Since I haven’t been using it for blogging recently I thought I’d pull something from the personality journal. I haven’t used it since May of last year and that has been awhile.

This section has a list of this or that. Some of these items were pretty confusing or didn’t apply to me.

These are the ones I definitely had an opinion on.
Dogs or cats
Morning or night
Popcorn or candy
Meat or veggies
Mac or PC
Chinese food or Mexican food
East Coast or West Coast
Cake or pie
Piercing or tattoo
Ice cream or frozen yogurt
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate


Blonde or Brunette
Apples or bananas
Waffles or pancakes
Pen or pencil
Brains or beauty
Gold or silver
Baseball or football
Book smarts or street smarts
Tv or computer
Antique or modern
Surf or skate
Sunshine or rain
Fiction or nonfiction


Zac Efron or Justin bieber


Mountains or beach
Hug or handshake
Pen or pencil
Summer or winter
Rap or country
Very tall or very short
Basement or attic
Suv or sports car
Deep or shallow
Jeans or dress
Inside or outside
Swimming or sunning
Fly or drive
Spring or fall
Fast or slow
Stripes or dots
Sing or dance
Creamy or crunchy
Weird or normal
Airplane or sailboat


Not sure
Hate job/make lots of money or love job/make a little money
Skydiving or bungee jumping


I don’t get it/why?
Blind or deaf
Odd or even
tame or wild
couples or singles
half-empty or half-full