I had hoped to post more retrospective blogs. I was going to post a fashion one, but I realized there is still a lot of things I need to scan for my blogs. I’m really hoping to post a 1998 themed blog. Fashion or some other subject.

They are closing the 2 local Toys R Us near me. Over the past few years I hardly shopped at Toys R Us. I think I went there once a year.

I still have to pay my fees for school. Then they put that countdown clock. They have not put it up on the website yet.

That 1990s Goldbergs spinoff backdoor pilot was not very funny.

This cracked article about anime is so funny. It reminds me of the time I accidentally read adult manga at a Tower Records. First it was a school girl and then she was naked in the next panel. In my defense they did not have the adult books sectioned off and they were right next to non-adult manga. My friend read a book about naked US presidents. I guess the store got complaints because after a while they sectioned that part off of the store.

There is this great alternative rock dance mix tape on youtube.

I swore I heard some of these song on those Saturday Night continuous mixxx shows. The three xxx’s make it cooler and more 1990s like.