What to do Next? — January 31, 2018

What to do Next?

Well it’s been paid for. I paid my fees for school. It didn’t take long at all. It was funny after I paid my fees the song ready to go came on. Was a that a sign? Well it doesn’t matter now it’s paid for. 😲😵

I could potentially graduate. I thought I don’t even know how to petition for graduation.

I was also thinking about how fun it is to go through my old tapes of season 1 Pokémon episodes I taped off the tv. They make me feel so nostalgic.

Mark Sailing died. Well that is the second cast member from Glee. Do you think it could be a cursed show? This is the second person to die after Cory.

I noticed that Dominoes is hiring again. They seem to be hiring every month or every other month.

10 Foods From 1988 (part 1) — January 30, 2018

10 Foods From 1988 (part 1)

Here are some foods that I think came out in 1988. Or I want to say they did?

Croonchy Stars





I don’t remember eating these. I remember the commercials more. There were at least 2 versions of the commercial. One where he got hit in the head by some dough and one where he inflated a star made of dough. Note the conspicuous CGI cereal box.

Teddy Grams




These were so good. They still are good, but I miss that simplistic old style packaging.

Hi-C Hula Punch





Hi-C’s take on Hawaiian Punch. Note the similar font.

Berry Bears and Shark Bites



These came out the year before I started school. I liked Berry Bears better even though they tasted exactly the same as Shark Bites. PS the great white and the birthday cake piece taste the same.




Face bottles (not from 1988)

Squeezit Character Bottles(1) - Copy

975c8aaf-aa92-4af8-bd64-56fcf103c5f4 - Copy

I liked this packaging design better than when they put the faces on the bottles. It made them harder to squeeze and drink and because of the facial features it would be harder to get the drink out of the bottle because it would get stuck in all the crevices of the face. They were so hard to open too. I used to open them with my teeth.

Berry Blue Kool-Aid



One of my favorite flavors of Kool-Aid ever! My mom is also a fan of this flavor.

Striped Chips Ahoy!



These were ok. I didn’t like chocolate covered cookies as a kid because they were too messy and melty.



Another product I remember for the commercial than the product. They were short lived so I never got the chance to try some. This is not the first time I wrote about it in this blog.

Vitamin C Drops


These are still around in one form or another.

Mc Donald’s Cheddar Melt


I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten one of these, but I wouldn’t mind trying one.

10 TV Shows from 1998 (part 1) — January 28, 2018

10 TV Shows from 1998 (part 1)

Like the toys from 1998 entry. I just had a lot of pictures of tv shows, so I decided to make this my next blog topic.

Adventures with Kanga Roddy


I didn’t watch this show much. I only remember it being a cheesy kids’ show.

That 70s Show


The pilot was good. My friend who was obsessed with the 1970 loved this show. My parents used to watch it with me sometimes. They would say about the things they remember in the show. The later seasons were terrible. I stopped watching in 2002. I remember hearing that if this show was remade in the same time span it would be set somewhere around 1995.

Teletubbies (in the USA)


Not sure when it premiered in the UK, but in the US it premiered in 1998. Not sure why people were really into this show at my high school.

The Wild Thornberrys


A show I didn’t watch much or could really get into. The monkey character was kinda funny…

Celebrity Deathmatch


When you look back at these now they are so topical and dated. They were so funny and violent.



This was a very interesting show. I caught it when Qubo showed it a few years ago. Too bad the tv series ended unresolved. Maybe I should read the books?

Powerpuff Girls


I really like this show it’s cute. I used to collect merchandise; figures, magnets, notebooks, a backpack, stickers, coloring books, a planner, winter gloves, and trading cards. I still use my Blossom pouch to hold my pencils and pens for school. They are simplistic looking and fun to draw. Bubbles is my favorite.



Another show I didn’t watch much. I did read their comics sometimes.

Mr. Potato head show



A forgotten 90s kids’ show. I loved this show. It was so funny! I used to get up early Saturday mornings to watch it.

Match Game ’98



My introduction into Match Game. Judy was my favorite panelist. Nobody remembers this version or maybe they don’t want to. Locally in LA they used to show it at 3PM, but later they moved it to 2:35AM. I even wrote about this version of the show a few years ago.

11 Toys from 1998 (part 1) — January 25, 2018

11 Toys from 1998 (part 1)

I thought since I already posted a 1988 themed blog I should post a 1998 themed one. I couldn’t think of a lot of toys from 1998 about 20 or so. I was 14, so toys were seen as uncool. Plus there were not many toys that year that really caught my eye anyway. Why did I pick toys as my first 1998 topic? Only because I gathered a bunch of pictures of toys.


Marvin’s Magic Drawing Board


They would always show commercials for this during Pokémon. I remember thinking it looked hard to draw on. The pens were just like those old Crayola Changeable markers from the early 90s.

Happy Meal Girl


This doll was partially blamed for the obesity epidemic. Although there were McDonald’s themed toys that came before here like Happy Meal Stacie and the McDonaland dolls.



Even at my high school these things were popular. I was upset virtual pets weren’t still popular. The hot toy of Christmas 1998. A few yeas later I played with my friend’s Furby and it was fun for about 5 minutes.

Bop It Extreme


I think people would smuggle this and the regular Bop It to school and play with them at lunch.

Sweet treats Barbie

t64895-1 - Copy


The treat she made looked like pink frosting or something. It looked so gross in the commercial.

Generation Girls







A predecessor to My Scene and Diva Starz. The Chelsea name was recycled for the My Scene line (spelled a little different), and the Nichelle name was recycled form the Shani line. I was really tempted to get one of these. I used to gawk at them at the Walmart. The dolls came with cool accessories.

Bead Blast Barbie



I thought this Barbie had a cool concept. I remember getting the McDonald’s one in a Happy Meal.

Game Boy Camera

gameboycamerajune98 001

This could be seen as a predecessor to snapchat.

Giga Pets Plus

scan0005 - Copy

When these came out I really wanted one. My parents were like; “You already have one. Why do you need another?” I was still going for the record with my KFC Giga Pet dog. My pet would die on June 11 1998 at 169 days. Somebody at school said they were going to get the Rugrats one, but I never saw them with it.

Very Velvet Barbie


When I put in “Barbie 1998” in google this doll came up. There is nothing wrong with the doll I think she is very pretty and velvet was a fad in 1998.

Galoob Trolls

2ba6ca258fb4c4ba251e22cbec4461a6 - Copy

So soon Galoob? I’m not sure about where other people lived, but Trolls were still popular around late 1994 early 1995. They were cute but I was uninterested in them.

Another January Miscellaneous Blog — January 24, 2018

Another January Miscellaneous Blog

I had hoped to post more retrospective blogs. I was going to post a fashion one, but I realized there is still a lot of things I need to scan for my blogs. I’m really hoping to post a 1998 themed blog. Fashion or some other subject.

They are closing the 2 local Toys R Us near me. Over the past few years I hardly shopped at Toys R Us. I think I went there once a year.

I still have to pay my fees for school. Then they put that countdown clock. They have not put it up on the website yet.

That 1990s Goldbergs spinoff backdoor pilot was not very funny.

This cracked article about anime is so funny. It reminds me of the time I accidentally read adult manga at a Tower Records. First it was a school girl and then she was naked in the next panel. In my defense they did not have the adult books sectioned off and they were right next to non-adult manga. My friend read a book about naked US presidents. I guess the store got complaints because after a while they sectioned that part off of the store.

There is this great alternative rock dance mix tape on youtube.

I swore I heard some of these song on those Saturday Night continuous mixxx shows. The three xxx’s make it cooler and more 1990s like.

10 Toys from 1988 (part 1) — January 21, 2018

10 Toys from 1988 (part 1)

This is my first entry and (hopefully) more blogs about the year 1988. In 1988 one of the things I was probably most interested in was toys. Me being 4 years old at the time. I realized the list of toys I complied was massive. Too massive for one blog. So I’ll break them down into groups of 10. In no particular order. I decided to have some girl and some boy toys.




fazz cap 1

fazz cap 2

The thing about Fazz is that it is so 80s looking with those Memphis Group inspired patterns.

Happy Tails Ponies



A pony I wanted, but never got.

Real Cookin’ Tasty Bake Oven




My neighbor had this toy and we used to make cakes in it. It never cooked them right they came out all battery and drippy. I think maybe she got the wrong wattage light bulb. Anyway that thing left me uninterested in light bulb toy ovens. Although I did get a crayon maker years later when I was like 20.

Always Sisters

always sisters cap 1

always sisters cap 2

These dolls would seem fun to make crafts for. (before making doll crafts was really a thing)

Pocket Rockers

403pocket rockers

Another toy I wanted but never got. I wasn’t interested in music back then anyway.




G.I. Joe Rolling Thunder



Cops Jetcopter



Holiday Muppet Babies from McDonald’s


I never got one as a child, but somebody gave my mom a Miss Piggy one years later.

Feeling Fun Barbie

feelingfunbarbie - Copy

This Barbie was called Jeans Barbie in Europe.

Cartoons and Classes — January 19, 2018

Cartoons and Classes

I’ve been working hard on my 1998 and 1988 themed blogs. There is just so much information to compile. @o@

In the young Sheldon episode titled “A Computer, a Plastic Pony and a Case of Beer” Missy had a Sugar Apple pony. Good for them! At least she didn’t have a G4 Fluttershy or something. You know older Sheldon would have commented on the accuracy and time appropriateness of using Sugar Apple as a prop. The only reason I really know this is because of all the research I’ve been doing for my 1988 blog.

So I signed up for a math class. It was hard to find a good professor. A lot of them had 3.7 or lower on ratemyprofessors.com. Lot of “average”


and “poor” ratings.


Lots of A lot of the reviews said things like “class is hard work be prepared”, “The hardest I ever worked in a math class”, “This is not an easy math class.” and other things like that. If you are somebody like me who despises advanced math that is not something you want to read. At least I go who I wanted. My criteria for choosing a class was that it had a good professor with a high rating, and that it didn’t meet during or after 3PM, and that it was less than 2 hours. The only problem is this class is early in the morning. At 7:30 AM in the morning which I think is when the earliest classes start. That also means I have to get up at like 5AM or something to get there on time.

After I thought about it I was so eager to get that professor’s class that I didn’t even remember what the class was that I signed up for. If it was College Algebra or Statistics.  (I checked and it’s College Algebra) So if I do pass this class I’m done I can graduate. Then I have to worry about petitioning for graduation and all that. But I’m not worried about that yet. I want to buy graduation announcements. even if I don’t walk. Because supposedly if you send out announcements you’ll get more presents. That’s what the sleazy Jostens rep told me back in high school. (Me and my beef with Jostens is another post for another time) I told myself that was the one graduation item I was going  to splurge on. Maybe I’ll even go to the graduation ceremony they throw for the Communication students I had to help at last year. (I hope they order some meatballs. And I’m pretty sure my former speech teacher won’t be there again)

I got this great DVD set at the Dollar Tree. It was a 3 DVD set of Dic cartoons; The Littles, Heathcliff, and The Get Along Gang. The Littles I don’t like their cartoon and then when I got it home I realized I had all those Heathcliff cartoons on my Heathcliff box set. I got 22 (cartoon segments there were 2 segments to an episode) Get Along Gang cartoons for $1 and tax.

January Miscellaneous Blog — January 15, 2018

January Miscellaneous Blog

I realized my 1998 blogs are a bigger undertaking than I thought they would be. All I need to do is a little more research; unless I’m using research as avoiding writing the blog. Thought I’d cheat and re-edit and re-post some old blogs I wrote about 1998 before. Then I thought “Why not write a blog about 1988?” Which I realized is also a big undertaking. As for 2008 no comment. Speaking of 2008 when I saw this video I thought; “What if somebody made me do this challenge with 1998 songs? I’d totally lose!”

I checked the registration date. It’s on the 19th and registration starts on the 17th. Well at least it was within 3 days from when registration starts. Usually I get a really bad date like January 30th or something horrible and outrageous like that. I just have to hide the info from my dad. He’ll just get mad at me for not getting a better date. I have a few hypothesis of why I don’t get them. I’m not in any programs so I don’t get a good date. I’m not an athlete. My last name is towards the end of the alphabet. Isn’t the school sick of me by now and wants to get me out of there?

I’m saddened by the passing of Dolores O’Riordan. Maybe I’ll watch some Cranberries videos online and leave an RIP message in the comments.

Cosplay and Balloons — January 14, 2018

Cosplay and Balloons

I was thinking about how I always wanted to do something bold and silly. Nothing bad or crime committing or anything like that. Something like join a cosplay group or something. I know that sounds silly to most.

Then it made me think of Mr. Pitt from Seinfeld who really wanted a spot holding he Woody Woodpecker balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.

Then I’m like “I need money to do this which I don’t have”. Then I throw the thought out the door.

I’m jealous of those people. They are so free in a way.

The Itch in Your Mind — January 11, 2018

The Itch in Your Mind

I got to compare the episodes. I’m not sure why it always seems that when they show the episodes I wanna compare I have to go out. 😦

Got my registration date for the spring 2018 semester 😦 It’s some time next week.

My mom pointed out that maybe that itching I had was not because of anything that happened to me like a reaction to some type of soap or something, but some kind of psychological reason. My last class before I can graduate it’s math of all things. There is a lot riding on this class. And I don’t wanna mess it up and have it lead to amplified failure.

Math classes or my inability to do math has screwed me over so many times I don’t even wanna think about it. Math has screwed me over in junior high, high school, during the SATs, the college entrance exam at CSUF, at CSUF, and the school I went to after that which forged my math proficiency.

The math tutoring at my school is a joke.

I can’t handle another 3 hour class. Especially if it is a math class. The last one I took was a 2 hour class, and it drove me nuts!

Of course if a job comes along I’ll ditch school all together no matter how deep in the semester I am.