It’s the first time I’ve been home on a Monday afternoon/evening in months. Not since September when it was Labor Day. It feels strange to have dinner at the time I usually have it every other day of the week. At about 6PM I was craving jerky and crackers.

As of posting there is still no grade posted. I feel like Yukon Cornelius from the Rudolph special.

I’ve been going through my old VHS tapes and finding old holiday specials, and it feels fun and nostalgic. Even commercials from the late 90s/early 2000s seem a lot different from the ones from today. Provided that was close to 20 years ago now. Is it just me or are there a lot more Christmas/holiday themed car commercials then there used to be?

I didn’t see much of that A Christmas Story Live! I was changing it during the commercials while watching football. I kept watching parts of it and saying “I don’t remember this part in the movie”. I didn’t watch the whole thing though. Even when football and the local post game show was over I still didn’t want to watch the rest of A Christmas Story Live! I’d take a Raiders loss over it. I really had no idea what Fox was thinking scheduling it against a Cowboys vs Raiders game. When I had seen the commercials months in advance I remember thinking “is this going to be a musical?” They promoted the hell out of it during college and pro football. At least with Grease Live! I would remember which part it was in the movie. I would change it and say “This is the slumber party scene” or “this is the school carnival scene.” And the source material was a musical for Grease.