I’ve been working hard on my 1998 and 1988 themed blogs. There is just so much information to compile. @o@

In the young Sheldon episode titled “A Computer, a Plastic Pony and a Case of Beer” Missy had a Sugar Apple pony. Good for them! At least she didn’t have a G4 Fluttershy or something. You know older Sheldon would have commented on the accuracy and time appropriateness of using Sugar Apple as a prop. The only reason I really know this is because of all the research I’ve been doing for my 1988 blog.

So I signed up for a math class. It was hard to find a good professor. A lot of them had 3.7 or lower on ratemyprofessors.com. Lot of “average”


and “poor” ratings.


Lots of A lot of the reviews said things like “class is hard work be prepared”, “The hardest I ever worked in a math class”, “This is not an easy math class.” and other things like that. If you are somebody like me who despises advanced math that is not something you want to read. At least I go who I wanted. My criteria for choosing a class was that it had a good professor with a high rating, and that it didn’t meet during or after 3PM, and that it was less than 2 hours. The only problem is this class is early in the morning. At 7:30 AM in the morning which I think is when the earliest classes start. That also means I have to get up at like 5AM or something to get there on time.

After I thought about it I was so eager to get that professor’s class that I didn’t even remember what the class was that I signed up for. If it was College Algebra or Statistics.  (I checked and it’s College Algebra) So if I do pass this class I’m done I can graduate. Then I have to worry about petitioning for graduation and all that. But I’m not worried about that yet. I want to buy graduation announcements. even if I don’t walk. Because supposedly if you send out announcements you’ll get more presents. That’s what the sleazy Jostens rep told me back in high school. (Me and my beef with Jostens is another post for another time) I told myself that was the one graduation item I was going  to splurge on. Maybe I’ll even go to the graduation ceremony they throw for the Communication students I had to help at last year. (I hope they order some meatballs. And I’m pretty sure my former speech teacher won’t be there again)

I got this great DVD set at the Dollar Tree. It was a 3 DVD set of Dic cartoons; The Littles, Heathcliff, and The Get Along Gang. The Littles I don’t like their cartoon and then when I got it home I realized I had all those Heathcliff cartoons on my Heathcliff box set. I got 22 (cartoon segments there were 2 segments to an episode) Get Along Gang cartoons for $1 and tax.