Now that the semester is over now I have to approach the “j” word and that means job. *gulps loudly*

Here is something I notice some writers saying/assuming that every writer is a vomit writer. When will it stop! Please stop giving assumption advice it’s hollow! “Your writing advice is hollow.” Sounds like the lyrics to an angsty song about writing. There should be a song about that topic if there isn’t one already.

I noticed quite a few blogs and things from other writers who do like these character interview things that contain the strangest questions like: “If my character were to open a store in the mall it would be a…”, “If my character were to choose a pet it would be”, and “What is my character currently binge watching?”

Saw that Gwen Stefani Christmas special. It was ok. Not horrible and not the best thing I’ve ever seen either. I did love all the different costumes she wore in the show though. The part with younger Gwen was so-so.