I got to compare the episodes. I’m not sure why it always seems that when they show the episodes I wanna compare I have to go out. 😦

Got my registration date for the spring 2018 semester 😦 It’s some time next week.

My mom pointed out that maybe that itching I had was not because of anything that happened to me like a reaction to some type of soap or something, but some kind of psychological reason. My last class before I can graduate it’s math of all things. There is a lot riding on this class. And I don’t wanna mess it up and have it lead to amplified failure.

Math classes or my inability to do math has screwed me over so many times I don’t even wanna think about it. Math has screwed me over in junior high, high school, during the SATs, the college entrance exam at CSUF, at CSUF, and the school I went to after that which forged my math proficiency.

The math tutoring at my school is a joke.

I can’t handle another 3 hour class. Especially if it is a math class. The last one I took was a 2 hour class, and it drove me nuts!

Of course if a job comes along I’ll ditch school all together no matter how deep in the semester I am.