I realized my 1998 blogs are a bigger undertaking than I thought they would be. All I need to do is a little more research; unless I’m using research as avoiding writing the blog. Thought I’d cheat and re-edit and re-post some old blogs I wrote about 1998 before. Then I thought “Why not write a blog about 1988?” Which I realized is also a big undertaking. As for 2008 no comment. Speaking of 2008 when I saw this video I thought; “What if somebody made me do this challenge with 1998 songs? I’d totally lose!”

I checked the registration date. It’s on the 19th and registration starts on the 17th. Well at least it was within 3 days from when registration starts. Usually I get a really bad date like January 30th or something horrible and outrageous like that. I just have to hide the info from my dad. He’ll just get mad at me for not getting a better date. I have a few hypothesis of why I don’t get them. I’m not in any programs so I don’t get a good date. I’m not an athlete. My last name is towards the end of the alphabet. Isn’t the school sick of me by now and wants to get me out of there?

I’m saddened by the passing of Dolores O’Riordan. Maybe I’ll watch some Cranberries videos online and leave an RIP message in the comments.