind me of Sakura brand pens.



Anyway here are some fun stickers I’ve had for a long time. I think the prizmatic Sailor Moon sticker and the pikcahu ones are bootlegs. The Sailor Moon Christmas card is licensed and from Korea. There is Engrish on it and it says “I wish your a Merry Christmas & a happy new year”. I had to tape the clothes on them to keep them on the card.

smxmassticker 001 - Copy


smcardkoean 001 - Copy

smcardkorea 001 - Copy

smstickrkorea 001 - Copy

Holiday Screen Caps — December 24, 2017

Holiday Screen Caps

I hope these screen caps get you in a nostalgic mood.

These were taken from an unedited Kids’ WB broadcast of Holiday Hi-Jynx with the darker faced Jynx. I just loved that scene with charmander poking a knocked out pikachu. And since these are in Kanto Santa uses ponyta. And some from the Kooky Karolfest. Brock and Kisskillya from Detention. Remember that cartoon? Misty singing the psyduck song. I can’t listen to the real version of that song without wanting to sing ♪”psyduck!”♪










Some more Pokemon screen caps from Pikachu’s Winter Vacation. I love this snow chu from the end credits. When I saw the 3rd design of the Macy’s parade balloon it made me think of that episode. The jigglypuff snowflakes are pretty funny. In the home video version they also added the Japanese theme song.





Here are some Cardcaptors screen caps. From the episode that was mentioned in this article.







Sorry for the poor quality some of the tapes these caps were sourced from were old. These first 3 I think are circa 1997. The last one is for a J-drama called Santaclaus Dreaming. There is not much info about this drama in English.




These other ones are from 2003, I think? :/ They are from a commercial for Mitsuwa Marketplace.









This old 3 Minute Cooking episode makes me nostalgic. Listen to the lyrics. An interesting interpretation of “Jingle Bells”.


20 Years of Festivus! — December 23, 2017

20 Years of Festivus!

On December 18th 1997 the Seinfeld episode The Strike aired. Of course this episode is more famously known for being the episode that talks about Festivus. And I’ve been celebrating Festivus on December 23rd to various degrees during the years. Or that I drew this 20 years ago.

The Surprise Grade — December 20, 2017

The Surprise Grade

Something came over me this morning at 2 something AM to check my grade. I ended up going on a youtube rabbit hole and ended up watching 2 hours of consumer affairs videos, but something told me to check my grade. They were finally posted. I didn’t think I’d see that grade. I thought it was going to much worse.

So apparently the essay that was 40 words short was not really a problem. I think where I really racked up the points was going to each rehearsal.

Will this grade make me rethink about wanting to quit school with only one class left? Not a chance!

Math is hard and the class is expensive. And the tutors there aren’t that great.

I always hated math ever since first grade. My problem was that they would just give us problems and not explain how to do them which lead to me being really confused most of the time.

So at the end of the year in 6th grade they made us take a math test to see which level of math class we should take next year in 7th grade. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I never did follow “the test taking secret” they drilled into our heads in high school of when time is running out to just fill out one letter on a multiple choice test. Like all “C”s. Me, I like to make it random. How do you even know any of the answers are even going to be “C”?

So I get put in a class that taught high school level algebra. I was in way over my head. I had a math book that had a bunch of symbols in it that I didn’t understand/learn yet. It was like reading another language.

I’m a stupid 12 year old emphasis on the word “stupid”. So I bought all the lies they told me about how great this class would be for me. Stroking my ego and stuff. At the time I didn’t care about going to college or advanced math. People like to think I’m smart because I kinda know math. I’m good at fooling people about this. I never really understood the assumption that if you are good at writing that you will be good at math, or at least at my junior high and high school did. Sorry to say people I’m not a “double threat”. 😦

I did learn about pool expansion. Here was the problem: “Minnie Mouse has a square pool and she has 4 palm trees at each corner of her pool. How can she make the pool bigger without removing the trees?” Most people’s answers were to put them in cement. (which was mine too) Nobody could figure out the answer. For the record I think less than 5 people got the question right.

So I guess I learned something… :/

(please excuse the crudeness of the paint drawing)



If you Didn’t Have a Class You’d be Home Now — December 18, 2017

If you Didn’t Have a Class You’d be Home Now

It’s the first time I’ve been home on a Monday afternoon/evening in months. Not since September when it was Labor Day. It feels strange to have dinner at the time I usually have it every other day of the week. At about 6PM I was craving jerky and crackers.

As of posting there is still no grade posted. I feel like Yukon Cornelius from the Rudolph special.

I’ve been going through my old VHS tapes and finding old holiday specials, and it feels fun and nostalgic. Even commercials from the late 90s/early 2000s seem a lot different from the ones from today. Provided that was close to 20 years ago now. Is it just me or are there a lot more Christmas/holiday themed car commercials then there used to be?

I didn’t see much of that A Christmas Story Live! I was changing it during the commercials while watching football. I kept watching parts of it and saying “I don’t remember this part in the movie”. I didn’t watch the whole thing though. Even when football and the local post game show was over I still didn’t want to watch the rest of A Christmas Story Live! I’d take a Raiders loss over it. I really had no idea what Fox was thinking scheduling it against a Cowboys vs Raiders game. When I had seen the commercials months in advance I remember thinking “is this going to be a musical?” They promoted the hell out of it during college and pro football. At least with Grease Live! I would remember which part it was in the movie. I would change it and say “This is the slumber party scene” or “this is the school carnival scene.” And the source material was a musical for Grease.

From Heidi to TMZ — December 16, 2017

From Heidi to TMZ

I’m still compulsively checking if my grade has been posted on the school website. I’ll give him a week, ok 8 days. Until next Tuesday on the 19th. For some reason my mom is freaking out and thinks something happened to my teacher.

So KCOP did a poor job of broadcasting the Ducks’ game. The feed cut off during the pregame 15 minutes into the show. Then it was nothing for 15 minutes. They they put on TMZ. I decided this was crazy and went to check twitter. There were a few people also complaining about it. I guess it really can’t be Heidi because they didn’t show the start of the game. But a Ducks’ goal was not shown. Well the whole 1st period was pretty much skipped. When it came back the sound was really bad though the whole game. At least the Ducks were saying they were working with KCOP on twitter.

I’m gonna go out here and say this KCOP has been a buggy station for years. Even back when I was a kid in the 1980s they would usually have “Technical Difficulties” while I would watch Tom and Jerry. They had them so much they even made a graphic for it. It was of Tom from the cartoon Surf Bored Cat. The funny thing was one time while they were showing Surf Bored Cat they had technical difficulties and they put up that graphic. And it was a little while after that scene appears in the cartoon.


That would be a rare gem to see on youtube.

And the time they had Technical Difficulties during a pre-season Rams’ game in like 2006.

December Miscellaneous Blog — December 12, 2017

December Miscellaneous Blog

Now that the semester is over now I have to approach the “j” word and that means job. *gulps loudly*

Here is something I notice some writers saying/assuming that every writer is a vomit writer. When will it stop! Please stop giving assumption advice it’s hollow! “Your writing advice is hollow.” Sounds like the lyrics to an angsty song about writing. There should be a song about that topic if there isn’t one already.

I noticed quite a few blogs and things from other writers who do like these character interview things that contain the strangest questions like: “If my character were to open a store in the mall it would be a…”, “If my character were to choose a pet it would be”, and “What is my character currently binge watching?”

Saw that Gwen Stefani Christmas special. It was ok. Not horrible and not the best thing I’ve ever seen either. I did love all the different costumes she wore in the show though. The part with younger Gwen was so-so.

About 40 Words Short — December 11, 2017

About 40 Words Short

So I happen to get burnt out of writing at the most inappropriate time.That sounds like something Miss Mallard would say. At first I thought I could do it. I could effortlessly write the essay. All I need is about 250-300 words per person.

I had to go to the doctor again. This doctor is no good. Nobody goes here as a patient. And it still has the old bookstore sign up. And I don’t want to brush up on my method one acting.

Drank a lot of caffeine to write the paper. I hope he doesn’t think it’s like Charlie Brown’s report that got a “D-” in the new years special. I only wrote 961 words. 😦 I was burning the afternoon oil writing that thing. (Burning the Afternoon Oil was a potential blog title) I mean it could pass for 1000 words possibly. He is usually not a stickler for something like that. Maybe if it had one more paragraph it could have been long enough.

Since I had spent most of my afternoon working on that paper I had very little time to write the thank you note. Plus I wanted to decorate it like last time. I printed out some anime line drawings and glued them to the envelope a half hour before I had to leave. I figured if I had forgotten the paper I would just perform something. Why not? But it was there in my backpack.

The bus was 15 minutes late. I thought I was not going to make it. I got off the bus at 4:29 PM and had to run through the parking lot and up the hill to the class which is not too far up the hill. I just hoped he didn’t lock the door. I have been locked out of a final before (not by him). The class is the first one to the right. The first door leads to a hallway of stairs. The classroom is next to that. I could see the door was open and the light coming through it. When I walked in the teacher was there at a table eating cup noodles. It smelled like chicken flavor. I gave him his present in parts by mistake. Somebody in the class noted this as I was doing this. Then he said I gave him presents twice which was now and the last time I had him. He put up 2 fingers when he said that. Lol! XD I think the glue was still wet when I gave it to him. He asked if they were Sailor Moon characters all except this one. I found it on pinterest or somewhere. It’s Christmas themed and I thought it was really cute.


He was promoting the class he is teaching in the spring. It’s another performance based class. And it meets from 7-10PM. As much as I like him I would not sign up for that class even if I could drive.

There were only about 7 people performing. We did warmups for the very few that were performing. I did them half-hearted. I was still tired from running to class from the bus stop, and I wasn’t performing anyway. So I wasn’t really that nervous. He had use recite the rhyme about the farm and clap too. It was a throwback from his speech 1 class. I had been waiting for him to recite that one all semester.

People were asking for others Instagram and snapchat names. Instead I gave a junk email address so they can contact me through that if they feel like it. As of posting I have not received any emails from anybody. Actually I do have an Instagram account I just never use it. I don’t post to it. I usually use it to comment and enter the contests the Myfroggystuff youtube channel holds. Here is the link to it. Don’t have a snapchat. I never I did. I personally never saw the point of it.

One of the performers got really nervous. I was ready to talk her down. To not be so nervous, and to tell her that I thought she was a great performer and that I wrote about her in my essay. But somebody got to talk to her before I did.

I told the teacher the story about the boy band skit from my diction class which only that guy from the diction class would know when I joked about it to the class.

I didn’t feel really sad or anything like that not like last time. I felt… Reflective closure? Is that a thing?

I told him I just started watching a new Pretty Cure series last week. He thought Pretty Cure was a silly name for a show.

We talked about Glee. I wanted to know who his favorite character was. He said Rachel. Him a Rachel fan?


Never would have picked up on that one. I would have thought Mr. Schue or Kurt or maybe Blane. He was saying about how much he liked the Warblers. I remember they had a little pet bird mascot and when the bird died and they sang to it. I remember strange little bits and pieces from that series. I was telling him about how I was so much like Rachel in high school, but I wanted to be a famous artist (drawing) and writer instead of a Broadway singer. We agreed that the death of Cory was a blow to the series.

He didn’t remember that he showed my speech class his Frozen performance. I think he may think my memory is impeccable, but it’s not true. I just wrote a lot of things that happened in class. He is quite a character. He said he might do the show next year. They hold it in the spring semester. He was thinking of performing either “Barbie Girl” (with other people) or an Ed Sheeran song (solo). When he mentioned “Barbie Girl” I couldn’t stop laughing. I told him that was so popular when I was in junior high. He was not sure about Ed Sheeran because he doesn’t think he looks like him. I said I don’t really listen to modern music anymore anyway. I don’t know who most of the new comers are.

We talked about game shows. He thinks I’m smart enough to be on Jeopardy. He told me I need to know my state capitals. I said sometimes I play the song “Capital” in my head. Then I proceeded to sing a small portion of it. ♪”…Little Rock, Des Moines…”♪  I remember as a kid I saw this show about being a contestant on Jeopardy and it said to know a lot about the Bible, and that there were certain categories that appeared on the show more than others.

He was surprised that I knew who Jim J. Bullock is. I used to watch the 1986 Hollywood Squares and the 1998 version. Like I said watched way too many game shows as a kid.

It’s a shame he doesn’t also teach math.

Miscellaneous Holiday Blog — December 9, 2017

Miscellaneous Holiday Blog

I took pictures of this old book ornament. I really like the look of the anime girl on it. I think she is really cute.

20171203_114609 - Copy

I just love the pictures in this book.

20171203_114645 - Copy

20171203_114801 - Copy

The book had some blank pages at the end so I drew in it. This drawing says “karate people”.

20171203_114835 - Copy

A few years later my younger cousin was helping my mom decorate the tree when he found the drawing in the book and asked who drew in it. My mom knew it was me. When I drew in it was the Christmas of 1995, and I was 11 so that was 22 years ago.


I decided to start watching Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. I’ve only seen 2 episodes. I think it’s ok for now. I really can make a judgement on it.

For my essay I’ve written about 1/10 of it and it’s due Monday. I haven’t even formatted it. :/

you know these people they come to your house late at night pestering about some fake contest. But they are really those scuzzy magazine sellers. I haven’t seen one in years. I’d say at least 4-5. I think since my last apartment was on the “bad side of town” not even magazine crews ventured there.

Oh yeah and I realized I’ve had my phone for 1 year today. Today just so happened to be the day that the charging cable began to fray.